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Open & Laparoscopic Gallstone Surgery Cost In India

Gallbladder Removal

Gallstones surgery, also known as cholecystectomy can be performed using open and laparoscopic techniques. The procedure is recommended when gallstones are symptomatic and there is a possibility of complications. The standard procedure involves the removal of the gallbladder completely to eliminate the chances of recurrence. During diagnosis, the doctor also checks if stones are stuck in the pancreas, bile duct, or other organs and removes them as well.

First Some Prices For Gall

We have a big dataset with cash or self-pay prices for bigger-ticket items, so weve learned a lot about what cash patients pay for things like gallbladder surgery. To find prices, you need to look under gallbladder and also cholecystectomy, which is another word for this procedure.

At the Surgery Center of Oklahoma, in Oklahoma City, the price is $5,865, all-inclusive. So Evans could have gotten his entire operation for less than his co-pay, and also a round-trip airline ticket from Seattle to Oklahoma City, which is around $300, would have brought him in around $6,165 just a smidge more than what he is being asked to pay on top of the insurance companys stated outlay of $15,754.15.

The self-pay price for a gallbladder removal at Rochester General hospital in Rochester, N.Y., is $6,260.91, without anesthesia and doctors bill. Heres Rochesters general pricing page, from the web archive.

At the Banner Baywood Medical Center in Mesa, Ariz., the price for a laparoscopic gallbladder removal without complications is listed as $64,189, but the self-pay discounted price was listed from $9,608 to $12,240.

One friend who lives in the New York metro area told us about her gallbladder surgery that had a total bill of $13,975.21 and the insurance company paid $7,752.57 and she paid $1,111.52.

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So What Is Gallbladder Surgery

During a laparoscopic cholecystectomy , the surgeon makes four small incisions in your abdomen. He or she will then insert a tube with a tiny video camera into your abdomen through one incision. He or she watches a video monitor in the operating room while using surgical tools inserted through the other incisions in your abdomen to remove your gallbladder.

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Need Private Gallbladder Removal

On Private Healthcare UK, you can find 1380 private genral surgeons and 215 private hospitals offering the gallbladder removal procedure and if youre paying for yourself, you could expect it to cost between £4,455 and £7,065. We have over 20 years’ experience helping people to make the right choice about private healthcare.

Gallbladder Stone Operation Cost In India

Gallbladder Surgery

Average Cost Rs 95,000

Highest Cost

Resume work in : 3-4 days

Chances of recurrence : Nil

Get Cost Estimate for Gallstone Surgery in India

Resume work in : 3-4 days

Chances of recurrence : Nil

Diagnosed with gallstones and need proper treatment? Book an appointment with the best laparoscopic surgeons and get a closer estimate for gallstone surgery cost.

Gallstones are hard deposits composed of digestive fluids, specifically cholesterol in the bile juice. When the digestive fluid concentration in the bladder increases, small stones of grain size may start to form in the bladder. Often, gallstones do not require treatment as they are excreted through body waste. However, in some people, gallstones may cause pain and other symptoms that require timely treatment.

Though medicines are also available to gradually break down the hardened deposits, surgery is the only permanent treatment for gallbladder stones. Therefore, when gallstones become problematic, doctors advise the patient to undergo gallstone surgery as soon as possible to get relief.


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Why It Is Done

Laparoscopic gallbladder surgery is the most common method to remove a diseased gallbladder.

This surgery is used most often when no factors, such as scar tissue from previous belly surgeries, are present. If you have factors that may complicate laparoscopic surgery, your doctor may choose to do an open surgery.

What Can You Do Under The Circumstances

First, youre not alone. A recent Kaiser Family Foundation report found that one in three Americans had trouble with medical debt. Many of those are insured, but have issues like Evanss.

Just because you have good insurance that doesnt mean you wont have large out-of-pocket costs. Take the time to understand your insurance coverage and confirm that you are working with in-network providers if that will save you money, says Gerri Detweiler, director of consumer education at And unless its an emergency, shop around! Even with insurance, the cost you may wind up paying can vary tremendously.

Here are some tips for dealing with medical bills.

Keep all your bills. If you dont get an itemized bill, ask for it. The bill from the provider and the bill from the insurance company should be compared for anomalies and errors.

Know your insurance plan. Evans was surprised to see that his plan requires him to pay 20% of emergency charges. The plan language can be very confusing. If its not clear, ask.

Heres a full post about how to argue over a bill.

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How Soon Will I Recover

You should be able to go home later on the same day.

You should be able to return to work after two to four weeks but this may vary depending on the extent of surgery and your type of work.

Regular exercise should help you to return to normal activities as soon as possible. Before you start exercising, you should ask a member of the healthcare team or your GP for advice.

You should make a full recovery and be able to eat a normal diet.

Coronary Artery Bypass Graft

HealthWise: Is gallbladder removal safe?

The coronary arteries provide blood and nutrients to the heart. Sometimes these arteries get clogged with plaque. This surgery improves circulation by rerouting blood around a blocked or narrowed part of the artery with a healthy vessel from elsewhere.

Hospitals charge an average of $77,177 for this procedure.

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What Causes Gallbladder Problems

Gallstones are often the cause. These small, hard deposits form in the gallbladder. They can also get into the bile duct, which connects the gallbladder with your intestines.

You are more likely to get gallstones if you:

  • Are overweight, or

You might also get gallstones if other people in your family had them. Doctors do not have a consistent way of preventing gallstones.

What Impacts The Cost Of Private Medical Treatment

Private healthcare costs in the UK are based upon several factors, including the treatment taking place, the location and the consultants rates. In this section, we detail many of the elements that will affect your private treatment cost.

  • The hospitals location: Where the private hospital is will be a significant factor in the cost of treatment. While this may seem strange at first, it needs to be borne in mind that many other costs, such as rent and even staffing costs, will be higher in certain places in the UK. For example, you can expect to pay at least 10â20% more for private medical treatments in London.
  • The treatment: As you would expect, the actual treatment required will play a significant role in determining the cost. For instance, having wisdom teeth removed is usually far more straightforward than total hip replacement surgery.
  • Medical equipment costs: Private healthcare providers continually invest in new equipment, and the cost of that equipment tends to increase over time. To be a leading provider, you need the latest equipment and the ability to offer cutting-edge treatments.
  • Medicines: Similarly to equipment, private hospitals need to buy medicines, and the cost of some of the newest ones developed will be expensive. Medication plays a vital role in treatment and recovery, so the private healthcare system needs access to the best available.
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    G& l Surgical Provides Medical Services In These Hospitals:

    Your medical fees may differ depending on the selection of hospitals and bedding arrangements at different medical institutions.

    Dr Ganesh Ramalingam is able to perform the procedure at the following hospitals:

    • Mount Elizabeth Hospital
    • Mount Alvernia Hospital
    • Parkway East Hospital
    • Gleneagles Hospital

    You can find more information on gallbladder surgery at G & L Surgical Clinic on our laparoscopic gallbladder surgery page.

    How Is Laparoscopic Gallbladder Surgery Performed

    Why healthcare costs so much: my $20,927.01 itemized bill for a routine ...

    After appropriate pre-operative examinations and preparations the patient is shifted to OT for Laparoscopic Gallbladder surgery. The surgery is performed under general anesthesia. A prime incision of about half an inch is made around the navel area. Three other incisions of about quarter to half inch are also made nearby the prime incision. Laparoscopic ports are placed through these four incisions for inserting laparoscope and surgical instruments. A laparoscope is introduced via the prime incision that aids the surgeon during surgery by providing a magnified view of patients abdominal organs. The other three incisions are used to introduce surgical instruments that help the surgeon to dissect and remove gallbladder from liver and bile ducts. One of these ports is later used to remove separated gallbladder from patients abdomen. Once the gallbladder is removed all the four incision are closed.

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    Gallbladder Stones Surgery Cost In Hyderabad

    The gallbladder stones surgery cost in Hyderabad is much less and hence the surgery is more affordable than in other cities in India. Hyderabad is one of the well-known cities for its advanced medical facilities and technology throughout India. However, gallbladder removal surgery cost in Hyderabad depends on several factors, such as the type of hospital, medical team, and patient factors.

    How To Check Compatibility For Performing Laparoscopic Gallbladder Surgery

    Even though, Laparoscopicgallbladder surgery is a safe surgery as compared to open gallbladder removal surgery, still it is contraindicated in some individuals. A proper medical screening of patient is done prior surgery to check compatibility of Laparoscopic gallbladder surgery with patient. The exclusion criteria for this surgery include individuals presenting with:

    • Inability to tolerate general anesthesia
    • Uncontrolled coagulopathy

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    What Happens During Gallbladder Removal Surgery

    There are 2 main ways of removing a gallbladder:

    • laparoscopic cholecystectomy several small cuts are made in your tummy and fine surgical instruments are used to access and remove your gallbladder
    • open cholecystectomy a single larger incision is made in your tummy to access and remove your gallbladder

    Keyhole surgery is used most often because you can leave hospital sooner, recover faster and are left with smaller scars than with an open procedure.

    Both techniques are performed under general anaesthetic, which means you’ll be asleep during the operation and won’t feel any pain while it’s carried out.

    Which Factors Affect The Cost Of Gallbladder Removal Surgery

    Gall bladder surgery process

    Many things can affect the cost of healthcare, regardless of which type of procedure youre getting. Generally, there are three factors that cause healthcare costs to vary:

    • Facility setting Where you have your medical procedure done affects the cost. Having a gallbladder removal surgery done in a hospital as an inpatient costs far more than having the same procedure done in an outpatient center. Since inpatient facilities tend to cost more to run, patients end up paying more for care.
    • Insured or uninsured The cost of gallbladder removal surgery can vary between insurance providers. Additionally, the change in price largely depends on how much of the procedure your insurance plan covers, if any at all. If you dont have health insurance, you can expect to pay for the full cost of the procedure out-of-pocket.
    • Location The region, state, and even city you live in can affect the cost of your medical procedure. If you live in a rural area with fewer facilities to choose from, you can expect to pay more than you would if you lived in a city with many providers. Traveling for a medical procedure can also be a great money-saving option.

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    Our Fees & Costs Gallbladder Surgery

    Gallbladder disease can lead to significant discomfort and pain in the abdomen.

    In Singapore, it is estimated that gallstones, one of the primary causes of gallbladder disease, affect at least 10% of the population.

    In most cases, patients with gallstones may not experience any symptoms until the condition worsens, leading to the need for a gallbladder removal.

    At G& L Surgical, we understand the concerns that often arise with managing gallbladder disease.

    Read on to learn how we at G& L Surgical strive to provide transparency with our fees and charges and provide you with financing counselling necessary to understand the costs involved in getting your gallbladder removed.



    When Health Insurance Doesn’t Save You Much Money

    Q: How much does gallbladder surgery cost? A: Anywhere from $5,865 to $94,897.

    Heres another one: How can a person with good insurance wind up paying $6,104.64 for gallbladder surgery? Well, its not hard.

    We set out on this quest after hearing from Justin Evans, of Bonney Lake, Wash., who has pretty good employer-sponsored insurance, and who after his gallbladder surgery got bills for around $50,000. He is being asked to pay $6,104.64 as his responsibility, though he was in-network and his insurance has a $2,000 deductible.

    Evans email said:

    On Jan. 11th, I underwent an emergency Gall Bladder removal surgery. It went extremely well and from the time I walked into the ER until the time I walked out after surgery was a total of 13 hours. Im just now starting to get bills and it is ridiculous! The Hospital stay alone was over $44,000, for 13 hours! Insurance and adjustments left me with over $3,600 out of pocket for the hospital. Thats not to mention the ultrasound charges, xray charges, surgeon charges & anesthesiologist and any other bills Ive yet to see. So far its nearly $50k in charges. I cant understand how 13 hours in the hospital can cost more than my monthly mortgage for 4 years or the same price as a fully loaded BMW X5! Im just not sure why such a routine surgery performed between 500,000 700,000 times a year can cost so much.

    Evans made a spreadsheet of the prices and reimbursement rates, shown below.

    First, Some Comparisons

    What Cost Him So Much?

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    What Are The Post

    Generally, if a laparoscopic cholecystectomy has been performed successfully, then there are no side effects involved. The development of fever, yellow skin or eyes, worsening abdominal pain, distention, persistent nausea or vomiting, or drainage from the incision are indications that a complication may have occurred. If any of these occur, then you should contact your healthcare provider at the earliest.

    Dog Gallbladder Removal Procedure

    Gallbladder Surgery Fees &  Costs

    Dog gladder bladder removal surgery is medically known as cholecystectomy. A main advantage of this procedure is prevention of secondary gallbladder infection and rupture. A main disadvantage is that it’s a challenging surgery that comes with risks, particularly when the gallbladder has already ruptured.

    Can dogs lead a normal life with no gallbladder? The answer is yes, just as it happens in humans, dogs can live without a gallbladder, but a low fat diet is needed to help the dog from incurring in digestive problems.

    A less invasive type of surgery is what’s known as laparoscopic cholecystectomy. In this type of surgery, also known as keyhole surgery, several small openings in the abdomen are made versus a larger incision. This leads to less post-surgical pain and a faster recovery. Dog gallbladder removal surgery survival rates tend to vary, based on how early in the disease the dog is diagnosed. In most cases, dogs are diagnosed late, and this leads to lower survival rates. Complications of dog bladder surgery include pancreatitis and bile peritonitis . Lavage of the dog’s peritoneal cavity along with antibiotics can help prevent this latter complication.

    Dog gallbladder removal costs may vary.

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    Complications Caused By Gallstones:

    Gallbladder Stones cause the following complications:

    • Cholecystitis inflammation and blockage of the bile ducts leading to the gallbladder. Painful inflammation of the gallbladder and surrounding area.
    • Empyema- a pus-filled pocket in the area surrounding the gallbladder that can cause the gallbladder to rupture. This complication is very serious and requires immediate medical attention.
    • Gallstone Pancreatitis – an extremely painful condition caused by inflammation of the pancreas.
    • Cholangitis- infection of biliary system
    • Gallbladder cancer- a rare complication of gallstones.

    How Pristyn Care Helps To Cover The Cost Of Gallstone Surgery In Chandigarh

    In Chandigarh, Pristyn Care has a flexible payment system that allows the patients to pay for the treatment using credit or debit cards. Along with that, we also accept health insurance and provide a No-Cost EMI service that is beneficial for the patients.

    With the No-Cost EMI service, patients who dont have health insurance can get advanced treatment without worrying about the cost. You can opt for this payment mode and pay for gallstone surgery in easy installments.

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    How Much Does A Gallbladder Surgery Cost

    The gallbladder is one of the less popular organs of the body that sometimes, issues and symptoms it causes can sometimes be related to other parts of the body until they are detected or ruled out as otherwise.

    Some of the most common gallbladder problems are the gallstones, biliary colic, inflammation, and dysfunctional gallbladder, all of which manifests in similar symptoms ranging from severe abdominal pain, chest pain, to indigestion and excessive gas.

    Once the right diagnosis has been determined, the gallbladder surgery is often required especially when the symptoms become more intense over time.

    So how much does gallbladder surgery cost and what are the factors you need to consider in choosing the right healthcare provider? Let us tackle each as we go along in this article.

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