Flat Stomach Workout Plan At Home


Stomach Exercises You Can Do At Home For A Flat Tummy

1 Week Flat Stomach Workout (Intense!)
  • Priya Deesh
  • Belly fat accumulates between your organs like stomach & intestines
  • It puts you at a high risk of diseases like Type 2 Diabetes
  • Planks, sit ups and crunches can help burn belly fat

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Maximizing Your Diet Plan

Simply eating less food isn’t good enough. To look fit and healthy you also need to make sure you are eating the right types of food, and not undereating. Many women undereat protein and healthy fats, and tend to end up skinny but still flabby after a period of dieting.

Here are some tips that can help you maximize your diet plan, so you can look your best:

Get A Flat Stomach With Fizzup

FizzUp online fitness training offers you an equipment-free program to get you in shape that includes a variety of exercises that work your abs. Building a balanced physique and a flat stomach is now possible with FizzUp, which uses the advantages of HIIT to create workouts that are short and effective. Bringing together cardio, strength training and abdominal exercises, this program leaves nothing to chance.

Youll get total fitness guidance with FizzUp: the fitness trainer will encourage and advise you throughout your program. The trainer will boost your motivation and guide you each step of the way as you make progress. The workouts are designed according to your goals and current fitness level. Regular evaluations enable FizzUp to create workouts that are right for you.

Getting a flat stomach by working out when you want and where you want is now possible thanks to FizzUp fitness training. Try it now.

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How To Do Squats

1) Stand straight with your feet hip width apart and your arms down by your side.

2) While looking straight ahead squat down keeping your knees in line with your feet.

3) As you lower into a squat start to raise your arms out in front of you for balance.

4) Keep a neutral spine at all times while tightening your glutes and core.

5) Squat until your hip joint is lower than your knees and never let your knees go over your toes.

6) Pause then lift back up and squeeze your glutes as you move back to the starting position.

The Best Flat Stomach Workout At Home

Get Flat Belly

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Have you heard of the phrase: “Summer bodies are made in winter?” Well it’s true! If you want to look amazing by the pool or at the beach this summer, now is the time to start working for it. Follow this flat stomach workout at home 5 times a week starting today and then when it’s time to peel off the winter layers, you’ll have a flat, toned stomach you can be proud to show off.

Ready to get started? Here are the exercises that make up the flat stomach workout at home plan. Simply do each exercise the number of times indicated and get ready to feel the burn! In case you’re unfamiliar with any of the exercises, you can click on the name of the exercise below and it will take you to a super helpful site that shows you exactly how to do it.

If you’re new to core exercises, I recommend working through this flat stomach workout at home only once per day. If you push yourself too hard and do multiple rounds or try and do it several times each day, you’re going to hurt your muscles and will likely get discouraged.

Believe me, this exact thing happens to me pretty much every time I start a new workout. I push myself too hard, hurt myself and then give up. I’ve since learned not to push myself so hard and have had much better results.

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Advanced Abs Workout You Can Do For Flat Abs

In the caption of her Insta post, Itsines mentions that this workout includes a few new exercises. The exercises are of high intensity, as she mentions. They can surely get your heart rate up.

Over and above ab bikes, this workout includes 5 more exercises that are quite challenging and dynamic in nature. Here are they:

  • Half Burpee & Plank Jack – 30 sec
  • Extended Plank – 30 sec
  • Bent-Leg Sit-Up & Reach – 30 sec
  • Side Plank & Oblique Crunch – 60 sec
  • Mountain Climber – 30 sec

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Complete 3 laps to complete this advanced abs workout. Watch the video below to see how each exercise is done. You can do them along with half an hour of cardio workout or a weight training workout, if you have the time for it. It can make for a nice calorie-burning workout session that will help you lose weight, become leaner and stronger. It can get you core burning, and with regular practice, it may even help you get flat abs.

So what are you waiting for? If you have half an hour right now, do this workout… you can do it!

Mountain Climbers 15 Times

The Mountain Climber is an advanced, high-intensity exercise that will get your heart rate up. Its perfect to incorporate into your daily routine for some cardio.

Exercise technique:

  • Get into a plank position, on your hands and toes.
  • Position your hands at about shoulder-width apart from each other.
  • Then, pull the right knee into your chest as far as you can.
  • Switch and do the same thing with your other knee and remember to keep your hips down.

These exercises are ideal for a home workout. You do not need any special equipment to perform them, just your own body and your own will. Please feel free to share with us in the comments which exercise is your favorite and which one you think has helped you the most.

Have a happy workout!

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I’m A Beginner: What Are The Best Stomach Exercises For A Beginner

If this is the first time you’re focusing on abdominal exercises, you should gradually increase the intensity of the movements you do. Basically, you shouldn’t be attempting any single-arm plank variations if you’re falling to your knees within 10 seconds when doing a standard plank.

If the move is too difficult or advanced for you, the chances are that your body will overcompensate elsewhere and throw your form off. Not good.

Instead, try and get to grips with these basic moves before progressing onto the trickier exercises:

  • High plank with knees on the floor
  • Forearm plank with knees on the floor

I’ve Just Had A Baby Can I Do These Exercises

GET A FLAT STOMACH and LOSE FAT in 14 Days | Free Home Workout Guide

As we all know, a woman’s body changes a lot in her lifetime, and most significantly during pregnancy. To that end, stomach exercises that worked for you before, might not work now. You’ll likely have lost a lot of core strength, and getting into postnatal exercise is something that requires hyper-attention to the safety of you and your postpartum body. Before you try anything, you must get permission from your doctor. That’s a non-negosh, OK?

Once you’ve got the doctor all-clear, PT and postpartum specialist Charlie Launder suggests keeping the following five things front of mind as you jump back in:

  • Ensure your trainer is qualified in pre and post-natal training
  • Listen to your body
  • Make time for rest and recovery
  • Get a post-natal physio check-up
  • Be confident to say ‘no’ if an exercise doesn’t feel right for you
  • For more of Launder’s expertise as well as a plethora of post-natal workout wisdom, check out our full post-pregnancy workout guide.

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    Double Leg Reach 10 Times

    The double leg reach is a very effective abdominal exercise, working both the upper and lower abdominals.

    Exercise technique:

    • Lie on your back with your legs stretched and your arms facing upward.
    • Lift your feet back off the ground at a 45-degree angle using your abdominal muscles and pause at the peak.
    • Then slowly lie back down keeping your arms and legs stretched.

    Arm Plank With Knee Dip 15 Times

    This exercise works not only your abdominals, but also your arms, glutes, shoulders, and legs.

    Exercise technique:

    • Position yourself in the plank position with your weight relying on your hands.
    • Then bend your left knee forward toward your waist, curl it, and hold it for a few seconds.
    • Pull your leg back and repeat it again with the right one.

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    What Muscles Constitute A Flat Stomach

  • Pelvic floor muscles: functions to support organs such as the bladder, uterus and intestines.
  • Transverse abdominis and Rectus abdominis: often referred to as the ‘six-pack’ muscles, they are crucial for functional movement and stability.
  • Internal and external obliques: supports respiration and trunk rotation.
  • Erector spinae: strengthens your back and provides a stable foundation for rotations.
  • The core isnt one muscle its a relationship between a number of muscles that cover your whole trunk, connecting your hips, spine, neck and shoulders, explains performance coach Brett Klika. The rectus abdominis, or six-pack muscles, are only part of it.

    So, half-hearted bicycle crunches and other stomach exercises, stomach workouts and belly workouts you’ve been doing before bed are actually leaving much of your core out of the picture. Not to mention they’re potentially slowing down your progress, as well as being an unsafe way to train. Aim for variety in your exercise and strength gains will follow. Trust us.

    Core Strengthening The Ultimate Flat

    Get a flat stomach at home! Looking for a Flat stomach workout for ...

    Core strengthening builds your deep abdominal muscles that create the six-pack effect, making it a must-do exercise. When you do this isometric exercise, your muscles contract but dont move. By not moving, youll tone your stomach and your entire body as you hold a specific position. Core strengthening can be done in a variety of positions.

    The plank is a flat-stomach exercise you should be familiar with before you start. Get in a push-up position and come up onto your forearms and toes. Your body should form the shape of a plank. Your head should be aligned with your back. To do this exercise correctly, dont lift your buttocks. Hold this position for 30 seconds.

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    Additional Tips For A Flat Stomach

    To get a flat stomach and visible, defined abs, youll need to tone up your whole body and lower your body fat percentage. There are plenty of ways you can do this, and lots of options involve small, simple changes to your daily life.

    Take a look at some of the following suggestions that can help to flatten out your belly. If you feel overwhelmed by choice, pick out the options that appeal to you most and will be easiest to implement into your life.

    The time it takes to achieve a flat stomach is different for everyone. It depends on a number of factors, including your body fat percentage.

    You may start seeing signs of progress within a few weeks of consistent exercise, but it can take from a few months up to a year of work before you see the full results.

    Remember to focus on the bigger picture your health! and make as many positive changes to your diet and exercise as possible.

    What Is The Best Exercise To Burn Belly Fat

    Let’s get one thing straight, right away. You can’t spot reduce belly fat when you lose body fat, you’ll lose it from all over, not one specific place. Similarly, no one exercise is going to torch stomach fat specifically. Your diet, stress levels and sleep play just as important role in your body being able to effectively lose fat.

    Regular movement, including these exercises, will keep your body strong, build muscle and burn calories all-important building blocks in losing fat. The old adage is true though: you can’t out-exercise a bad diet, so be mindful about how you’re fuelling your fat loss too.

    Tarik Belalij, personal trainer and nutritionist at Everyone Active Leisure Centre suggests focusing on the following food groups:

    • Nutrient-rich vegetables: kale, spinach, collard greens
    • Lean protein: turkey, chicken or tofu
    • Unprocessed carbohydrates: potatoes, bananas, rice and quinoa

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    How Can I Get A Flat Stomach Or Make My Stomach Flatter

    First off, if you’re looking to make strength gains you probably don’t want a flat stomach. Strong abdominals if your body fat is low enough have a naturally muscular look.

    However, and this is an important point to make strengthening your stomach muscles alone won’t help you achieve the strong and lean aesthetic you’re after.

    That comes down to lowering your body fat percentage to a point where abdominal muscles are visible that’s between 14 24% for women. However, common thinking suggests that most women should not dip below 18% body fat, at the risk of interfering with their hormones.

    Also, if abs come at the cost of your mental health or you find yourself feeling preoccupied with fat loss, take a step back and ease off for a little while. Fuelling your body well with regular exercise, enough sleep and minimising stress is far more important than any body fat percentile.

    We’ve collated a mega list of both bodyweight and weighted stomach exercises for women… keep scrolling for the best tummy exercises with and without weights, then watch the video at the top of the page for more.

    Flat Stomach Workout Challenge: Your 30

    FLAT STOMACH & Intense Abs (get results) | 8 minute Workout

    Mastered the moves? Then you’re ready to take on our 30-day flat stomach workout challenge!

    Below we’ve outlined which moves you need to do on each day and – crucially – how many reps to do. These increase as the challenge goes on to help build you up slowly, which will aid your focus on form.

    Above all, remember to listen to your body, only do what you feel capable of, and be sure to take those all-important rest days .

    And one final word of advice: be sure to wear the right shoes for these exercises. This is not the place for running shoes! Instead you need a pair that are designed to provide stability and comfort for a range of motion . Take a look at our pick of the best cross training shoes, which features a guide to what to look for.

    Day 1

    3 x Knee to opposite elbow

    3 x Chops

    3 x Standing oblique bends

    Day 2

    4 x Knee to opposite elbow

    4 x Chops

    4 x Standing oblique bends

    Day 3

    5 x Knee to opposite elbow

    5 x Chops

    5 x Standing oblique bends

    Day 4

    6 x Knee to opposite elbow

    6 x Chops

    6 x Standing oblique bends

    Day 5

    7 x Knee to opposite elbow

    7 x Chops

    7 x Standing oblique bends

    Day 6

    8 x Knee to opposite elbow

    8 x Chops

    8 x Standing oblique bends

    Day 7

    9 x Knee to opposite elbow

    9 x Chops

    9 x Standing oblique bends

    Day 8

    Day 9

    10 x Knee to opposite elbow

    10 x Chops

    10 x Standing oblique bends

    Day 10

    11 x Knee to opposite elbow

    11 x Chops

    11 x Standing oblique bends

    Day 11

    12 x Knee to opposite elbow

    12 x Chops

    12 x Standing oblique bends

    Day 12

    13 x Chops

    Day 13

    Day 14

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    If I’m Trying To Lose Body Fat What Else Should I Do Besides Stomach Exercises

    Learning how to tone your stomach is one thing but trying to lose body fat to make your stomach look leaner is another.

    Firstly, there are multiple elements to losing belly fat and none of them has anything to do with crash dieting or unsafe eating protocols. Instead, calculating a safe calorie deficit that supports your lifestyle is the key to safe and sustainable fat loss.

    Creating a calorie deficit through your diet is much more reliable than trying to create the same gap with exercise. Use our calorie deficit calculator to find out what that is for you :

    Tailoring your nutrition is one prong to losing weight well but regular strength training to maintain muscle mass and keeping your NEAT exercise high are two other important factors not to sleep on either.

    If you’re not in the know, NEAT exercise makes up more of your total daily energy expenditure than your gym workout or home workout. This means making sure you keep your daily movement high throughout the day instead of just when you’re getting on your exercise mat or on the treadmill is crucially important.

    Forms of NEAT exercise include doing household chores, walking your dog, playing with your kids, strolling around the park with a podcast or choosing to take the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator. It’s basically anything you do that doesn’t count as demarcated exercise.

    Plank Hip Dips 20 Times

    Plank hip dips are ideal for beginners trying to strengthen the abdominals.

    Exercise technique:

    • Begin in a push-up position with your elbows on the ground while resting on your forearms. Keep your arms at a 90-degree angle.
    • Arch your back out slightly.
    • Raise your glutes toward the ceiling, squeezing your abs tightly to close the distance between your ribcage and hips.
    • Lower back down to the starting position.

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