Cod Liver Oil For Cats


Real Benefits Of Fish Oil For Cats

Cod Liver Oil For Cats

August 3, 2022 By Sarah Holloway

Fish oil for cats is a supplement that you can feed to your kitty. And it actually has scientifically confirmed health benefits to some cats! These include delaying dementia, helping with kidney or skin conditions, and giving a dose of vitamins, minerals and supplementing fatty acids. Fish oil for cats can provide needed nutrition that older cats may be deficient in. It can also be beneficial for some skin ailments and other health issues that an unwell or elderly cat may face. Today well share all the potential pros and cons of feeding your pet cat fish oil. Well give you tips for how to feed it, what form to give it in, and deciding whether its the right choice for your cute kittens future health.

Fish Oil For Cats Selection Criteria

You dont want to choose just any fish oil for cats to feed your precious feline. You need to find a high-quality option to feed them, and make sure they will actually benefit from receiving it!

The things you need to watch for when picking a fish oil for cats include:

  • The quality of the product itself
  • The serving size is therapeutic yet small
  • Offers reputable sourcing and processing
  • Enhance Your Dogs Brain Function

    Old dogs can benefit from cod liver oils ability to enhance brain function. This makes the dogs more alert. According to Dr. Sarah Brewer, a nutrition expert at Healthspan, the DHA essential fatty acids in cod liver oil facilitates faster transmission of a message between brain cells by increasing the fluidity of brain cell membranes while EPA plays a role in cell signaling.

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    Reduces Dry Coat And Skin In Dogs

    Dry coat and skin along with itching, flaking and hair loss is often a sign of omega 3 fatty acids deficiency. According to Sarah Mark, VetMB, MRCVS, a vet at, cod liver oil is a good treatment option for dogs with skin problems since it promotes healing of the skin by supplying it with essential fatty acids.

    Cod liver oil could be the right step to shiny, healthylooking coat and skin for your dog. Mark, however, cautions against feeding your dog with very high doses of cod liver oil.

    Terramax Pro Omega 3 Premium Liquid Fish Oil

    Nordic Naturals Pet Cod Liver Oil For Dogs &  Cats, 8 oz.

    This highly-rated supplement includes fish oils from sardines, herring, anchovy and mackerel*, caught using dolphin-friendly fishing methods. This fish oil supplement for cats contains 35% omega-3 fatty acids, 18% eicosapentaenoic acid, 7% omega-6 fatty acids, and no preservatives. The pump action bottle makes accurate dosing a little trickier, but can be less messy, if you know you only need whole squirts.

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    Reputable Source & Processing

    Unfortunately, not all fish oils can be considered to be on a level playing field. Some may look fine and promise you big things, but in reality, they are made from low-quality materials by low-quality companies.

    Fish oil supplements are traditionally made from wild-caught salmon. However, as predatory fish, there is a growing concern about the accumulation of toxins and heavy metals, especially mercury. This isnt something you want your cat to ingest! Thats why its so important to choose a reputable, well-known brand that has your cats best interests in mind.

    When comparing labels of fish oil for cats, look for the key factors outlined in the table below.

    What to Look for on Fish Oil for Cats Label Why it Matters
    Compared to the oil extracted from larger fish like salmon, oil extracted from smaller fish like sardines and anchovies is richer in DHA and EPA.
    Cold-pressed Fish oil for cats can be damaged by high temperatures during processing. Cold-pressed fish oils for cats provide the most nutritional value.
    Third-party tested A lab-tested fish oil for cats is the best choice. Third-party testing reduces the risk of manufacturers providing pet owners with toxic or fraudulent products
    Distilled Fish oil in its raw state may contain toxins like heavy metals. Distillation removes these harmful chemicals, as well as other impurities, so the final product is safe.

    What Are The Clinical Signs Of Vitamin A Poisoning

    The signs of vitamin A poisoning can be sudden or delayed in onset. When very large doses of vitamin A are ingested, cats may develop rapid signs of vomiting, drowsiness, irritability, and peeling of the skin.

    More commonly, oversupplementation of vitamin A for weeks to months causes a delay in the development of signs. Poor hair coat, rough or dry skin, weakness, weight loss, constipation, excessive bone development, and painful or limited movement are all signs of vitamin A poisoning. Excessive vitamin A intake during pregnancy has been associated with cleft palate formation and other fetal abnormalities. Kittens may develop swelling and inflammation of the gums as well as loose or retained baby teeth. If you believe your cat has ingested vitamin A, please call your veterinarian or Pet Poison Helpline, a 24/7 animal poison control center, right away.

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    Canidae Grain Free Pure Cat Dry Food

    If your cat prefers a dry food diet, this special recipe for easy digestion* centers around salmon or trout. This food gets positive reviews overall, but it definitely seems to be the marmite of the cat food world, with some kitties going crazy for it and others running a mile! Luckily it comes in several bag sizes so you can find out which side of the fence your cat is on without stockpiling huge quantities!

    Health Benefits Of Fish Oil For Cats

    Your Pet’s New Best Friend…Cod Liver Oil!

    Fish oil is frequently used as a nutritional supplement, to boost the intake of Omega-3 fatty acids. The oil is comprised of as much as one-third fatty acids, making this very efficient.

    On the whole, healthy cats eating a high-quality, well-balanced diet are unlikely to become deficient in fatty acids. So if your cat is already young and healthy, fish oil cant somehow make them younger and healthier. But for older cats and some unwell cats, it could really help them out.

    Ot is used for a number of different issues in cats. Some of these include helping cats with kidney disease, urinary tract problems, and skin issues. We also know that supplementing dogs diets with omega-3 fatty acids could protect them from heart attacks, although were waiting on an analogous study in cats.

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    Purina Fancy Feasts Broths Seafood Flavors

    These pre-prepared wet meals for cats* include several seafood options which contain oily fish such as tuna, mackerel and salmon as their main ingredient. They also also vitamin E to protect against deficiency. Happy purchasers say they are well-received by their cat, and the single portion size is ultra-convenient.

    Ark Naturals Royal Coat Express Omega Mender Itch Ender

    This product is 100% sourced from wild fish oil and borage oil. It is highly concentrated with EPA and DHA Omega-3 acids as well as GLA and LA Omega-6 acids. It also contains high levels of Vitamin A, Vitamin D, and d-I-alpha tocopherol Vitamin E. The U.S.-made product is free from preservatives and can last up to 12 months in the fridge.

    The Royal Coat Express is specially formulated to reduce itching, shedding, excessive grooming, hotspots, bumps, scabs, and dry, flaky coats. It is safe to use for cats and dogs with fat-restricted diets. It does not contain corn, wheat or soy. Your cat should be 12 weeks or older to safely consume this fish oil supplement.

    Most of the satisfied customers found noticeable changes with their cats coat in a matter of days. Most cats like the taste of the fish oil and should not smell fishy unless they are overdosing.

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    Promotes Heart Health In Dogs

    The omega 3 fatty acids in cod liver oil help to support heart health. This is attributed to its anti-inflammatory effect coupled with its ability to lower cholesterol levels and blood pressure. According to Dr. Sarah Brewer, cod liver oil can also help to prevent irregular heart rhythms in the muscle of the heart experiencing declined blood supply.

    In addition to feeding your dog cod liver oil, you will want to change your poochs diet. Instead of grain and vegetable oils laden foods, switch to a grain-free diet that also includes lots of raw, grassfed meats.

    Puppies along with pregnant and lactating dogs as well as dogs that are recuperating from an injury or suffering from a chronic or terminal illness such as arthritis, cancer, etc. have a particularly higher demand for essential fatty acids and are perfect candidates for supplementation with cod liver oil.

    Grizzly Pet Products Liquid Omega

    Johnsons Veterinary Dog &  Cat Cod Liver Oil 170 Capsules

    The all-natural omega-3 fatty acids in this supplement are from a combination of wild Alaskan pollock and wild salmon oil. This fish oil supplement also has low doses of Omega-6 to avoid overdosing on this essential fatty acid. Keep in mind that Omega 6 is already present in most commercial cat food products.

    Grizzly Omega Health is beneficial for dogs and cats, specifically with their joints, organs, heart, skin, and coat health. It also contains high levels of DHA and EPA which boosts nerve-based functions including vision and cognition beneficial for growing pets and senior maintenance.

    Most of the good points from satisfied buyers included improvements in their pets mood, agility, and overall health. It also helped resolve scratching, itching, and shedding problems in many cases. When it comes to taste, some cats didnt mind the natural fish taste of the product. In some cases, even non-picky eaters were bothered.

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    Can I Give My Cat Cod Liver Oil Answer: Not Necessary

    Your cat doesnt need cod over oil because it is equipped to handle whatever problems its having on its own. They wouldnt consume it out in the wild if they were having a bout of constipation, and at most they will just nibble on some grass as a natural instinct that calms their stomach. By giving them cod liver oil you are introducing a foreign substance and their body wont know how to handle it. Plus it is hard to guesstimate what sort of dose you should give them, and if you get it wrong it could make things worse instead of better.

    Different Digestive SystemThe biggest reason why you dont want to get into the habit of giving them things like cod liver oil is that you end up treating symptoms and can end up masking the real underlying problem, thus delaying treatment for whats really wrong. They have digestive systems that are much different than ours, and while some of the effects will be the same, you can exacerbate the situation with your good intentions.

    How Much Fish Oil Should Cats Take

    If you think your cat would benefit from this wonder food, whats the best way to go about giving it to them? What is the best fish oil dose for cats? A 1998 review article of studies into the effect of diet on skin diseases in dogs and cats found the that fish oil supplements usually take three to eight weeks to take effect.

    The Happy Cat Handbook – A unique guide to understanding and enjoying your cat!

    They also found that several studies returned disappointing results because the amount of fish oil being administered was too low. This teaches us two things:

    • Firstly, if you decide to purchase this supplement for your cat, look for a liquid fish oil for cats that contains pure, high quality oils.
    • Secondly, ask your vet to help you work out the right dosage for your cat!

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    Fish Oil For Cats With Dry Skin

    Supplementing cats diets with fish oil to combat dry and itchy skin conditions like flea allergy dermatits and atopic dermatitis has been a subject of veterinary research since the 1990s. In 2010 a small study on 14 cats found that a diet supplemented with fish oil can reduce skin inflammatory responses in cats with allergies, especially when combined with flaxseed oil.

    However, a study submitted to the Veterinary Record in 1993 suggested that fish oil by itself was not enough to resolve miliary dermatitis . Although when combined with evening primrose oil, it was.

    Since healthy skin supports a healthy coat, many cat owners who give their kitty fish oil also report an improvement in the overall condition of their coat too. However, this is currently only supported anecdotally.

    The Happy Cat Handbook – A unique guide to understanding and enjoying your cat!

    They will take into account the background fatty acids already present in your cats main food, their size, age, and other relevant health factors. Furthermore, ingesting high quantities of fish oil has been linked to vitamin E deficiency in cats, so your vet will help you monitor and correct against this happening.

    Improved Brain Development And Cognitive Function

    Nordic Naturals Pet Cod Liver Oil

    DHA, in particular, plays a very important role in how the brain develops and functions. In puppies, DHA supplementation can help with learning and retaining various skills.

    In older dogs, DHA can reduce the effects of cognitive dysfunction, which is similar to dementia in people. For example, using DHA supplements can help an older dog better recognize its family members and not feel so easily disoriented.

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    A Guide On Fish Oil For Cats

    Theres nothing fishy about wanting to prioritize the health of your kitty they are a furry family member after all unless you consider how fish oil for cats can be beneficial!

    Fish oil for your kitty can help ease a number of health woes, and set them up for a healthy, long life, especially when paired with other types of cat supplements and balanced diets.

    Ready to dive into learning more about fish oil for cats? Lets get started!

    Grizzly Salmon Oil Cat Food Supplement

    This pure salmon oil* has amassed legions of loyal fans. The fatty acid content is fractionally lower than other oils 29% omega-3, 10% eicosapentaenoic acid and 3% omega-6. But this simply represents the different amount of fatty acids in salmon compared to other fish. This oil might be an acceptable choice if your cat doesnt like the flavor of other fish oils.

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    Best Cod Liver Oil For Dogs

    According to the WebMD, cod liver oil can be obtained from the fresh liver of codfish but that may not be a suitable option for every pet owner. If you are one such owner, you can instead give your dog a commercial cod liver oil supplement.

    These are usually sold in capsules and all you have to do is include one with your dogs food a few times per week.

    The best cod liver oil for dogs should be not only pure but also refined to eliminate toxins and heavy metals. Any high-quality cod liver oil for humans e.g. Green Pastures Blue Ice Fermented Cod Liver Oil or Athelas Neutraceuticals is safe to feed to your dog. If you prefer, however, you can use a product specifically formulated for pets e.g. Nordic Naturals Pet Cod Liver Oil.

    Do Fish Oil Supplements Cause Any Side Effects

    Johnsons Cod Liver Oil Capsules Cat

    Fish oil supplements are not toxic to dogs and cats, but they do have side effects.

    The most common is fishy odor on the breath or skin.

    Other side effects include:

    • Gastrointestinal discomfort

    • Oily, flaky skin

    Contact your veterinarian if your dog or cat experiences these side effects with fish oil supplements.

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    Fish Oil For Dogs And Cats: Six Benefits

    Fish oil is one of the most popular dietary supplements purchased by pet owners for their pets. It has many health benefits but only if its the right formulation, produced by a reputable company, and administered at the correct dose.

    What is fish oil?

    The two main ingredients in fish oil are eicosapentoaenoic and docosahexaenoic fatty acids. Both EPA and DHA are long chains of bonded carbon and hydrogen atoms with a carboxyl group on its end. These acids are also called Omega 3 fatty acids because the first double bond occurs after the third carbon atom.

    In nature, EPA and DHA are bonded to a three- carbon backbone structure called glycerol. Together this molecule is called a triglyceride. Fish oil is a triglyceride.

    The Six Benefits of fish oil:

  • Protects the heart.

    Fish oil has been found to reduce the hearts vulnerability to developing an irregular heart rhythm, called atrial fibrillation. Additionally, it can act as an anti-coagulant and prevent blood clots from forming in cats with heart disease.

  • Provides support for dry, flaky skin in allergy pets.

    Giving fish oil to pets with allergies may reduce their itching by decreasing their bodys production or release of potent stimulators of inflammation, called cytokines.

  • Aids arthritic joints.

    Fish oil decreases the production of potent prostaglandins that stimulate inflammation in the joints. Arthritic dogs and cats given fish oil are more comfortable and agile than those not supplemented.

  • What should I buy?

    Petpal Pure Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil

    PetPals fish oil for cats is made of 100% Alaskan salmon. Each batch is made up of the same, pure ingredients, as well as a diluent-free blend to ensure nutritional consistency. No salmon is fished solely for the purpose of making the oil, so you can feel good about your decision to use this fish oil for cats. It comes in several sizes, so you can try a small bottle before committing to a larger size, and is in an easy to serve pump format.

    Priced $31.14 $56.05 CAD as of April 2022

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