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Recipes For A Healthy Gut

The BEST Foods At Costco For GUT HEALTH

Looking to improve digestion and boost immunity? Look no further than EatingWell’s quick and easy recipes featuring probiotic, prebiotic and fiber-rich foods known to help feed a healthy gut. Instant Pot Vegetarian White Chili and Raspberry-Pineapple Fish Tacos have ingredients that will help your gut feel its best.

Chia Seed Delight Recipe

Chia puddings are a fun way to eat these seeds because moisture turns the petite pieces into gelatin-like lumps. Mixing them with plant-based milk makes them less slimy and adds a delicate creaminess, as in this Chia Seed Delight from Snyder. For a bit of sweetness and a greater dose of good bacteria, you can add fiber-rich fruits like blueberries and raspberries.

Why Gut Health Is Important For Your Body And Your Mind

The gut is composed of a whole host of microbes that affect your physiology and keep your body and brain functioning as they should.

As studies tell us, these gut microbes affect the way you store fat, how you balance levels of glucose in your blood, and how you respond to hormones that make you feel hungry or satiated.

The wrong internal mix can set the stage for obesity and other health issues later in life.

Scientists have also found that gut bacteria produce neurotransmitters that regulate your mood including serotonin, dopamine, and GABA.

Researchers have also discovered that a nervous system in your gut communicates with the brain in your head. It also plays a role in certain diseases and in mental health.

In other words, the wellness of both your body and your brain depend on your gut health.

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Eat A Variety Of Foods

For the most part, more types of bacteria are better for health because different bacteria perform different functions. Each requires different nutrients to grow.

Therefore, eating a variety of different food types that contain different types of nutrition can help diversity within the microbiome

It has been shown that communities in rural areas can have more diverse microbiomes when compared to Western diets in Europe and America . This is likely because they tend to eat a far wider variety of plant foods.

More Ways To Make Gut Healthy Meals

Eating Well Publishes 7 Must

Not looking for a full meal plan but interested in making your day-to-day meals more gut friendly? Weve got you covered with a few simple tips you can incorporate today!

  • Add flavor and dimension to your meals with gut-friendly herbs and spices such as ginger, basil, mint, cinnamon, and curry .
  • Cook your veggies thoroughly
  • Watch your fiber intake! Consuming too much can be just as harmful as not consuming enough. Consuming whole food fibers to get that extra nourishment! The total recommended intake is between 25 and 30 grams per day.

What is your favorite recipe from this meal plan? Let me know in the comments below!


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Other Surprising Gut Health Foods

At the end of the day, you’ll always see the most benefits from eating a balanced diet rich in whole fruits and vegetables, but here are a few other foods you can add to help support your digestive health.

1. Ginger and Ginger Beer

Traditionally brewed ginger or root beer is prepared similarly to kombucha a symbiotic colony of yeast and lactobacillus bacteria aids in fermenting the ginger, sugar, and water into a delicious carbonated beverage.

Ginger has been used for generations as a natural home remedy for soothing digestive upsets, and thanks to modern scientific studies we nows know that ginger has various therapeutic effects. Ginger contains antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and immuno-supportive compounds .

So it’s no doubt this probiotic-filled soda may be a better choice over other alternative sweet carbonated beverages. That being said, always be sure to read the label, even ginger beers can contain unwanted excess sugars aim to find a brand with as little sugar as possible, or like any food that’s a bit sweet, aim for moderation!

Ginger beer and ginger ale are used interchangeably to refer to a fermented ginger soda ginger beer tends to be stronger in flavor.

2. Sprouted Grains

Sprouted grains refer to grain or seed that has been first soaked in water, and then kept damp for a specific amount of time until it begins to sprout!

3. Bone Broth

Bone broths can be a wonderful option to soothe upset stomach and lessen the burden of digestion on your body.

4. Avocados

King Mushroom Green Bean Bowl Recipe

With this King Mushroom Green Bean Bowl recipe, youre getting several foods that are good for your gut: avocado, kale, mushrooms, and green beans. They supply prebiotics and heart-healthy, anti-inflammatory fats that can prevent irritation in your gut. The quinoa is also a good source of prebiotic fiber, but if you use sprouted quinoa, youll boost your dose of good gut nutrients. Learn the top healthy-eating tips from 17 nutritionists.

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How Food Can Heal Your Gut

Your gut microbiome is an extremely important part of you. The tiny critters inside your tummy and intestines help you digest your food and absorb the nutrients your body needs. So its crucial to feed them the right foods, so they can thrive as well as protect them from foods that can harm them. Together, youll optimize your nutrition, your mood, and your health.

What Is The Difference Between Prebiotics Probiotics And Postbiotics

Best Foods For Gut Health | Dr. Will Bulsiewicz Live Q& A on The Exam Room

Prebiotics are the nutrients and food that feed the good gut bacteria. In order to keep a balance of more healthy gut bugs, we need plenty of prebiotics! These are found in high fiber foods like fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.

Probiotics are the actual gut microbes. We can find these in some food sources , or by taking a supplement.

Postbiotics are the actual waste products produced by gut bacteria. In other words, when our good gut bacteria feasts on prebiotics, postbiotics are produced. Think of this like a fertilizer! Recent scientific research has now uncovered that most of the positive effects we used to attribute to probiotics are actually due to postbiotics. I actually take a postbiotic supplement daily! My favorite is the GBX Fit purple pill from Amare.

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Grilled Peach And Barley Salad

Barley is a good-for-you whole grain food that contains resistant starch a fiber-like nutrient that resists digestion and ferments in the large intestine contributing to a healthy gut. The accompanying Lemon Shallot Vinaigrette is also good for your gut, thanks to its prebiotic fiber. Finally, leafy greens provide plenty of phytonutrients that can reduce gut inflammation, and fiber that can contribute to digestive and gut health. Its a healthy gut trifecta!

Why Gut Health Matters:

To truly understand the health benefits of this Happy Gut Meal Plan, we have to first understand the importance of gut health. In my private nutrition practice, gut health is where I begin with all clients.

Impaired digestive health can manifest in a host of conditions including IBS, SIBO, IBD, and general gut dysbiosis . Gut health also impacts a wide range of conditions including cardiovascular, endocrine, diabetes, autoimmune conditions, skin conditions, depression, and chronic fatigue syndrome.

Over 80% of the immune system resides in our gut and the gut produces 75% of our neurotransmitters! Essentially, if you want to feel better, body, mind, and soul, you have to take care of your gut!

Maybe Ill write a song lets all take care of our guts, no ifs and or buts!


Improved digestive function is a lot more involved than a one-week meal plan, it involves proper nutrition, supplementation, and lifestyle interventions over the course of several months to a year!

However, there are many healing gut-supportive foods that can put you on the right track. I was so excited to share this meal plan today as a jumping-off point for anyone looking to improve their digestive health

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Recipes To Improve Your Gut Health

If youve been suffering the symptoms of poor gut health for some time, youve probably wondered why it takes so long to heal. Well, the truth is that many people dont realize they can heal themselves. Both diet and supplements can play a really important role in that!

To truly heal your gut from the inside out, you have to start with what you eat. What goes into your mouth will affect your entire digestive system. Harmful foods such as refined sugars and carbohydrates, fizzy drinks, alcohol, trans fats and other junk will wreak havoc on your microbiome.

Here are 20 of the best recipes for your gut health!

Go Forth & Heal Your Gut

Healthy Gut Diet : Understand the Link Between Gut Health and Your ...

Modern society has an immunity problem, which stems partly from a multipronged onslaught against our gut microbiome. Many of us live in a world that doesnt expose us to enough pathogens to exercise our immune systems. We kill beneficial bacteria with soaps and sanitizers we dump repeated doses of antibiotics into our bodies and we eat diets that starve the good bacteria and feed harmful bacteria.

But there are things you can do to protect and even heal your gut, which can strengthen your immune system. One of the best ways to improve gut health is by improving your diet. Focus on whole foods, especially fruits, veggies, whole grains, legumes, nuts, seeds, and fermented foods. Eliminate processed foods, sugar, and factory-farmed meat .

That way, youll be able to say about your gut bacteria what Max Martin wrote for Katy Perry in the song Part of Me: This is the part of me / That youre never gonna ever take away from me.

Tell us in the comments:

  • What foods do you eat to feed your beneficial gut bacteria?
  • What lifestyle changes can you make to help your microbiome thrive?
  • Which gut health recipe from this article will you try next?

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So What’s Holistic Gut Health

If one of your goals is to improve your gut health, youre probably focused on eating lots of fiber, low-FODMAP foods and probiotics. If so, congratulations! Youre doing the exact right thing, and were cheering you on. But record scratch thats not all there is to keeping your gut and its billions of denizens happy. So strap in, because today, were talking about holistic gut health, and what other lifestyle elements can contribute to a healthy gut microbiota.

What About Probiotic Supplements

Probiotics can be helpful in treating irritable bowel syndrome, diarrhea, colitis, acne, and eczema. And the strongest evidence for probiotics is related to their use in improving gut health and boosting immune function.

But probiotic supplements dont always work. In fact, a lot of people are taking probiotic supplements that are essentially a waste of money.

Heres the issue: the vast majority of probiotic bacteria are active and effective in the lower portions of the gastrointestinal tract. To get to there, though, these bacteria must survive your highly acidic stomach environment.

So how can you keep these probiotics intact? In other words, when should you take them?

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Kiwi A Day Keeps Constipation Away

The fuzzy fruit packed with vitamin C is making waves in the gastrointestinal community since a study published in June 2021 in the American Journal of Gastroenterology found that people who ate two kiwis a day were relieved of their constipation better than patients who consumed prunes or psyllium. The group assigned kiwis also had fewer negative side-effects and enjoyed their high-fiber food most.

We really want people to use whole foods to help their digestion and kiwis are a great way to help yourself out, says Finkel. Theyre tasty, enjoyable, and easy to eat.

Eat More Fruits Vegetables And Legumes

The best Probiotic foods to improve gut health | Dr. Hansaji Yogendra

Fruits and vegetables contain lots of different nutrients that are essential for your gut bacteria. Fruits, vegetables and legumes all have good amounts of fiber, which isnt digested by the body, but can be used by certain bacteria in your gut instead.

One study found that following a diet rich in fruits and vegetables prevented the growth of some disease-causing bacteria .

Apples, artichokes, blueberries, almonds, and pistachios are some of the foods that can increase the amount of bifidobacteria in your gut, a bacteria that can help prevent inflammation of the intestine .

Examples of high fiber foods that are great for gut health include:

In particular, it comes out on top when it comes to its healthiness and how easy it is to follow. This makes it a perfect diet to follow if you want to follow a diet over the long-term and find a sustainable way of eating.

In terms of the specific studies that back the Mediterranean diet, a few studies looking at various health factors have been linked to below:

  • Lower risk of cardiovascular events, coronary heart disease,
  • Lower risk of coronary heart disease
  • Lower risk of developing type 2 diabetes
  • Lower risk of breast cancer
  • Lower risk of obesity
  • Better cognitive function

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In This Article Youll Find Out About

  • What happens in the gut
  • How the gut becomes unbalanced
  • Benefits of a healthy gut
  • Symptoms of an unhealthy gut
  • How to improve gut health naturally
  • 9 of the best gut healthy foods
  • Fermented foods and the gut
  • 9 of the best fermented foods for gut health
  • 3 of the worst foods for your gut

Ease Indigestion With Stomach

Soothing, aromatic peppermint may help ease indigestion as well as some symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome, making it a go-to natural treatment for gastroenterologists.

Its inexpensive, nonaddictive with little to no side-effects, and its highly effective, says Brian Lacy, MD, a gastroenterologist at the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, Florida.

Peppermint oil can be included in many recipes or even tea, but more often is taken as a coated supplement, which allows it to pass into the digestive tract without causing heartburn, according to the National Center of Complementary and Integrative Health. Digestion tip: Taking peppermint oil for at least four weeks has been shown to significantly reduce IBS symptoms. It appears to work as an antispasmodic, smoothing out and relaxing the bowels, according to a study published in 2020 in Gastroenterology.

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The Benefits Of Fermented Foods

Its now thought that regularly including these foods in your diet could help keep your gut happy.

One of the benefits of fermented foods is that they are naturally teeming with the healthy bacteria your body needs and scientists think this may play an important role in keeping your own community of friendly gut bugs thriving.28

Each of us has over 100 trillion live bacteria in our gastrointestinal tract, aka our gut, which help our body to perform a number of different tasks.

However, our gut bacteria need to be balanced to work at their best.

For example, there need to be enough good live bacteria to balance out the bad bacteria that make us ill.

Balanced gut bacteria can support the following systems in the body:

  • Digestive system

In a 2015 review, published in the journal Current Opinion in Gastroenterology, researchers found that having a varied community of gut bugs may play a role in easing a range of bowel conditions, including irritable bowel syndrome.29

As well as helping your digestive health, feeding your gut bacteria may in turn also support other aspects of your wellbeing for example, your mental health.

In 2016, researchers at University College Cork reported that giving healthy people cocktails of friendly bacteria for four weeks altered their brain activity in MRI scans.

Participants were less likely to experience negative thoughts when they felt low.30,31

Golden Red Lentil Dal


Dal is a staple throughout the Indian subcontinent and has fuelled billions of people for centuries. Turmeric and ginger are both powerful anti-inflammatory superfoods that help to restore the integrity of the gut. Turmeric also wards off bacteria and viruses while ginger is a fantastic circulatory stimulant, helping to keep your cells nourished. And lentils are packed with gut-healthy fiber to keep your intestines moving smoothly!

Find the recipe here:

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Fluffy Buckwheat Chia Pancake

Studies show that those who eat a variety of whole grains have more diverse bacteria in their guts, which may lead to better health. Swap out traditional pancakes with these nutty and fluffy buckwheat chia pancakes and enjoy fiber-fueled nutrition with each bite. Word has it that your gut will thank you!

What Happens In The Gut

The gut is a nine-metre-long tube that starts at the mouth, moves from the oesophagus to the stomach, through the small and large intestines, and ends at the back passage.

Its where digestion takes place, and this involves three important processes:

  • Breaking down food into smaller pieces.
  • Absorbing what our body needs from what we eat.
  • Getting rid of the waste that cant be used by our bodies.
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    How Does Juice Benefit Gutsy Girls

    The process of juicing actually helps to pre-digest most of the ingredients, which makes it much easier on the digestive tract.

    Juicing breaks down some of the harder to digest fibers in the fruit and vegetables, which alleviates a lot of the pressure on the GI system.

    Juicing also helps the body quickly absorb nutrients. Since many juices include a combination of diverse fruits and vegetables it may also help your body get some nutrients it is lacking in.

    This is KEY for anyone with gut issues, as micronutrient deficiencies are incredibly common.

    Juices are often fairly high in micronutrients such as:

    Having optimal levels of micronutrients creates a strong foundation for any sort of gut healing.

    Whole fruits and vegetables are truly some of the best foods to incorporate in a gut-healing plan.

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