Can Cat Scan Detect Stomach Cancer


What Are The Different Stages Of Stomach Cancer

CT Scan for Stomach Cancer CTCA

Stomach cancer is staged based on the severity of cancerous cell growth and spread. Adenocarcinoma is initially evaluated by the tumor, node metastasis system.

  • T: How deeply has the tumor spread into the stomach wall?
  • N: Has the stomach cancer spread to the lymph nodes?
  • M: Has the stomach cancer spread to other parts of the body?

After the TNM staging information has been taken into account, the cancer is staged at 0 or 1 to 4. Tumor classifications for staging are as follows:

  • Stage 0 is early cancer on the surface of the stomach lining.
  • Stage 2A or 2B, commonly with deeper stomach wall involved
  • Stage 3A or 3B or 3C, commonly with lymph node involvement
  • Stage 4 means cancer has metastasized elsewhere in the body outside of the stomach.

What Makes Endoscopy So Effective

Even with an endoscope, it can be difficult to distinguish cancerouslesions from healthy or scarred stomach tissue.

Ngamruengphong explains why: When we perform a screening endoscopy, wedont see a large mass when cancer is present. Instead, we often see verysmall, very subtle lesions.

Doctors with extensive experience using this screening tool can more easilyspot the subtleties of very early stomach cancer. With the help of recentendoscopic technology advances such as high-quality images and dyes,doctors can detect cancer at even earlier stages.

The combination of experienced doctors and sophisticated technologyadvancements means people can get diagnosed and treated earlier. Andthe earlier cancer is treated, the higher the chance of a successfulresult.

The Value Of Ct Scans

The use of CT scans can detect a wide range of medical conditions. CT scans, on the other hand, may only reveal a few cancers. If your cancer is difficult to detect with other methods, a CT scan may be a better option. Furthermore, CT scans cannot diagnose conditions such as the stomach flu, ulcers, or irritable bowel syndrome.

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What Does My Stomach Cancer Prognosis Mean

Due to the many different stages, your stomach cancer prognosis will determine your survival rate. These rates can give you an idea of what percentage of people with the same type and stage of cancer are still alive after they were diagnosed. Keep in mind that survival rates are based on estimates and cant predict what will happen. Your Banner MD Anderson specialist can provide more insight on how these numbers apply to you and your particular diagnosis.

What Is The Prognosis For People Who Have Stomach Cancer

Can A Ct Scan Detect Stomach Cancer

The outlook for stomach cancer depends on the stage of cancer. People in the early stages of stomach cancer have a much better prognosis than those at a later stage. The 5-year survival rate for stomach cancer may be as high as 70% or as low as 6% .

Speak with your provider for a more accurate assessment of your prognosis. The type of cancer you have, its spread, your health and how your cancer responds to treatment all shape your prognosis.

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How Do Doctors Decide Which Imaging A Person Should Receive

We usually use CT first for most people, unless a tumor is much better seen on MRI. But we go back and forth as needed. If we see something on a CT scan were unsure about, we may recommend an MRI for further evaluation. If someone has several MRIs and is unable to lie still or hold their breath so we can get a good image, we may suggest a CT as an alternative. Were guided by the principle of whether the benefits of a test outweigh its risks. Thats what medical imaging is about.

  • CT scans take a fast series of X-ray pictures, which are put together to create images of the area that was scanned.
  • An MRI uses strong magnetic fields to take pictures of the inside of the body.
  • CT scans are usually the first choice for imaging. MRIs are useful for certain diseases that a CT scan cannot detect.
  • Doctors use these imaging tests only when the benefits outweigh the risks.

How Is Stomach Cancer Treated

Treatment depends on how far your cancers spread, your health and treatment preferences. It often involves a care team that includes your primary care provider, a cancer specialist and a gastrointestinal specialist . They can advise you on treatment options.


Depending on how much the cancers spread, your provider may recommend surgery to remove precancerous cells, a tumor, or all or part of your stomach.

  • Upper endoscopy: In the early stages, when the cancer is limited to your stomach’s superficial layers, the cancer can be removed through an upper endoscopy. In this procedure , a gastroenterologist cuts the tumor from your stomach wall and removes it through your mouth.
  • Gastrectomy. Once the tumor spreads beyond your stomach’s superficial layers, you’ll need surgery to remove all or part of your stomach. Subtotal gastrectomy removes the part of your stomach affected by the cancer. Total gastrectomy removes your entire stomach. Your provider will connect your esophagus to your small intestine so that you can still eat following total gastrectomy.

Other treatments

Additional treatments attack cancer cells directly.

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How Do I Get Ready For A Ct Scan

CT scans are most often done on an outpatient basis, so you dont have to be in a hospital to get one.

Ask your doctor if you will get contrast dye as part of the CT scan. Before getting the dye, be sure to let your health care team know if youve ever had a reaction to contrast dye, seafood, or iodine in the past. This is important because reactions to these things may put you at risk for reacting to the contrast dye used in CT scans. If theres a risk that you might have an allergic reaction, you may be given a test dose of the contrast dye first. People who have had a severe reaction in the past may need to take drugs to help prevent another reaction. Sometimes these drugs need to be started the day before the scan.

In some cases, your doctor may tell you not to eat or drink overnight or for several hours before the test. Or you might need to use a laxative or an enema to clean out your bowel and remove material that could get in the way of seeing inside the belly and intestines.

Drawbacks Of A Ct Scan

Patient with functional abdominal pain requests a CT-scan

While a CT scan is a good imaging test to screen for cancer, it does have some limitations. Its not the best test to screen for different types of cancers in all areas of the body.

Another limitation of CT scanning is that there is a high rate of nodule detection. In a Mayo Clinic study, a benign nodule was detected in over 50% participants, leading to follow-up scans. This increased the risk of radiation as well as cost.

Secondly, a CT scan uses ionizing radiation. While the amount of radiation from a single CT scan may not pose much danger, every subsequent CT scan will increase the risk of radiation exposure in a patient. This should be weighed against the benefits of getting a CT scan, such as identifying abnormalities in different parts of the body.

One example of a situation that may need regular CT scans is undergoing cancer treatment. If the cancer is in an area such as the lungs, regular CT scans can help practitioners see how the treatment is working. In this case, the patients cumulative radiation dose increases.

At ezra, we use a low-dose CT scan as part of our cancer screening service to scan the chest for lung cancer. As the name implies, this scan uses a very low dose of ionizing radiation and also leverages the advantage CT scanning has over other imaging tests in scanning the chest for signs of cancer.

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Where Can People Get More Information About Ct

Additional information about CT imaging is available from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration , the federal agency that regulates food, drugs, medical devices, cosmetics, biologics, and radiation-emitting products.

Information about diagnostic radiology, including CT imaging, is also available at, the public information website of the Radiological Society of North America and the American College of Radiology.

Selected References

What Is Stomach Cancer

Stomach cancer, also called gastric cancer, occurs when normal healthy cells are replaced by growing cancer cells within the stomach lining. The stomach is located directly below the esophagus, the tube that food moves through to get to the intestines after swallowing. The stomach is one part of the digestive tract that digests food and moves nutrients through the gut to the small intestine.

Since this type of cancer is typically slow-growing, it can take years to develop. Stomach cancer often starts when cells that were once healthy begin growing out of control in the mucosa of the stomach lining. This collection of cancerous cells is known as a tumor, and over time these cells spread into other layers of the stomach.

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If You Have Colon Cancer Would A Ct Scan Show It

CT scans are adept at locating pathology IN the abdomen or outside of the bowel, says Sander R. Binderow, MD, FACS, FASCRS, with Atlanta Colon & Rectal Surgery.

Dr. Binderow continues, CT is very good for solid organ disease liver, spleen, kidneys. It can show metastatic colon cancer that has spread to the liver.

Colon cancer, however, starts inside of the bowel. CT is notoriously unreliable for polyps or early stage tumors. It can show large, more advanced cancers or masses.

So for instance, my father went to the ER complaining of significant lower abdominal pain and a persistent feeling of constipation.

The doctor ordered a CT scan and at some point, she commented that it would be good news if the scan did not show an obstruction, as this could possibly be a malignant masshaving originated as colon cancer but having infiltrated outside of the colon where a CT scan would pick it up.

And even if a mass does indeed show up on a CT scanthis doesnt mean its malignant.

Dr. Binderow explains, If a CT is suspicious for a colorectal cancer, the next immediate step would be a colonoscopy which again is the best test to evaluate the colon and find colon cancer.


In the absence of a CT scan, if youre just wondering about colon cancer and would like to get some initial screening for it, you may consider Cologuard, which is a non-invasive screening test for this disease.

Cologuard kit

How Stomach Cancer Is Diagnosed

Stomach Cancer Ct Scan Images

There are many tests used for diagnosing stomach cancer. Not all tests described here will be used for every person. Your doctor may consider these factors when choosing a diagnostic test:

  • The type of cancer suspected

  • Your signs and symptoms

  • Your age and general health

  • The results of earlier medical tests

In addition to a physical examination, the following tests may be used to diagnose stomach cancer:

After diagnostic tests are done, your doctor will review the results with you. If the diagnosis is cancer, these results also help the doctor describe the cancer. This is called staging.

The next section in this guide is Stages. It explains the system doctors use to describe the extent of the disease. Use the menu to choose a different section to read in this guide.

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Diagnostic Accuracy Of Ic Values In Discriminating The Histological Types Of Gastric Adenocarcinoma

The AUC values of ICAP, nICAP, ICPP, and nICPP in discriminating poorly and well-differentiated gastric adenocarcinoma were 0.756, 0.919, 0.851 and 0.684, respectively . Of note, nICAP demonstrated the greatest ability in discriminating the histological types of gastric adenocarcinoma, whereas nICPP showed the lowest. The optimal cut-off values of ICAP, nICAP, ICPP and nICPP were 14.460, 0.125, 20.461 and 0.431, respectively. The sensitivities of ICAP, nICAP, ICPP, and nICPP were 53.49, 79.07, 69.77 and 60.47%, respectively while the specificities were 93.18, 97.73, 90.91 and 79.55%, respectively.

Why Do I Feel Like I Have A Ball In My Stomach

Most often, a lump in the abdomen is caused by a hernia. An abdominal hernia occurs when there is a weak spot in the abdominal wall. This allows the internal organs to bulge through the muscles of the abdomen. A hernia may appear after you strain, or lift something heavy, or after a long period of coughing.

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What Can A Ct Scan Of The Lungs Detect

Although CT scans cannot provide a definitive diagnosis, they can aid in the evaluation of lung conditions such as pneumonia, cancer, blood clots, or smoking-related injuries.

The Many Uses Of Ct Scans

Cerebrospinal fluid can be detected using CT scans, which can aid in the diagnosis of lung diseases such as emphysema. In addition, they can be used to estimate the extent of emphysema within the lungs.

Common Early Signs Of Stomach Cancer

PET CT Scan can detect any and all CANCER in your Body | Dr.Education

More than 7 in 100,000 people are diagnosed with stomach cancer each year, while 3 in 100,000 die from the disease. About 0.8% of all men and women will be diagnosed with stomach cancer at some point in their life. As of 2017, 116,525 in the United States were living with stomach cancer.

In 2020, the National Cancer Institute estimates 27,600 new cases of stomach cancer will be diagnosed, which is roughly 1.5% of all new cancer cases. The NCI also projects 11,010 deaths from stomach cancer in 2020, which is 1.8% of all cancer deaths.

Because stomach cancer affects men and women differently, and can be difficult to diagnose, it is crucial to understand its unique traits and the illnesses it can mimic. This article covers the signs and symptoms of stomach cancer, the different disease stages, primary causes, warning signs and how to manage it.

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Why Get A Ct Scan To Detect Cancer

Despite decades of research, there are still many types of cancer that arent easily found with a simple blood test or X-ray. For example, kidney cancer is the sixth most common new cancer found in men and the eighth most common in women, but it often has no symptoms until it has progressed to a higher stage or metastasized.

Preparation For The Visit

Begin by visiting your GP if you have symptoms or symptoms that worry you. After diagnosing the gastroesophageal or gastric cancer, you may be referred to a cancer specialist or a surgeon specializing in the treatment of the digestive tract.

Because meetings can be short, and because there is often a lot to overcome, its good to be well prepared. Here is some information that will help you prepare and what to expect from your doctor.

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Large Bore Ct Scanner/radiation Therapy With Simulation

This health-care tool produces detailed images of areas inside the body for planning radiation therapy. It uses simulation, fluoroscopy and respiratory gating to plan and deliver radiation.

Advantages may include:

  • Locating abnormalities and guiding precision radiation therapy
  • Planning for treatment options based on a patients breathing patterns
  • Allowing for varying patient sizes and positioning
  • Spending 15 to 30 minutes for the session, including the time it takes to put you in position and set up the equipment

Ct Scan For Stomach Cancer

Can You See Stomach Cancer On Ct Scan

You will have a CT scan of your stomach, chest and the area between your hips to find out where the cancer is and whether it has spread. It will help your doctors decide what treatment you need.

CT scans take detailed x-rays of your body from different angles using a CT machine. The computer then puts them together to create a series of images. They help to find out where the cancer is and if it has spread.

CT stands for computerised tomography.

You usually have a CT scan in the x-ray department as an outpatient. A radiographer operates the scanner.

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What Does A Ct Scan Show

CT scans show a slice, or cross-section, of the body. The image shows your bones, organs, and soft tissues more clearly than standard x-rays.

CT scans can show a tumors shape, size, and location. They can even show the blood vessels that feed the tumor all without having to cut into the patient.

Doctors often use CT scans to help them guide a needle to remove a small piece of tissue. This is called a CT-guided biopsy. CT scans can also be used to guide needles into tumors for some types of cancer treatments, such as radiofrequency ablation , which uses heat to destroy a tumor.

Can You Treat Stomach Cancer By Changing Your Diet

Using a healthy diet to treat stomach cancer is not enough to cure cancer, but you can talk to your doctor about using it as part of a medical plan to improve your overall health. Those who eat a diet rich in produce like fresh fruits and vegetables and whole grains may decrease their risk for stomach cancer. However, some studies show that increasing plant-based foods reduces the risk of fatal stomach cancer in men, but not women. Talk with your healthcare provider about your dietary options.

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How Can You Treat Stomach Cancer

The treatments for stomach cancer vary depending on the type of cancer you have, its location in the body, if it is advanced and your personalized care plan. At The University of Kansas Cancer Center, we offer clinical trials that may provide new treatment options for stomach cancer.

Possible options include:

  • Radiation: High-energy X-rays to destroy cancer cells, typically done using a machine outside the body.
  • Chemotherapy: Using one or more drugs to destroy cancer cells by preventing cancer cell growth.
  • Surgery: GI surgery is typically a minimally invasive procedure. The surgeon removes the tumor, as well as some surrounding healthy tissue to determine the extent of disease.
  • Targeted therapy: Treatment that targets the genes, proteins or tissue that supports the cancerous cell growth and survival. Targeted therapy blocks the growth and spread of cancer cells and minimizes damage to healthy cells.

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