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Plexus Bio Cleanse Reviews Final Verdict

Is Plexus Really Worth It? // The Importance of Gut Health

It is a product that claims to help eliminate waste and toxins from the body. It is formulated using natural, and quality ingredients, and its use might deliver various benefits that may leave you feeling healthy.

It improves the digestive system and protects the body against damage. However, people under medication should not use this formula, and they should consult a physician before use.

At the same time, we recommend our readers to compare this product with other best colon cleanse products present on the web before making the final definitive call.

*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

All of the cells and tissues in your body and your major organ of detoxification, the liver rely upon your colon. The colon processes waste and bacteria preparing it for elimination from the body. Colon cleanse products should be determined based on its: potential to clean the colon of harmful waste & toxins, potential to promote better digestion & increase elimination, potential to promote improved immune system function, potential to provide increased energy levels. The quality of the ingredients should be backed by clinical research.

Below you’ll find some of the most effective colon cleanse supplements on the market today, in our opinion.

Verdict on Claimed Benefits: Below is our summary of the available evidence for the claimed benefits of below mentioned probiotic supplements and natural colon cleanse supplements based on the available research:

Seriously Delivers More Than Hoped For

I really didn’t think this was going to work. It sounded too good to be true, and it was just the hundreds of convincing testimonials – some even from friends, that led me to be willing to see for myself. First the simple stuff: It actually DOES taste great. Much like a liquid cherry tootsie roll. It’s diabetic friendly so the sweet comes from Lohan fruit and Stevia only. It is pink because of beet root extract. Totally natural, and from my own diligent research – full of safe, good stuff. Nonetheless I didn’t think it would DO anything. Well, here is what I found. Over the course of days and weeks of using it daily a LOT of great things happened. I stopped wanting to finish full meals, much less get seconds, but I still enjoyed my food. I stopped snacking – just because I never felt drawn to do so. Crazy, for me, to experience that kind of liberating thing. I also just felt more balanced mood wise and started waking up more restful. After a month I lost 8 lbs and was really excited because it was seemingly because of two things. 1. I simply had total control over cravings like never before and was eating less altogether & actually craving good foods 2. The product somehow triggers the body to release stored fat. Overall extremely pleased and just wanted people to know.

Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

Posted on Aug 9, 2015

What Is The Difference Between Slim Microbiome Activating And Slim Hunger Control

Slim Microbiome Activating and Slim Hunger Control are both excellent options for helping you lose weight and support a healthy glucose metabolism. You can even use both versions of Slim together!*

That said, there is one significant difference between the two, and it has to do with the formulation and the resulting benefits.

Slim Microbiome Activating uses the prebiotic XOS to help promote the growth of beneficial gut microbes. Slim Hunger Control uses Polydextrose to help you feel fuller, longer.*

The two varieties also have different flavors. Slim Microbiome Activating has a delicious raspberry, lemon, watermelon flavor, while Slim Hunger Control has a refreshing blood orange, lemon, lime flavor.

Both versions of Plexus Slim are also available in a wide variety of trial packs and combos. Learn more by talking to an Ambassador or by visiting our product page.

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Does Plexus Slim Have Downsides

Yes, Plexus Slim does have a few minor downsides. There were a few online comments from people who felt a bit bloated for a few days after taking the product, but it stopped pretty quickly.

Now, its always important to weigh the potential benefits against some minor or serious side effects or general downsides.

While the drink is tasty, it might not be the most convenient if you plan to take Plexus Slim at work or on the go.

Also, keep in mind that the Plexus Slim blend is proprietary, which means you dont know the exact amounts of all ingredients.


  • Some may find capsules more convenient to bring with them
  • May cause some initial bloating

Plexus Slim Hunger Control

How does Plexus work so well? Blood Sugar Gut Health Inflammation If ...

This product contains 20 calories per drink and is available in 3 flavors: blood orange, lemon and lime.

Specific claims related to this product include:

  • Improved weight loss
  • Helps you feel fuller for longer
  • Helps keep blood sugars at a healthy level

Main ingredients:

  • Plexus Slim Blend
  • Chromium Polynicotinate
  • Polydextrose : a type of fiber that can be used to replace sugar in food products

Polydextrose is considered safe to consume, though it can cause diarrhea when consumed in large amounts .

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Plexus Active And Weight Loss

While Plexus Active is not marketed as a weight-loss supplement, several ingredients could help users lose weight.

Research shows that citrulline malate increases metabolism, which helps process food faster thus burning energy and fat. Although in smaller amounts, green coffee bean and green tea leaf extract research show a link between consumption and weight loss.

When comparing Plexus Active vs. Slim, the Slim product is much more suitable for weight loss.

Finding Safe Effective Supplements For Weight Loss

Ideally, individuals interested in Plexus products for weight loss should work with a practitioner trained in nutritional and botanical medicine who stays up-to-date with the scientific literature and has experience and knowledge with choosing and prescribing only the highest quality supplements.

Supplement companies who take quality assurance and manufacturing practices very seriously will test all raw materials and finished products for purity and potency using scientifically valid test methods, and their supplements will be manufactured in FDA-inspected facilities and/or in facilities that exceed the FDAs good manufacturing practices. They will also disclose the amounts of each ingredient or the total amount of a propriety blend.


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Is Plexus Safe Based On The Green Coffee Extract It Contains

Plexus Worlwide claims that a derivative of chlorogenic acid from green coffee extract is Plexus Slims primary active ingredient.

In 2011, researchers from the University of Exeter in the UK published a systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized clinical trials examining the efficacy of green coffee extract supplements for weight loss. According to the study authors, all of the trials conducted up to that point had been of very short duration, making it difficult to assess the safety of green coffee extract for medium to long term. Although none of the randomized controlled trials identified reported any adverse events, this does not indicate that green coffee extract intake is risk-free the safety of this weight loss aid is not established, they concluded.

Since then, another small, controlled clinical trial was conducted to evaluate the efficacy and safety of a green coffee bean extract in overweight subjects using higher daily dosages than previous studies . As with previous studies, there were no side effects or adverse effects based on measurements of heart rate and blood pressure.

In these human studies, green coffee extract used for short periods of time appears to be safe. However, the studies did not look comprehensively at the subjects blood and urine for signs of adverse effects such as kidney or liver damage or elevated biomarkers for cardiovascular disease.

Is Plexus Effective For Weight Loss

Plexus Triplex Learn Its a gut feeling.

Plexus may be effective for weight loss, particularly because it encourages you to consume fewer calories each day.

Specifically, the companys website recommends replacing two meals a day with a Plexus Lean shake, one serving of which is about 250 calories when mixed with nonfat milk, depending on the flavor.

Research shows that diets featuring meal replacement shakes are effective for weight loss, so you may lose weight by replacing two meals a day with Plexus Lean shakes .

However theres currently no evidence to confirm the effectiveness of Plexus supplements for weight loss.

Furthermore, as Plexus doesnt provide education on other aspects of a healthy lifestyle, such as nutritious food choices, label reading, or regular exercise, Plexus weight loss regimens dont set you up for long-term success.


Plexus customers may lose weight due to the caloric restriction that occurs with meal replacement shakes. However, theres currently no evidence to support the effectiveness of Plexus supplements for weight loss.

On a similar note, theres no research supporting the safety of Plexus supplements.

Furthermore, Plexus products arent third-party tested for purity and accuracy.

Some customers complain of side effects after taking Plexus products, including bloating, gas, nausea, stomach ache, and constipation.

However, Plexus products havent officially been proven to be the cause of more serious side effects, such as ITP.

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Some Plexus Slim User Feedback

Here are a couple of online reviewers that seemed to agree with our research and test results.

He found the small packets very helpful as they made measuring out the doses much easier. He also thought that Plexus Slim had helped him break through a weight loss plateau that he had struggled with for a few months.

– Charlie from Boston

This was one review that stood out as Andrea seemed to have tried about five different products with no success. Within the first three weeks of taking Plexus Slim, she suddenly saw positive results on the weighing scales and has been taking it long-term to help her with hunger cravings.

-Andrea from Toronto

Is Plexus Worth It

In case this Plexus review hasnt convinced you, Plexus is about the same as every other nutrition MLM out there: Supplements with ingredients that are either not proven to do anything or, if they are, not in the concentrations that the products contain.

Always remember: If it worked, everyone would be at their ideal weight.

Cleansing does nothing. Carb blockers arent as effective as everyone wants them to be. Stimulants hop you up but dont burn enough calories to be effective. There are a couple of possibly-effective ingredients in there, but we dont know in what amounts.

Plexus is also super expensive.


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Is Plexus Slim Legit

Plexus Slim is manufactured by Plexus Worldwide LLC and it is a supplement manufacturing company that is registered with the BBB.

I found that there were many complaints which were often made against them and on their official website, they themselves have mentioned that the data published on their data is not yet verified by the FDA or Food and Drug Administration.

When you will couple Plexus Slim with a proper diet and a proper workout schedule, you will be able to lose some weight but it would be wrong to expect that Plexus Slim will work on its own even if you do nothing

For this very reason, I did not want to waste my time and money on this supplement. Anyhow my mind did not allow me to leave this one.

As a result of which, I tried Plexus Slim for a period of three months. Frankly speaking, I did not feel any change post consuming it.

All the claims made by the manufacturer were not really true. Hence, I felt that all those people writing negatively about this one were perfectly spot on.

As a result, I will never ever consume this fat loss product again in my life.

Q: How To Use Plexus Triplex

What Is Plexus, How it Can Change The Way Your Gut Functions

A: It is recommended that you take each of these one per day. You can drink the pink water that is Plexus Slim in the morning by combining it with water and you can take the diet pills with the food either at lunchtime or dinner. Remember to take the pills after eating and take them with plenty of water.

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Order Your First Supply Of Plexus Slim Today

Based on our test results with clients, the online reviews, and the feedback we got from our nutritionist, we think that Plexus Slim is a very decent weight loss product.

Given the safe and proven ingredients like a green coffee bean, there should also be no risk in trying this out for yourself.

But given the time testing and great feedback from our clients, PhenQ is still number 1 on the list we cant recommend enough.

Place your order today, and see how well it works for you.

Our #1 Recommendation

The Science Behind Plexus Slim Microbiome Activating

Plexus Slim Microbiome Activating may work on creating a healthy gut for promoting weight loss. Daily intake of the product might significantly increase beneficial microbes in the gut and improve metabolism.

The product also regulates appetite by stimulating the production of propionate in the body. The company claims that the product may improve Akkermansia, lactobacillus, and bifidobacterium. The beneficial gut bacteria in the intestine.

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Slim Microbiome Activating Key Ingredients

  • Chromium , 200 mcg. Chromium is a mineral, an essential trace-element, thus the mcg . It can help lower blood sugar and is used in this dosage for people who have diabetes. The ingredient is also used in weight loss supplements.
  • Sodium, 60 mg.
  • Xylooligosaccharide, 1000 mg. A new prebiotic thought to be beneficial in reversing changes in the gut microbiota during the development of diabetes. Clinical studies seem to validate this fact however, the prebiotic does not play a role in weight loss.
  • We then encounter a proprietary blend, the Plexus Slim Blend, 531 mg, including green coffee bean extract, garcinia cambogia, alpha lipoic acid, and white mulberry fruit.
  • Green Coffee Bean Extract may have some impact on blood sugar levels and may also improve metabolism due to its caffeine content.
  • Garcinia Cambogia this can be found in many diet supplements, such as FitTeam Fit. Some studies have indicated garcinia can cause modest weight loss. Note: stand-alone Garcinia products are typically sold as 1,000 2,000 mg. Given the entire Blend is 531 mg, we think dosing may be inadequate.
  • Alpha-Lipoic Acid has also been associated with a small reduction in weight in clinical studies.
  • White Mulberry Fruit Extract another ingredient thought to lower blood sugar.

Let Me Say That Again Juicing And Herbal Preparations Will Help Heal Your Body Without Plexus

Gut Health and TriPlex Combo | Dr. Jim Logan

Plexus will have little if any impact if not paired with a healthy lifestyle. Any honest Plexus sales folk will tell you this and it even says so on the website. Heres my question: why not just spend that money on buying more healthy foods and/or supplements that do not have the price spiked for Multi-Level-Marketing purposes? Yes, this thought crossed my mind before buying it, but like I said I was desperate to feel better.

Plexus is not sustainable. If you can lose weight by altering your eating habits, why spend the money on an expensive drink powder weight loss aid? If you must continue taking the product to sustain the results, can you continue to pay the high monthly price for your weight management?

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What Are The Benefits Of Plexus Slim Products

The benefits of Plexus Slim products may be attributed to the ingredients of the products because there is insufficient evidence about the product being effective in weight loss. The benefits of individual ingredients are:

  • Garcinia cambogia extracts : Some evidence shows that Garcinia cambogia extract shows little to no effect on weight loss. The proposed mechanisms by which it causes weight loss are
  • Suppressing food intake
  • Inhibiting the formation and storage of fat
  • Some safety issues have been found with this ingredient, they are
  • Ingredients In Plexus Slim That Id Rather Skip

    • Polydextrose Ambassadors have responded to a comment via Facebook stating that this is sourced from non GMO corn. Ive also been told that there IS in fact proof somewhere, I have just never been able to get anyone to share that proof with me. At this point even if I did obtain the information I would not change my opinion, due to my experience.
    • Citric Acid depends on the source whether I will use it or not. The information available from one of the sales-pitch people says that she personally spoke to a person in the know who said that while the supplier is not certified organic, they are of an organic mindset.
    • Natural Flavors usually code for we prefer not to disclose but the Plexus Headquarters says, The natural flavors in Slim are Natural flavors from mulberry, blueberry, stevia, and monk fruit. My question is, then why not put that on the label? Because lies.

    I read a testimony from an Ambassador who lost weight, but after asking about her diet and lifestyle found that she was also juicing, supplementing with green powders and taking additional herbal preparations, etc. Can I just state that juicing and herbal preparations will help heal your body WITHOUT Plexus?

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    New Formula Not The Same

    ByCameron B.,Connecticut, Verified Reviewer

    I tried the pink drink two years ago and loved it. It suppressed my appetite and I lost weight without exercise. They changed the flavor of the pink drink and I have purchased it twice and noticed nothing. It’s not the same. It doesn’t taste as good as the old drink and didn’t do anything as far as suppressing my appetite. I am looking for something else now to jump start my weight loss.

    Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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