Best Kitten Food For Sensitive Stomach


Hills I/d Digestive Care For Kittens With Sensitive Stomachs

Best Sensitive Stomach Cat Foods [Recommended by a Vet]

For those in the know, there is no doubt that this is the best cat food for kittens with sensitive stomachs.

Most breeders and veterinarians will reach straight for the I/D if there is any indication that a kitten will need it.

Not only is I/D highly palatable, the wet, flaky chunks of meat are irresistible to any kitten an important feature if being fed to an unwell patient who may not have a big appetite.

The strong meaty aroma is also a benefit, meaning kittens with blocked or crusty noses should still be able to smell the food, increasing the chance that they will eat it voluntarily.

This is a highly digestible kitten food that is also a complete food for adult cats, so is the ideal choice if feeding kittens alongside their mother cat, or in a multi-cat household.

Many mature cats will react poorly if fed a kitten food as it can be too rich, so having a food down that is suitable for all of the felines in the household is a real win.

As well as being suitable for feeding to unwell patients, this food is also an ideal meal when pets are recovering from surgeries.

The protein and fat within the food is easily absorbed, ensuring your kitten has the building blocks available to repair tissue and grow.

There are several fibre sources within, adding bulk to the stool and preventing excess fluid loss in the form of diarrhea.

The high level of anti-oxidants will neutralise free radicals and can lower risk of infection.

Why You Should Trust Us

At I Love Veterinary, we understand that your pet is a part of the family. Thats why we only recommend products that we would use ourselves. We also know that every pet is different, and what works for one pet may not work for another.

Thats why weve included a wide variety of kitten foods on this list. We want you to be able to find the perfect food for your kitty, whether they prefer wet or dry food, pouches, or cans. We also understand that finding the right kitten food can be a bit overwhelming. There are so many choices out there! But dont worry, were here to help.

Well walk you through everything you need to know about choosing the best kitten food for your furry friend. Keep reading to find out more about your kittens nutritional needs and how we selected the top kitten foods available.

What Causes Sensitive Stomach And Digestive Problems

When it comes to sensitive stomach and other digestive issues in cats, there are two primary causes. It is usually an issue with something the cat has consumed , or it is the result of a disease or digestive health problem.

Before getting into the details about what causes digestive issues in cats, we want to make one thing clear digestive problems are always a cause for concern.

When you step in a wet hairball first thing in the morning or notice loose stools in the litter box, you might be tempted to write it off as a hazard of cat ownership. Things like these are simply an inconvenience you have to deal with. Or are they?

Changes in your cats digestion can be a sign of a serious issue, particularly if the symptoms have lasted for more than a few days or if they are getting worse. Never ignore changes in your cats appetite or stools and always consult your vet if you have any concerns.

Now, here are some of the most common causes of sensitive stomach and other digestive issues in cats:

  • Intestinal parasites
  • Viral infection
  • Cancer or tumor

Intestinal parasites are a very common cause of gastrointestinal problems in cats. You may be surprised to learn just how common these parasites are. Many kittens inherit roundworms from their mothers milk, though adults can become infected by eating food, dirt, or prey that has been contaminated. Parasite infections usually cause symptoms like vomiting, diarrhea, and weight loss which can worsen without treatment.

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Ingredients That Support Sensitive Stomach

There are quite a few ingredients out there that may support your kittens sensitive stomach. When youre choosing kitten food, it is likely in your best interest to choose options that include these ingredients.

  • Pumpkin has been shown to help with a variety of different ailments most of them digestive-based. Therefore, they may help with your felines sensitive stomach.
  • Probiotics are also a solid option for most cats. Without the proper gut microbiome, many felines will have sensitive stomachs. After all, its their microbiome that helps them digest all of their food. If it isnt working properly, they can have problems. Therefore, live probiotics can be extremely helpful for many felines. It settles their stomach and helps them digest food easier.
  • Prebiotics can also be helpful. Prebiotics work as food for your cats microbiome. This helps improve your felines overall health, including their digestive health. For this reason, we highly recommend prebiotics in any kitten food, though it can be particularly helpful for those with sensitive stomachs.

Keep an eye out for these ingredients in your cats food. If theyre there, then it is likely that the food is suitable for felines with sensitive stomachs. Otherwise, you may want to look elsewhere.

Merrick Limited Ingredient Diet Grain

Best Cat Food For Sensitive Stomach: Reviews &  Buyers Guide 2020

Our Top Pick for the Most Popular Cat Food for Sensitive Stomach: If your cat has a sensitive stomach and you dont know where to start in changing his diet, you might consider a popular option like this Merrick Limited Ingredient Diet Grain-Free Real Chicken Recipe Cat Food. This formula features a limited number of main ingredients, made with real chicken at the top of the list. It is grain-free to further reduce the risk of digestive upset and is made with easily digestible carbohydrates like chickpeas for supplemental fiber. This recipe is rich in premium animal proteins with healthy fats for energy and skin and coat support. It also has probiotic supplements to improve the digestibility and to support your cats digestive system as a whole. If your cat is sensitive to chicken ingredients, there are several other protein options as well.

  • Pros: Limited number of main ingredients, real chicken as first ingredient, digestible grain-free carbohydrates, chelated minerals, supplemental fiber sources, probiotic supplements
  • Cons: Some cats are sensitive to chicken ingredients, could be higher in fiber content

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Can My Cat Drink Milk

Kittens can and should drink their mothers milk as it contains all the vitamins and minerals their growing bodies need. However, after they have been weaned, cats shouldnt drink milk. They dont need it, as their food contains all the nutrients required. And some cats are in fact, lactose intolerant.

Switch To A Bland Diet

If your cat has acute gastroenteritis, start with a 12-hour fast to allow their GI tract to rest, then introduce a bland diet.

Think of it like the BRAT diet for humans recovering from a stomach illness. Like the BRAT diet, a bland diet is non-irritating and provides enough nourishment for a few days, but you shouldnt feed it any longer than necessary.

This type of diet comes in various forms. Some like pumpkin puree and boiled chicken. Some recommend boiled chicken and rice.

I prefer to keep it simple and carnivore-appropriate. Try cooked, unseasoned chicken thighs with fat and skin attached. After cooking, remove the bones cooked bones may shatter and hurt your cat. This cooked chicken is ideally served with bone broth, which is very nutrient-dense, gentle, and palatable.

Dont feed this diet for more than a few days. Your cat needs complete and balanced nutrition, so switch to a nutritionally complete pet food as soon as possible.

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Is Senior Cat Food Easier To Digest

Image by:

Royal Canin Feline Health Nutrition Sensitive Digestion is one of the best cat foods for older cats. This product was designed for mature cats who have sensitive digestive tracts. Prebiotics in this formula assist digestion and the presence of highly digestible proteins provides food for the digestive system.

Hootie, a 15-year-old shelter cat from Salt Lake City, Utah, was facing a difficult adoption process. After leaving a city shelter, Hootie was diagnosed with age-related kidney disease and moved to Best Friends. The extreme diet he took had a significant impact on his life the difference between life and death. Your veterinarian can advise you on what cat food is the best for you. The Food and Drug Administrations Center for Veterinary Medicine, in collaboration with the FDA, regulates pet food in the United States. The Association of American Feed Control Officials has established a set of stricter regulations in some states. The nutrient profiles of AAFCO differ not only between adults and seniors, but also between them.

Smalls Human Grade Fresh Cat Food

5 Best Cat Food for Sensitive Stomach

It might be challenging to find food that both soothes your kittens sensitive stomach and offers all the nutrition needed for growth and development. Due to the use of human-grade components and all-natural substances, we suggest Smalls fresh food. This indicates that your kitten is consuming the best diet possible.

Recipes for small portions of fresh food are bursting with vitamins and nutrients to support healthy growth, and they are free of artificial chemicals and preservatives that could irritate delicate stomachs. The low-carb, high-protein meals make sure that your kitten gets the necessary amount of meat for their body.

Its crucial to remember that Smalls cat food may only be purchased online through a subscription. The fact that you can tailor your orders to your kittens needs is a great benefit. It costs more than comparable items.

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Reviews: The Best Cat Food For Digestive Problems

Finding the best cat food for vomiting or other sensitive stomach issues isnt difficult. Theres a wide range to choose from, including sensitive stomach kitten food, food for older cats, wet food, dry food, the list goes on. But with so many types available, how do you know which is best for your feline?

As always, weve spent hours researching and reviewing the best cat food for sensitive stomach options available. Weve compared prices, looked at the ingredients, and scoured forums and other websites for reviews so that you dont have to.

If youre on a budget, and who isnt nowadays, Purina ONE Sensitive Systems dry cat food is a perfect choice. Formulated for cats that battle with sensitive skin and stomachs, it includes all the essential vitamins and minerals to strengthen your cats immune system and aid digestion.

With turkey as the main ingredient, ONE is high in protein, with just the right amount of carbohydrates. There are no fillers, artificial flavors or preservatives, and the crunchy kibbles help prevent plaque buildup. Best of all, it is recommended by vets.

If youre looking for quality food that doesnt cost an arm and a leg, Purina ONE Sensitive Systems is the way to go.


Let me start off by saying, while Blue Buffalo Sensitive Stomach Cat Food is a really good product, it does contain chicken, and as mentioned before, some cats can have an adverse reaction to it.




How Can I Help My Cat With A Sensitive Stomach

Take your cat to the vet to get to the bottom of why they are experiencing digestive issues. If your cat doesnt have an obvious underlying medical reason for stomach issues, switch to a sensitive stomach cat food.

Shop for cat foods and avoiding common allergens like grains, additives and fillers. Focus on foods with easily digestible proteins.

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Guide To Buying The Best Grain

For something as simple and necessary as feeding your kitty, selecting a good grain-free cat food can be surprisingly complicated. Once most pet parents have found a food that works well, they often stick with it for the rest of their lives. This is why a quality grain-free cat food that meets your cats needs can make a real difference in their health and wellbeing. Keep reading for ideas on what to look out for when choosing grain-free cat food.

Wet Cat Food Can Be More Soothing Than Dry

7 Best Dry Cat Food For Sensitive Stomach ( Apr. 2021 )

Depending on what you have been feeding your pet, wet cat food can be more soothing than dry food, simply because it is softer and moist. Think about when you have an upset stomach â do you prefer foods like soups, eggs, or hard, crunchy foods like chips? Most people prefer softer foods, and your cat will prefer them too.

The recommended best food is dry food simply because it is the most versatile, and, as the owner, you can easily give your cat that food indefinitely. On the other hand, wet food tends to be a little harder on their teeth, so itâs only a temporary measure.

If the dry food works for your pet, then stick with that. Otherwise, you can get a sensitive stomach wet pet food to try.

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Start With A Diet Trial

Once your cat gets a clean bill of health from the veterinarian, a diet trial is the logical next step. Diet trials are a way to narrow down your cats food options until you find a food that suits their sensitive stomach.

There is no one-size-fits-all diet for every cat. Your cat will have an individual response to each diet. So, work with your veterinarian to find the most suitable food for your cats needs.

It can take up to three or four months for your cat to clear the old diet from their system so that you can completely evaluate the new diet.

The 7 Best Wet Foods For Your Kitten In 2022

Your furry friend will be healthy and happy eating these quality products

Nick Blackmer began his information-digging career as a library reference assistant, then worked for more than 20 years as a researcher and fact checker in print publishing before moving into digital publishing. Hes worked on content spanning the human life cycle, from pregnancy to palliative care and many points in between.

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The Spruce Pets / Candace Madonna

Kittens are growing cats, so their nutritional needs are different than adult cats. Wet foods designed specifically for kittens will help them grow healthy and strong, allow for chewing and swallowing even if they dont have all their teeth, and are a great way to wean them off of nursing.

Overall, wet foods are great for kittens. “Cats should be introduced to wet food early,” says Dr. Kerri Blackburn of Rivers Edge Animal Hospital in Rock Hill, South Carolina. “Many common diseases/illnesses that cats can get as they progress through life can be managed well with increased moisture in canned diets.” Also, as creatures that evolved in the desert, she says cats are not programmed to drink a lot, so feeding them canned food helps increase water intake.

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Try Changing The Form Of Cat Food

For example, if your cat is experiencing stomach sensitivity on dry food, it is reasonable to try a low-carb, higher-protein canned food diet, like Royal Canin Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Gastrointestinal Moderate Calorie canned cat food or Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Diets EN Gastroenteric Formula canned cat food.

Likewise, if you are feeding wet food, you may do a trial of a dry food diet with a dry food like Royal Canin Sensitive Digestion dry cat food.

Carbs Grains And Cereals

Kitty Suffering from a Sensitive Stomach? 12 Best Cat Foods for a Sensitive Stomach

Some cats have intolerances to:

  • Simple carbs such as lactose
  • Grains and cereals in general

An intolerance is different from an allergy. While an allergy involves your cat’s body mistaking a nutrient for something harmful, an intolerance occurs because the feline doesnt have the right enzymes to process something in the food.

The problem is that grains and cereals are often used in cheaper cat foods as fillersthey help bulk up the product at a relatively low cost to the manufacturer. As appealing as it may be to some cat parents, felines should not be placed on vegan diets.

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Signs Your Cat May Have A Sensitive Stomach

Its normal for a cat to cough up the occasional hairballits simply a consequence of accidentally swallowing hair during grooming. But if your cat is vomiting after meals or experiencing frequent diarrhea, it could indicate a mismatch between their stomach and the food theyre eating.

Here are some of the signs of a sensitive stomach in cats:

  • Diarrhea, constipation, or changes in stools
  • Increased thirst
  • Poor coat condition
  • Itching or other skin problems

If your cat is experiencing any of these symptoms, ask yourself if the problem is acute or chronic. Acute digestive issues are ones that seem to come on out of the blue, while chronic issues develop slowly. In cases of acute digestive upset, the problems could be the result of a change in diet, an infection, intestinal disease, or even stress. Chronic digestive problems are more likely caused by food allergies or a sensitive stomachthats when you may want to consider foods specially formulated to relieve digestive problems.

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