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Ep. 4 United Naturals’ Dr. Vincent Pedre Talks About Intermittent Fasting

Name: Dr. Vincent M. Pedre

Company: Pedre Integrative Health

Contributions: “Happy Gut” & Gut CARE Program collaborated for Symbiotic 365

Launched: 2015

Price: Depending on insurance $16.99 for “Happy Gut” book

Best for: Nobody.

Summary: Dr. Vincent Pedre is an internist from New York who authored the book Happy Gut in 2015 that made headlines, controversies, and scandals. Amidst the doubts, some people remain believers of naturopathy in hopes of getting better. As an opportunity, you can be an affiliate and promote his book in exchange for commissions.

Is Dr. Vincent Pedre’s Approach Recommended? No. His approach created controversies that could be difficult to market because of its bad reputation. As an affiliate, its best to search for other ways to make money doing the same thing, promoting. Click the green button below to get started.

Lots Of Positive Reviews

Despite its negative reputation, Dr. Vincent Pedres approach remains a popular choice. If you take a look at some of the positive reviews on Amazon, most of the customers are satisfied with how the program worked for them.

On other reviews, many users left comments sharing the positive results after following Pedres advice.

Among the positive review for “Happy Gut” on Amazon

Alleged Scam + Chum Box

Vox reported that Pedres ads were popping everywhere on big sites like CNN, which they call the chum box marketing strategy. According to the article, his ads appeared via clickbait images from Taboola and Outbrain.

Though it worked for Pedre, it didnt get a positive reaction from the American community. When the book was published in 2015, it immediately created a buzz and made headlines.

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Relevant Information To The Grain Industry:

  • Pages 45- 54: In Phase 1 of the Happy Gut Diet, Dr. Pedre explains the foods readers following the diet must avoid at least for the next twenty-eight days, if not for a lifetime. Dr. Pedre highlights that he tells his patients to avoid gluten primarily found in wheat. He says gluten has negative effects on the body, including that:
  • It is addictive.
  • A protein from gluten, gliadorphin, interacts with opiate receptors in the brain, mimicking the effects of opiate drugs like heroin and morphine. These compounds affect the temporal lobe, an area in the brain that is associated with speech and hearing comprehension, and is why people often feel cloudy-headed after eating a lot of bread.
  • It contains lectins and phytates, which are anti-nutrients found in all gluten-containing grains.
  • Lectins are sugarbinding proteins so complex that they are resistant to digestion and may be involved in the pathogenesis of diabetes, autoimmune thyroiditis and rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Phytates interfered with the absorption off important minerals like calcium, iron, magnesium copper and zinc, leading to diseases like osteoporosis.
  • It can slow down the metabolism.
  • Gluten in the body can pose a case of mistaken identity because the 3D structure of gliadin, the main protein in gluten, looks a lot like thyroid proteins. This can interfere with the bodys thyroid function, leading to autoimmune thyroid disease and weight gain.
  • Brown rice syrup
  • Glutenfree oats
  • What Is Your Medical Background With Gut Health

    The Jade Dress.

    I had an incredible fear of needles, so incredible that I almost did not go to medical school. I loved the whole idea of becoming a doctor but when the reality was getting close I thought I can’t really be in a room with a needle, Ill pass out. I then told my parents I didn’t want to go to medical school and instead I was going to go to Wallstreet and get into finance. They weren’t happy and at the end of the conversation I said: alright I will continue to apply to medical school. So I continued, got into medical school and that fear of needles was still hovering over me.

    I thought, If I dont conquer this I am going to be a false doctor. I started learning about the nervous system and it ties so integrally to gut health. There’s a delicate balance between the relaxation response and the fight or flight I decided that I was going to conquer the fear. I went to the library to get books and to teach myself how to breathe. I relearned diaphragmatic breathing and started to learn how to gain control over the autonomic part of the nervous system through the breath. That led me to meditation and that led me to yoga. This was back in 1995 and meditation was not the sexy thing it is now. It was more like I’m doing this but I am not going to tell anyone because this is crazy.

    -Leave the job

    -Change the way stress enters your body




    -Not living a balanced life


    -Lack of sleep

    Our words are so powerful.

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    What Is Leaky Gut

    Leaky gut is when your intestines have microscopic holes that let undigested food and pathogens into your blood stream. Here are potential symptoms of leaky gut :

    • chronic diarrhea
    • compromised immune function
    • arthritis or joint pain

    If you have any of the above symptoms, theres a good chance GutConnect 365 could help decrease your symptoms.

    Now Im going to review every ingredientand review the research studies that show how they can help heal your leaky gut.

    Is Dr Vincent Pedre’s Happy Gut A Scam

    Its hard to decide whether its a scam but its also hard to say about the effectiveness of the program itself. Do you understand what I mean? Its not that its shady because the program is out there.

    Its published and accepted by some people and its an ongoing system. Many people set appointments in his clinic and try his approach to holistic medicine.

    Given the circumstances, you could say that his intent to help people is real but the manner it was promoted turned it into a big flop.

    But that doesnt mean that Dr. Vincent Pedre is a scam because he has certification as an internet. Hes a real doctor.

    The question lies between believing his approach to alternative medicine and your belief to experience its healing properties. Probably, you may think its just a mere placebo effect. We could. It’s a possibility.

    The point is, its not a scam. Whatever Pedre teaches about the naturopathic approach to healing common conditions is proven and tested. Its backed by research. So, theres no doubt this approach works.

    When you like to try a holistic approach to cure the disease, Dr. Pedre’s program claims to give you these benefits.

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    When Is Bloating Normal

    Bloating has become “normal” for a lot of people, but it could actually be a sign that something is wrong. A lot of people aren’t aware that they could be suffering from low stomach acid. Your digestive power is decreased when you can’t break down protein and fatsthey sit in your stomach like a red brick and make you inflated.

    Bloating could also mean you’re suffering from some form of microbial overgrowth in the small bowel. SIBO, or small intestinal bacterial overgrowth, is when you have too many bacteria growing in the small intestine. It can make you bloated 30 to 60 minutes after the meal. Depending on where the bloating happens and at what time, we can gain clues about your gut health.

    Bloating has become “normal” for a lot of people, but it could actually be a sign that something is wrong.

    Breakfast: Green Smoothie With Mint And Blueberries

    Gut Health: Everything To Heal And Restore Your Gut Microbiome With Dr. Vincent Pedre

    Pour yourself a mug of hot water with lemon juice to start the day, and then whip up one of Pedre’s green smoothies. “What I love about smoothies is they are quick and easy to make, and you can put so much in a smoothie so that it is packed with nutrients. It’s like you’re drinking your vitamins for the day,” he says.

    A smoothie is an ideal way to start a gut cleanse because it doesn’t weigh on your digestive system. “It’s doing the work of digestion for you! By making fruit and vegetables small, it’s easier for your body to absorb and break them down,” he says. “In the morning, this is really helpful.”

    Sarah Coghill / StockFood

    2 cups almond milk 2 scoops of your favorite hypo-allergenic protein powder1 cup blueberries1 tbsp. of sprouted or roasted almond butter2 cups spinach1/2 cup mint leaves

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    Is Gluten Really Harmful To Your Gut

    Ari: Got it. Since you brought up gluten and dairy, lets go deeper into gluten especially. This is one of those controversial topics, that theres pretty wide variety of opinions among experts. Are you of the opinion that everyone universally should avoid gluten or how would you distinguish between overt celiac disease versus gluten intolerance versus non-celiac, gluten sensitivity? Do you think any of those distinctions matter or gluten is just bad, everybody should get rid of gluten?

    Dr. Pedre: Thats really great question. I know a very controversial question. You distinguish it first by the testing. Celiac, you can check genetics, HLA DQ2, DQ8, and you can also distinguish it by looking at antibodies to tissue transglutaminase. Theres a very specific definition for celiac. Of course, the gold standard endoscopy that shows the blunting of the villi.

    You see that the gut barrier has been compromised. Non-celiac gluten sensitivity is a bit more controversial because theres not a perfect test for it. You can look at deaminated gliadin peptide and see if there are IGG antibodies to that. That might be or IgA or IgG antibodies. That might be a sign that the person is gluten sensitive and thats where I fell. What took for me to give up gluten, because I was like, this is a really big sacrifice, even though I was starting to tell my patients to go gluten-free.

    What Does Your Gut Care Program Consist Of

    When I came up with this protocol, I wanted to create an acronym for it. The word CARE came to me because most people that come to see me with gut issues aren’t caring for themselves. A lot of them might be caretakers for others but they put themselves last. I wanted to shine that light on gut care. Each piece of it is a part of the program

    C-Cleanse, take away all the inflammatory foods. Foods that are bad for the gut:

    When farmers in the US grow GMO corn they spray 6 times the amount of pesticides on the crop because it is genetically modified to resist the effects of pesticides. BUT it starves the plant of minerals and nutrients. So you have a plant that is thriving with no minerals. Then that becomes the food. Avoid these foods! You may also need to get rid of the Yeast Overgrowth you may have in your body. You may need to take supplements such as:

    -Berberine: It kills off bad bacteria but promotes the growth of good bacteria

    -Oregano Oil & Clove Oil: to kill off yeast overgrowth

    -Wormwood & Black walnut: to kill off parasites in the gut

    These help rebalance the health of the gut. If you eat meat you need to know where it came from and how it was raised. You also need to look at what you are drinking. You need to drink clean water, filtered, no contaminants or heavy metals. Lastly, rid the mind of negativity. You cannot heal if you are being negative about everything. Use Meditation and Gratitude.

    In order to heal you need to:

    -Change your digestive system

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    Diet Success: I Went From Size 24 To Size 4

    Leslie Mayorga, 60, | Atlanta | Height: 53

    Then: 250 poundsNow: 125 pounds

    After changing her granddaughters diaper on the floor, Leslie Mayorga struggled to get back to her feet.

    Every inch of her 250-pound body ached, and it was hard to breathe.

    She looked at little Maddie and knew: I cant be my best if I feel sick all the time.

    Leslie was a nurse who quit her job to become a full-time caregiver for her disabled grandbaby. But she had her own health concerns, including heartburn, reflux and a hoarse throat so severe that she feared she had esophageal cancer. I had to sleep sitting up for four years from the pain, she recalls.

    When tests ruled out cancer, Leslie dared to wonder, What if all this pain is just from what Im eating?

    So Leslie started a self-made elimination diet, cutting out gluten and dairy. I was amazed at how much better I felt. She continued with her experiment, finding foods that soothed her gut like steamed vegetables and fresh fruit. She also listened to her doctor, who said, Go to bed on an empty stomach. Slimming wasnt her goal, but Leslie weight regardless. In three months, her gut pain improved so she could sleep comfortably and slash her dose of heartburn meds in half. Her sore throat also vanished, so she could sing to Maddie. Today, Im most proud that Im strong enough to carry my 42-pound granddaughter.

    About Dr Vincent Pedre Md

    Top 9 Synbiotic 365 Dr Vincent Pedre  Probiotic Nutritional ...

    Dr. Vincent M. Pedre is the Medical Director of Pedre Integrative Health and Founder of Dr. Pedre Wellness, Medical Advisor to two health-tech start-ups, MBODY360 and Fullscript, in private practice in New York City since 2004. He is a Clinical Instructor in Medicine at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine, also certified in yoga and Medical Acupuncture. He believes the gut is the gateway towards excellent health. For this reason, he wrote the book, Happy GutThe Cleansing Program To Help You Lose Weight, Gain Energy and Eliminate Painwhich helps people resolve their gut-related health issues.

    WEBSITE: www.happygutlife.com

    Want to learn natural strategies for resolving pain for you or your patients? Purchase my brand new book!

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    Discover Countless Health Benefits For Yourself


    Beat the bloat for good and improve your digestion


    Make heartburn a thing of the past so you can enjoy eating again without worry


    Regain boundless energy, so you can do the things you love


    Curb sugar cravings for good to shed the annoying extra pounds around your middle


    Clear up your skin so you can finally say yes to every picture for good.


    Optimize your brain performance and mental clarity, so you can excel at work and in life


    Balance your hormones and make mood swings a thing of the past

    Weight Loss

    Shed unwanted pounds without having to count calories


    Rebalance your gut microbiome so you can eat without worry of where the nearest bathroom is.


    Reverse or prevent chronic autoimmune disease, even if you are already on medications

    The Primary Causes Of Gut Permeability/leaky Gut

    Ari: Very, very interesting. Okay. Lets zoom out for a second. Youve mentioned gut permeability, leaky gut several times thus far. Whats the big-picture list of factors that are causing this? Why do so many people have leaky gut? I assume a hundred years ago, this wasnt the case. We didnt have an epidemic of leaky gut.

    Whats going on in the modern world? I think you have some personal experience with one of those factors thats contributing to it.

    Dr. Pedre: I think one of the biggest factors, antibiotics. There was a study that, that came out recently that looked at antibiotic prescribing and it was interesting because they were looking at different ethnic groups and they found that in the Black community and Hispanic community antibiotics were more likely to be prescribed from a doctors appointment than other groups or White Caucasians. Overall, antibiotics are overprescribed.

    If you look at the rest of the world, you can just walk up to the pharmacy and get an antibiotic without a doctors prescription. Outside of the US, I think we can also say that antibiotics are being overused and oversimplified because people can just have a cold and say, Im going to go get an antibiotic to knock this out.

    Ari: Two weeks ago our nanny in Costa Rica had a boil on her butt, on the back of her leg. The best way I can describe is like a big blister.

    Dr. Pedre: Yes, its like an infected blister underneath the skin.

    Ari: Yes, please.

    Ari: Wow, yes.

    Ari: Oh my gosh, thats nuts.

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    What Is Your Favorite Yoga Pose And What Is A Yoga Pose That Can Help With Digestion

    Triangle Pose- This is great for the opening of the hips. For so many people, our hips are tight.

    Pigeon Pose- It’s a powerful hip opener as well. It also connects you to the ground. In our modern society, it is very important to be grounded. We are in such an era of ungroundedness with the pace of life being so fast.

    I think people these days are a lot more stressed. I do meditation on a daily basis and I could not live my life without it or yoga. It is fundamental for my whole well-being. -Kriben Govender

    Hard To Promote As An Affiliate

    Dr Vincent Pedre Immune Health & The Digestive System

    Due to its bad reputation, its hard to promote his program even as an affiliate. One possible way to get access to the product is through applying as an Amazon Associate and other affiliate programs linked to Happy Gut.

    Although you can simply promote the book for the sake of commissions, its still hard to convince people of its effectiveness because of the overwhelming number of complaints and issues from its first customers.

    And the fact that it went all the way from a clickbait ad, it wasnt able to build a trustworthy foundation. We all know that those ads appearing in Taboola and Outbrain are shady.

    Many people doubt Pedre’s claims about his holistic approach like this one who left a bad review on Amazon pointing out “bogust supplements.”

    Because of that, its not a recommendable product to promote as an affiliate. Therefore, its time to search for other naturopathic products out there and promote the good ones.

    Just in case you dont know how to become an affiliate and want to promote stuff like this, I suggest you grab your FREE copy of the Ultimate Make Money Online Guideand learn the step-by-step process of how to make your financial dreams happen as an affiliate.

    Do you want that? Then, click the link and take action, my friend.

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