Blood Tests For Liver Cancer


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Doctor explains Alpha Fetoprotein (AFP) blood test | Liver and testicular cancer

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How Can I Prevent Liver Cancer

While you cant completely prevent liver cancer, you can do the following to lower your chances of getting liver cancer:

  • Avoid behaviors that lead to cirrhosis.
  • Reach or maintain a healthy weight.
  • Get a hepatitis B vaccine. This vaccine is safe for nearly everyone. Ask your doctor about the hepatitis A vaccine.
  • Avoid hepatitis C.
  • If you have any liver disease, have diabetes, obesity or are a heavy drinker, ask your healthcare provider about liver cancer screenings.

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Screening For Liver Cancer & Liver Metastases

At NYU Langone, primary care doctors usually conduct blood tests at least once a year during routine checkups. They check the blood for high levels of liver enzymes, which can signal liver disease.

Liver enzymes are substances that help the liver function, including processing and storing nutrients that your body needs and filtering harmful substances from the blood.

High levels of certain enzymes in the blood, such as alanine aminotransferase and aspartate aminotransferase , may indicate a person has a liver condition such as cirrhosis, fatty liver disease, or hepatitis B or C. If you have high liver enzyme levels, a blood sample may be taken to test for hepatitis B or C.

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Liver Function Test Results

A liver panel can only indicate that a patient may have cancer or another condition. Follow-up testing is usually required.

If test results suggest that a patient has cancer, it could be in the liver or elsewhere in the body. It may be cancer that originated in the liver and bile system, called primary tumors, or spread from another location, called secondary tumors or metastases.

Secondary liver tumors occur more often than primary liver tumors. The most common type of cancer that spreads to the liver is colorectal cancer, followed by breast and pancreatic cancers.

In addition to primary and secondary liver tumors, a liver panel may suggest that a patient has multiple myeloma, lymphoma or leukemia.

Expert cancer care

Sensitivity Analyses According To The Cirrhosis Definitions

New Blood Test Developed to Improve Liver Cancer Screening

In cases with LCR1 the presence of cirrhosis was obtained by elastography, biopsy, and one of these two methods in 2897, 895, and 3552 cases, and in 1858, 462, and 2160 cases, with LCR2, respectively. Results were similar to those observed using the FibroTest for the definition of cirrhosis, with the AUROCt of LCR1 range = 0.8020.825, and LCR2 range = 0.7800.850 .

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Tests For Liver Cancer

Blood tests

Hepatocellular carcinoma cannot be diagnosed by routine blood tests. There is only one specific blood test which can be used towards a diagnosis of HCC. This test specifically measures for the levels of the protein alfa-fetoprotein in serum .

Unfortunately only about half of all tumours will give a raised reading of AFP. So a normal AFP test does not exclude the presence of HCC. This is further complicated by the fact that AFP is also produced by proliferating liver cells so somebody with cirrhosis and liver regeneration is likely to have raised AFP levels already. As a consequence doctors will probably want to monitor whether the AFP levels are stable or not. Rising levels of AFP are more likely to indicate HCC.

Even where there is no detectable sign of HCC people with cirrhosis and an abnormal AFP still have a high risk of developing it. Anybody with cirrhosis and an elevated AFP, particularly with steadily rising AFP levels, will most likely either develop HCC or already have an undiscovered HCC.

Imaging studiesThere is no single imaging technique that will correctly identify all HCC’s. Current techniques each have their strengths and weaknesses.


Computerised Tomography scans

Hepatic Angiography

Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Liver biopsy


Circulating Tumor Cell Test

A circulating tumor cell test can check for blood biomarkers that show whether normal cells are transforming into cancer cells. CTC tests can help diagnose and screen patients who have a risk of developing cancer, such as a family history of the disease.

CTC tests are helpful in the early detection of cancer as well as monitoring treatment effectiveness over time. The only test currently approved for this purpose is called CellSearch CTC, which offers different prostate, colorectal, and breast cancer assays.

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Can Liver Cancer Be Detected

Liver cancer is not detected by blood tests alone. Certain substances present in the blood called the blood markers may be elevated in patients with livercancer. Raised levels of a tumor marker called alpha fetoprotein can indicate diseases of the liver, including liver cancer.

The doctor may order routine blood tests, including a blood count, chemistry profile, coagulation profile and liver function tests to evaluate the liver functions in cases of suspected liver cancer.

Alpha fetoprotein/serum tumor marker test

  • A procedure in which a sample of blood is examined to measure the amounts of certain substances released into the blood by organs, tissues or tumor cells in the body.
  • Certain substances are linked to specific types of cancer when found in increased levels in the blood. These are called tumor markers.
  • An increased level of alpha fetoprotein in the blood may be a sign of liver cancer. Other cancers and certain noncancerous conditions, including cirrhosis and hepatitis, may also increase AFP levels.
  • Sometimes the AFP level is normal even when there is liver cancer.

Liver function tests

Physical exam and history

  • An examination of the body to check general signs of health, including checking for signs of disease, such as lumps or anything else that seems unusual.
  • A history of the patients health habits, past illnesses, family illnesses and treatments will also be taken.

Ultrasound exam

Computed tomography scan


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Diagnosis Of Liver Cancer

Doctor explains ALT (alanine aminotransferase) blood test | Liver Function Tests (LFTs) explained!

Diagnosis is the process of finding out the cause of a health problem. Usually, diagnosing liver cancer begins when a routine test suggests a problem with the liver. Your doctor will ask you about any symptoms you have and do a physical exam. Based on this information, your doctor may refer you to a specialist or order tests to check for liver cancer or other health problems.

The process of diagnosis may seem long and frustrating. It’s normal to worry, but try to remember that other health conditions can cause similar symptoms as liver cancer. It’s important for the healthcare team to rule out other reasons for a health problem before making a diagnosis of liver cancer.

The following tests are usually used to rule out or diagnose liver cancer. Many of the same tests used to diagnose cancer are used to find out the stage . Your doctor may also order other tests to check your general health and to help plan your treatment.

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Whats Involved In Liver Cancer Screening

You can have very early-stage liver cancer without symptoms. Liver cancer screening is how healthcare providers monitor your livers health for signs of liver cancer. While there arent any standard liver cancer screening tests, your healthcare provider may recommend you have ultrasounds and blood tests every six months.

Questions To Ask The Doctor

  • What treatment do you think is best for me?
  • Whats the goal of this treatment? Do you think it could cure the cancer?
  • Will treatment include surgery? If so, who will do the surgery?
  • What will the surgery be like?
  • Will I need other types of treatment, too? Whats the goal of these treatments?
  • What side effects could I have from these treatments?
  • What can I do about side effects that I might have?
  • Is there a clinical trial that might be right for me?
  • What about special vitamins or diets that friends tell me about? How will I know if they are safe?
  • How soon do I need to start treatment?
  • What should I do to be ready for treatment?
  • Is there anything I can do to help the treatment work better?
  • Whats the next step?

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The Test Developed By Researchers At The Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center Aids In Early Detection Of Liver Cancerone Of The Leading Causes Of Cancer Deaths

A novel artificial intelligence blood testing technology developed and used by Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center to successfully detect lung cancer in a 2021 study has now detected more than 80% of liver cancers in a new study of 724 people.

The blood test, called DELFI, short for DNA evaluation of fragments for early interception, detects fragmentation changes among DNA from cancer cells shed into the bloodstream, known as cell-free DNA, or cfDNA. In the most recent study, investigators used the DELFI technology on blood plasma samples obtained from 724 individuals in the U.S., the European Union and Hong Kong to detect hepatocellular cancer, HCC, a type of liver cancer.

The researchers believe this is the first genome-wide fragmentation analysis independently validated in two high-risk populations and across different racial and ethnic groups with different causes associated with their liver cancers.

Their findings were reported Nov. 18 in Cancer Discovery and at the American Association for Cancer Research Special Conference: Precision Prevention, Early Detection, and Interception of Cancer.

It is estimated that 400 million people worldwide are at higher risk of developing HCC because of cirrhosis from chronic liver diseases including chronic viral hepatitis or non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, according to a worldwide analysis of the burden of liver disease.

The researchers say next steps include validating this approach in larger studies for clinical use.

Why Do I Need An Afp Tumor Marker Test

New Blood Test Developed to Improve Liver Cancer Screening

You may need an AFP tumor marker test if a physical exam and/or other tests show there is a chance you have liver cancer or cancer of the ovaries or testicles. Your provider may order an AFP test to help confirm or rule out the results of other tests.

You may also need this test if you are currently being treated for one of these cancers, or recently completed treatment. The test can help your provider see if your treatment is working or if your cancer has come back after treatment.

In addition, you may need this test if you have a noncancerous liver disease. Certain liver diseases can put you at a higher risk of getting liver cancer.

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What Blood Tests Are Done To Detect Liver Function

  • Platelet count:Low platelet count has many causes, one of which can be advanced liver disease. Normal platelet counts are about 150,000 to 400,000 per .
  • Glucose: Glucose level is maintained in the body by a variety of mechanisms. The liver can release glucose in the blood for nourishment of other cells in case of starvation with insufficient oral intake of glucose. This process, called gluconeogenesis, is another major function of the liver. In advanced liver disease, this function of the liver can be compromised leading to unusually low glucose levels in the absence of adequate oral intake. Conversely, a large number of people with liver cirrhosis become glucose intolerant and develop diabetes.
  • GGT : This enzyme is thought to indicate possible liver damage the higher the abnormal level, the more likely there is liver damage. Normal levels of GGT are about 9 to 48 U/L.
  • ALP : The liver synthesizes the highest amounts of this enzyme so high levels in the blood may suggest liver injury among other causes. Normal levels of ALP are about 45 to 115 U/L.
  • LD or LDH : This enzyme may be elevated in many types of diseases, including liver disease. Normal levels are about 122 to 222U/L.

There are other tests such as serum ammonia and serum lactate levels in their panels. There are home liver tests for blood enzyme levels and liver function however, individuals who use these tests should first discuss their use and results with their health care professional.

Does Liver Damage Show Up In Routine Blood Work

You might not realize you have it unless your doctor finds signs of liver damage on a blood test during a routine checkup. If you do have symptoms like yellow skin , fatigue, and easy bruising or bleeding, see your doctor right away. Blood tests and imaging scans can show whether you have cirrhosis.

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Sensitivity Analyses According To The Main Patient Characteristics

The characteristics associated with cirrhosis are presented in Table S6ac and can be compared to those associated with PLC in Table S7a,b. Although HIV was associated with cirrhosis, it was not predictive of PLC, suggesting a benefit from HIV treatment. Although it was not associated with cirrhosis, the presence of diabetes was predictive of PLC, suggesting a mechanism independent of the progression of fibrosis.

What To Expect During A Hepatic Function Panel Test

Two-pronged approach to catch liver cancer at its earliest stages

Theres no preparation for a liver panel, unless the doctor wants to expand the procedure to include a comprehensive metabolic panel, in which case the patient would need to avoid eating and drinking for eight to 12 hours before the test.

The blood sample may be taken by a phlebotomist, an expert in drawing blood. A small needle is inserted into a vein, usually in one of the patientâs arms. A thin plastic tube connects the needle to one or more vacuum test tubes. These are sent to a laboratory for processing and compared to reference ranges.

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What Blood Test Detect Liver Cancer

What blood test detect liver cancer? Hepatocellular carcinoma cannot be diagnosed by routine blood tests. There is only one specific blood test which can be used towards a diagnosis of HCC. This test specifically measures for the levels of the protein alfa-fetoprotein in serum .

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What Is Liver Cancer

The liver is the second largest organ in the human body weighing about 1500 grams. When the cells in the liver undergo abnormal changes , this may lead to uncontrolled cell division that spreads to other body parts. These cancerous cells grow and divide quickly, which deprives healthy body cells of nourishment and oxygen. Ultimately, the healthy cells may die due to cancer. Primary liver cancer is cancer that starts in the liver. Metastatic or secondary liver cancer is cancer that spreads from other organs to the liver.

The main intervention to diagnose liver cancer is a computed tomography scan, magnetic resonance imaging or an ultrasound . The doctor will conduct the required tests based on the symptoms.

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Medical History And Physical Exam

Your doctorwill ask about your medical history to learn more about your symptoms and possible risk factors. Your doctor will also examine you to look for signs of liver cancer and other health problems, probably paying special attention to your abdomen and checking your skin and the whites of your eyes looking for jaundice .

If symptoms and/or the results of the physical exam suggest you might have liver cancer, more tests will probably be done. These might include imaging tests, lab tests, and/or biopsies of liver tissue.

Other Blood Tests For The Liver

Hepatitis:Common Blood Tests/Liver Function HCV New Drugs

A doctor may order other blood tests along with a liver panel to gather more information on the patient’s health. These may include a comprehensive metabolic panel, which looks at some of the same substances as the liver panel, but adds glucose, calcium, sodium, potassium, chloride, carbon dioxide and BUN .

Total protein measurement in a comprehensive metabolic panel often includes examining the patient’s A/G ratio, which compares amounts of the two main forms of protein in the blood, albumin and globulins. A high A/G ratio can indicate the existence of leukemia and some genetic disorders. A low A/G ratio can be a sign of liver or kidney disease or an autoimmune disease.

If a patient has one or more risk factors for liver cancer, his or her doctor may recommend an alpha-fetoprotein tumor marker test. It measures a substance produced by cancer cells or normal cells reacting to cancer the test can signify cancer of the liver, testicles or ovaries. High AFP levels also can indicate hepatitis, cirrhosis or other liver disease.

Risk factors for liver cancer:

  • Long-term infection with hepatitis B or C. Hepatitis C is more common in the United States, and it often doesnt cause symptoms for many years. Hepatitis B usually does initially cause symptoms, such as jaundice and feeling sick, but doesnt always become a chronic infection for most people.
  • Hereditary hemochromatosis

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