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What’s the Best Magnesium Supplement for Healing Your Gut?

Brittany Scanniello RDN runs an integrative nutrition practice in Lafayette Colorado, Eat Simply Nutrition. She is constantly looking for nutraceutical alternatives to assist day-to-day concerns of her clients. With a background as a clinical pediatric gastrointestinal dietitian, magnesium was a supplement she worked with often and continues to do so. She emphasizes the importance of purity, safe dosages, and a quality product above all else when recommending any form of supplementation.

Is Magnesium Glycinate Or Citrate Better

When it comes to magnesium citrate vs glycinate, which one prevails? It’s really going to depend on your health needs and goals. Magnesium citrate is a more common choice if you want to maintain magnesium levels for general whole-body health. On the other hand, magnesium glycinate has less bioavailability but can have a calming effect. If your goal is to add magnesium to your “stress less” strategy, you might gravitate towards a formula with magnesium glycinate instead of citrate.

Best For Sensitive Stomachs: Klaire Labs Magnesium Glycinate Complex

  • Bottle size: 100 capsules
  • Dosage: one capsules of 100 mg of magnesium, 13 times per day

This product combines magnesium with glycine, an amino acid that the manufacturer states may make the supplement easier for the body to tolerate and absorb.

The company recommends taking one capsule, 1 to 3 times per day.

Pros and cons

These supplements are vegetarian and free from most common allergens, such as shellfish, yeast, and eggs.

Klaire Labs does not state whether its supplements are third-party lab tests. Additionally, this supplement provides a lower dose of magnesium per serving than some other products.

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Adding Magnesium To Your Diet

If finding the right foods is challenging, inconvenient, or otherwise problematic, taking magnesium supplements may help you to meet your body’s needs for this mineral. Even if you aren’t noticing signs of magnesium deficiency, it’s important to ensure you are consuming the recommended amounts of magnesium.

Once you decide to include magnesium supplements, you may notice the many options available. These supplements come in various types, mainly differentiated by what is bound to the magnesium or used as a carrier. For instance, magnesium citrate is one of the more common types. This type is made of magnesium bonded to citric acid.

Define Your Health Goals

High Absorption Magnesium Complex Supplement

Are you looking for improved digestion? Or, perhaps you want more restful sleep. Maybe you are prone to headaches or are looking for better support for exercise and muscle repair. Define what result is important to you. Then, you may be better able to decide which form of magnesium is right for you when speaking with your doctor. Will your choice be citrate, glycinate, carbonate, or another form of magnesium? Take a look at a few different options and find your new favorite magnesium supplement.

The Top Ten Uses of Magnesium: Read more.


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    Best Magnesium Supplement 202: Boost Energy And Aid Restful Sleep

    The best magnesium supplement may help you to sleep better, improve mood and increase energy heres our tried and tested round-up

    The best magnesium supplement can offer a number of health benefits. Our bodies need magnesium in order to carry out the functioning of over 300 enzymes, with 90% of total body magnesium being contained in the muscles and bones.

    In an ideal world, wed get most of our magnesium from food. Magnesium rich foods include legumes, brown rice, green leafy vegetables, wholegrains and dark chocolate. But according to figures, almost half of the U.S. population consumes less than the required amount of magnesium. And according to a review published in the Nutrients journal, low levels of magnesium have been associated with a number of chronic diseases, such as Alzeimers disease, insulin resistance, type 2 diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular disease, migraines, and ADHD.

    Men aged 19-30 years should be aiming for 400 mg of magnesium per day, with women consuming 310 mg. For those aged 31 and over, the RDA is slightly higher 420 mg for men and 320 mg for women.

    If youre consistently falling short, the best magnesium supplement can help you to get enough of this essential mineral. Not to mention, magnesium has been linked with improved sleep, reduced anxiety and even reduced symptoms of restless leg syndrome.

    For Pain And Cramp Reduction

    Magnesium chloride

    Magnesium chloride is a form of magnesium that can lower anxiety, reduce pain, and help promote restful sleep. Historically, it was used topically as an antiseptic. Not only is magnesium chloride a great antimicrobial treatment when given topically, it also delivers magnesium directly into the bloodstream. The skin is a great way to increase magnesium levels and bypass using the gut this is especially beneficial for people with IBS who suffer from malabsorption of nutrients.

    Additionally, if youre not keen on the energizing aspect of magnesium malate for muscle pain , magnesium chloride was also shown to be beneficial for fibromyalgia symptoms.

    The product I recommend:Quick Magnesium.

    It is a pure, 100% natural solution of magnesium chloride, coming from high-quality magnesium salt derived from the depths of the earths interior all from the ancient Zechstein Seabed in Europe. Ultra-pure and untouched by pollutants, this magnesium salt was protected at depths of 5,000-6,500 feet in this seabed for the past 250 million years.

    Many of our program participants have reported fantastic results using this form of magnesium from pain reduction, feeling calmer, to deeper/longer sleep.

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    Supplements That Will Heal Your Leaky Gut Without Breaking The Bank

    You know leaky gut syndrome as the catchphrase of wellness influencers and your paleo-eating friends. They use the term to explain everything from digestive distress to skin rashes and migraines. But the truth is that leaky gutclinically known as increased intestinal permeabilityis a serious condition with serious consequences.

    When your small intestine is healthy, it is semi-permeable, thus allowing critical vitamins and minerals from the foods you eat to be absorbed and circulated around the body via the bloodstream. However, when your gut is leaky, the pores of the intestine widen and become too permeable. And as the netting in your digestive tract remains damaged, toxins, bad bacteria, and undigested food particles pass into your bloodstream. Because of this, a leaky gut can lead to health problems including inflammatory skin issues, fatigue, joint pain, malabsorption of nutrients, food sensitivities , autoimmune diseases, thyroid problems and more.

    Millions of people struggle with a leaky gut and dont realize its the underlying issue behind one or several of their health concerns. As a result, its vital to heal the gut in order to have optimal health. The problem is that traditional doctors are not trained to treat this condition, and with so many supplements on the market, its difficult for individuals to know which products to turn to.

    Bone Broth Probiotics

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    Types Of Magnesium In Supplements

    MAGNESIUM Glycinate Benefits for GUT HEALTH (2021)

    From glycinate to citrate, chloride to oxide, malate, and more, there are many types of magnesium supplements available.

    Like all minerals, magnesium is delivered as a complex, paired with another compound that assists with delivery.

    These secondary, helper organic compounds can also have health benefits of their own.*

    Here are some common forms of magnesium found in supplements, and their benefits:

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    Is Magnesium Good For Mthfr

    Yes, the magnesium that I recommend is designed to be absorbable, so it is a great choice for those with MTHFR gene mutations. In fact, people with MTHFR typically need even more magnesium than those without it.If you have MTHFR, I recommend taking both Magnesium Restore and Activated B Complete because they are both prime choices to be used immediately in your body without requiring methylation .Get these bundled together for 10% off here! > >

    What Exactly Does Magnesium Do

    Magnesium helps you to relax and contract your muscles your skeletal muscles, which help you move, run and jump, as well as your smooth muscles which make up some of your organs, for example, your heart and your intestines or gut.

    Athletes know to take extra doses of Mg after a marathon or an intense training session to prevent painful muscle spasms and exhaustion. Children who are running and jumping all day long use up a lot of Magnesium as well and may get painful muscle cramps which are sometimes mistaken for growing pains.

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    Lower Stress To Heal A Leaky Gut

    Stress is an underappreciated cause of leaky gut and all other chronic diseases, for that matter. Even when we dont necessarily feel overly stressed, modern life tends to force us to constantly operate from a state of fight or flight, so that we often dont even recognize when our bodies are under constant stress.

    For this reason, implementing practices that help you slow down, breathe deeper, and initiate that rest and digest response are critical to healing leaky gutand lowering stress is often the missing piece when everything else has been addressed and healing still isnt taking root.

    We have to make lowering stress a habitual part of our daily lives. Moderate mindful activities like yoga, walking, or dancing can be a great place to start if meditation or stillness seems too challenging . Even just a daily practice of doing 10 deep belly breaths can have amazing calming effects on the nervous system and digestion.

    You can also try:

    • Writing a gratitude list.

    These are all practices designed to lower stress and promote rest, relaxation, and even contentment. When we approach our healing from this state, the body can much more easily restore itself.

    What Should I Look For When Buying Magnesium

    Amazing Formulas Magnesium Oxide Supplement  500mg, 90 Capsules (Non ...

    When looking for any supplements, only go with a reputable company that offers high-quality products made with responsibly sourced ingredients. The nutrition labeling should be thorough and transparent with no hidden ingredients.

    Furthermore, the supplement should cater to your specific needs. It’s always a smart idea to speak with your medical professional before starting to take any new supplements to ensure that they’re a safe and effective option for you.

    About the Author: Megan Grant has a degree in communications from University of Michigan. She has been writing professionally for 15 years, with a focus on nutrition, fitness, and general health. A lifelong competitive athlete, she’s fascinated by how the human body responds to food and movement.

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    What Are The Benefits Of Magnesium

    Magnesium has been shown to have a multitude of benefits, including heart, nerve, bone and muscle health. Diets high in magnesium are even thought to help lower rates of disease, though this could be due to the other nutrients involved in a magnesium-rich diet, and additional research is needed.

    The following are areas in which magnesium is thought to benefit most:

    Bone Health. Its estimated that 60% of the bodys magnesium is stored in bones, making it a massive contributor to bone healthMagnesium. Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. Accessed 5/13/2022. . The mineral also takes part in bone-building cell activity and calcium regulation through the parathyroid hormone, and is known to impact the concentration of vitamin D in the body, which also contributes to maintaining bone health. In some cases, a magnesium deficiency is thought to lead to an increased risk of osteoporosis.

    Type 2 Diabetes. Due to its role in blood sugar regulation, adequate magnesium intake may help decrease the risk of type 2 diabetes.

    The link between magnesium intake and diabetes risk may be connected to hypomagnesemia, a condition that signifies low levels of magnesium in the body, according to the National Institutes of Health . More research on magnesium deficiency and the development of type 2 diabetes is needed, though, and the American Diabetes Association notes theres not enough evidence to say magnesium supplements can improve blood sugar regulation in people with diabetes.

    Kick Processed Foods To The Curb

    Processed foods should be avoided at all costs. They are filled with harmful chemicals, tons of processed salt & sugar, and trans fats. But it doesnt end there. Since processed foods arewellprocessed, they are digested very quickly. This may sound good at first, but its not.

    When food is digested quickly, it is rapidly released into the body. So lets say you just ate a pre-packaged oatmeal cookie. All of the ingredients in that cookie including the sugar and flour are processed as well. When these processed substances hit our gut, they are quickly digested.

    The sugar in this case would cause for a rapid spike in your blood sugar which puts stress on your pancreas . The calories are also quickly made available which can cause your body to store the excess energy as fat. This is how processed foods can make you gain weight considerably fast.

    Easy Fix: Instead of purchasing processed or pre-packaged foods, opt for traditional and whole foods. Here is a chart of some common processed foods compared to their whole-food original form:

    Celtic Sea Salt

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    What Is The Best Way To Take The Magne 5

    Take 2 capsules daily.

    We recommend taking a serving of magnesium after dinner and prior to bed. This helps to stimulate more restful sleep, calms the nervous system, relaxes the heart and promotes healthy bowel movements the next morning.

    Magnesium supplements are generally safe for most people. If you have kidney or heart issues, be sure to consult your holistic doctor.

    Recommended Dosage Of Magnesium For Optimum Results

    Magnesium for Constipation – The Essential Mineral to Heal Your Gut

    The recommended dose for magnesium varies, depending on the intended use, and how much of this mineral youre already getting in your diet.

    Here are the current average daily recommended amounts of magnesium for teens and adults:

    Life stage
    Breastfeeding or chestfeeding 310320 mg

    To avoid potential side effects, such as diarrhea, nausea, and stomach cramps, try to keep your intake of magnesium from supplements under 350 mg per day, unless youre under the supervision of a healthcare professional.

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    Best Magnesium Supplement Topical

    Some people claim that magnesium is absorbed best transdermally , since it bypasses the digestive tract and doesnt cause as much of a laxative effect.

    Topical magnesium oil is usually made with magnesium chloride that is mined from the ancient Zechstein Seabed in the Netherlands. Sometimes the topical oil can sting, so you can use a magnesium lotion instead.This is what I use on my kids feet each night. One teaspoon of the lotion contains about 200mg of magnesium.

    Another option is to make your own spray.This particular recipe has yielded some phenomenal results!

    Epsom salt or magnesium flake baths are another great way to get magnesium into the body and detox other substances out. Add two cups of these salts to a hot bath with one cup of baking soda for extra absorption. Sit in the solution for 20 minutes or longer for maximum effect.

    How We Select Supplemets

    Our team works hard to be transparent about why we recommend certain supplements you can read more about our dietary supplement methodology here.

    We support supplements that are evidence-based and rooted in science. We value certain product attributes that we find to be associated with the highest quality products. We prioritize products that are third-party tested and certified by one of three independent, third-party certifiers: USP, NSF, or ConsumerLab.

    It’s important to note that the FDA does not review dietary supplements for safety and effectiveness before they go to market. Our team of experts has created a detailed, science-backed methodology to choose the supplements we recommend.

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    Best Magnesium For Gut Health: 13 Types Of Magnesium Discussed Here

    Posted by TipTopGut-Admin | Aug 25, 2022 | Gut Health | 0

    Magnesium is the fourth most abundant mineral in your body. Its involved in many essential functions, including muscle contractions, blood pressure regulation, and blood sugar control.

    Although its found in numerous foods like vegetables, whole grains, nuts, and beans observational studies show that most Americans dont get adequate amounts from their diets.

    Here, were going to discuss what is the best magnesium for gut health. Lets fist explore what is magnesium and then continue with magnesium and gut health.

  • Frequently Asked Questions about the Best Magnesium for Gut Health
  • What Is Magnesium Glycinate

    Dr. Best Magnesium Supplements Dietary 100mg 240 Tablets High ...

    On the other hand, we have magnesium glycinate, which comes from a salt formed with glycine, as opposed to citrate. Glycine is an amino acid that functions as an inhibitory neurotransmitter. It’s sometimes used as a standalone supplement to promote sleep. Thus, combining magnesium with glycine can boost its calming effects. Some studies also suggest that magnesium promotes head comfort.

    Magnesium glycinate contains 14.1% elemental magnesium by mass. This means that in 1,000 mg, there is 141 mg of magnesium.

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