Guta Tire Pressure Monitoring System


Guta Tpms Installation And Review

Guta RV Tire Pressure Monitor System – Install, Demo & Review

Setting up the transmitters was quick and easy using the code, set, and +/- buttons located on the display. You code each sensor to your choice of location on the display. I set mine to match the corresponding truck and trailer locations.

Then you set the normal cold PSI of the tires on each axle. An alert will sound off if a tire ever gets above or below 25% from your cold PSI setting. The final setting is the high-temperature alert. I dont set mine too high as I like to get an early warning if a tire or wheel is heating due to, say, a dragging brake or faulty wheel bearing.

The transmitters come with an extra security backing nut and a special wrench to help prevent theft. The kit also includes a signal repeater for longer RVs. The repeater gets wired into the 12VDC power system of the RV and mounted about halfway down to increase the signal range. However, I found I didnt need it for my 30-foot trailer.

The rechargeable LCD comes with an option of fixed or removable mounting. I prefer the removable suction cup mount and locate it on the lower drivers side of the windshield just above the dash. Its easy to see without looking down but doesnt block my forward view of the road.

Overall I give this Guta tire pressure monitoring system a thumbs up. In early testing, I have found it has performed every bit as well as my more expensive EEZtire. So, Ill continue to use it as my TPMS going forward and come back with a long-term review update in the future.

What Are The Leading Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems Of 2022

The Tymate tire pressure monitoring system is a versatile device that supports solar-powered charging and also comes with a USB charging cable so you can still charge it when its cloudy out. This setup features five different alarm modes, including a high/low-pressure alarm, a high-temperature alarm, a fast leak alarm, and a low voltage sensor alarm. Users can set the temperature and pressure alarm values on this system for more customized usage, with the systems available pressures ranging from 12 to 87 psi. This tire pressure monitoring system automatically adjusts the backlight display depending on the amount of light youre working with, and its display also changes colors in different conditions. Thanks to its versatility and abundance of features, this tire pressure monitoring system is high on our list.


  • Five alarm modes for different functions
  • Solar and plug-in power compatible
  • Automatic sleep mode after 10 minutes
  • Self-adjusting display brightness for better readability




  • Five different hazard alarm modes
  • Comes with ten lithium metal batteries
  • The large screen displays up to 17 tires
  • Shows real-time temperature and pressure



  • Provides visual and audio issue alerts
  • Can be used stationary and in motion
  • Eight lithium metal batteries included
  • Lifetime customer support is available



  • The battery is a bit small

What Is A Tire Pressure Monitoring System

A tire pressure monitoring system provides updated tire pressure information. Many newer vehicles have built-in tire pressure sensors. If your vehicle does not, installing automatic tire pressure sensors can solve the problem. These simple devices continuously monitor tire pressure so you are alerted of low-pressure tires before it becomes dangerous.

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Is It Safe To Buy Guta Tire Pressure Monitoring System For Rv Trailer 6 External Sensor 0 188 Psi Tpms 6 Alarm Modes Backlight Lcd Display Auto Sleep Mode Monitor Up To 10 Tires Real Time Monitoring On Desertcart

Yes, it is absolutely safe to buy GUTA Tire Pressure Monitoring System For RV Trailer 6 External Sensor 0 188 PSI Tpms 6 Alarm Modes Backlight LCD Display Auto Sleep Mode Monitor Up To 10 Tires Real Time Monitoring from desertcart, which is a 100% legitimate site operating in 164 countries. Since 2014, desertcart has been delivering a wide range of products to customers and fulfilling their desires. You will find several positive reviews by desertcart customers on portals like Trustpilot, etc. The website uses an HTTPS system to safeguard all customers and protect financial details and transactions done online. The company uses the latest upgraded technologies and software systems to ensure a fair and safe shopping experience for all customers. Your details are highly secure and guarded by the company using encryption and other latest softwares and technologies.

Eez Tire Tpms Real Time

GUTA tire pressure monitoring system

The EEZ Tire Real Time TPMS provides real-time monitoring, advanced features, and excellent performance. It can monitor up to 26 tires and gauge pressure up to 210 psi. Both monitor and TPMS sensors can be charged by a USB cable connected to the cigarette lighter.

Best For: Long-To-Extra-Long Trucks

Real-Time Read Outs: Updates every six seconds

Number of Sensors: Sensors for up to 26 tires

Programmable Modes:

  • Most users choose basic programming

Compatible Vehicles:

  • Compatible with all large trucks
  • Works with smaller personal vehicles

Special Features:

  • Two types of TPMS sensors available
  • Anti-theft
  • Audio and visual alerts when tire temperature is above 158 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Benefits:

    • Replaceable batteries and easy charging options


    • Some leaks are not shown on the monitor.
    • A small percentage of customers complain of inaccuracy.


    • Depending on product package selected

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    The Devices Configuration Screens

    Well, the mechanical installation was very easy. The set up screen took a few minutes to figure out but wasnt too bad. The set up screen lets you select pounds per square inch or Bar, whether you want Farenheit or Celsius and then the Low and High pressure literally for each tire. An alarm will sound if either the low or high pressue is exceeded Ive experienced that. Theres also a high temperature tire warning that applies to all tires.

    For the van, I set the low pressures all to 65 PSI and I set the max to 100. The tire temperature was set to 158F by default and I left it at that figuring I would see what happens and adjust accordingly I had no idea what to expect actually. I did do some reading and somewhere between 190-225F is the maximum safe temperature for a tire to reach it depends on your tires temperature rating.

    The unit supports two modes Mode 1 is for normal street driving and Mode 2 is for offroad or something. I had no need to explore this as our van isnt going to go offroad.

    Guta Tpms Review Update After 5000 Miles Towed

    In this video, I give an update on how the Guta TPMS has performed longer-term and restate why I like it. I also look inside the 8 tire sensors after 9 months and 5000 miles of towing + 10,000 miles on the truck. No signs of corrosion or water are getting in, and the batteries still have some life left.

    Overall I give thumbs up to the product with the caveat being lack of USA North American based support as far as I can tell. Appears its sells mainly through the Guta Store on Amazon.

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    Guta Trailer Tire Pressure Monitoring System

    The GUTA trailer TPMS comes with 12 sensors and 6 alert modes. It offers real time monitoring and fuel economy. Measure pressures up to 188 psi.

    Best For: Varied Alert Modes

    Real-Time Read Outs: Yes

    Number of Sensors: 12 sensors

    Programmable Modes:

    Compatible Vehicles: Vehicles with tire pressure up to 188 psi

    Special Features:

    Factors To Consider When Looking For A Tire Pressure Monitoring System

    How to Install GUTA Tire Pressure Monitor System On Your Truck & RV

    These factors should act as your guiding star when looking for a high-quality tire pressure monitoring system:


    The main thing to look for in a tire pressure monitoring system is its sensors. A monitoring systems quality typically depends on the universality of its sensors. You should pick a device that accepts universal sensors, and this is important because not every sensor is universal. If you dont, and your cars sensors fail, theyll cause the entire system to fail.

    Programmable modes

    Another important feature of such systems is the number of programmable modes they have. Many tire monitoring systems come with two or three programmable modes that you can set up, and these modes help monitor the cars PSI tire pressure better. You can also use these modes for re-tuning your cars old sensor systems to make them compatible with your newly installed monitoring system.


    It might sound obvious, but its better to get a highly accurate tire monitoring system for your car. How easy it is to reprogram new sensors in your car determines how high the accuracy of the sensors is. You can also use the tires temperature to determine sensor accuracy and to be extra sure you can even head down to the gas station and compare it with the readings on the equipment there.

    Ease of installation

    Display system and readability

    Power and battery life

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    Vesafe Wireless Tire Pressure Monitoring System

    The VESAFE wireless TPMS offers up to 10 anti-theft TPMS sensors and a signal booster to add additional sensors as needed up to 17 tires total. There are five present alarm modes, low power consumption, and a large-screen monitor.

    Best For: Easy to Read

    Real-Time Read Outs: Yes every 5 seconds

    Number of Sensors: 10 sensors, with an option to add up to seven for 17 total sensors.

    Programmable Modes: 5 preset modes.

    Compatible Vehicles: RVs, trailers, coaches, motor homes, and other large vehicles.

    Special Features:

    • High and low pressure alerts
    • Accurate readings

    Pricing: $299.99

    Tymate Tire Pressure Monitoring System

    The Tymate Tire Pressure Monitoring System offers both solar-powered and USB charging options. This simple, reliable TPMS comes with five alarms with a pressure range of 18 to 87 psi. This tire monitor system is power saving with an automatic sleep mode.

    Best For: Low-Cost Options

    Number of Sensors: Four sensors

    Programmable Modes:

    • Vehicles up to 45 feet long
    • Comes with a repeater-adapting device

    Special Features:

    • Display can be difficult to read
    • Use manual could be improved

    Pricing: $62.04

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    Types Of Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems

    GUTA Tire Pressure Monitoring System  10 Sensors, 7 Alarm Modes, Large ...

    Tire pressure monitoring systems come in two types:

    Indirect tire pressure monitoring system

    The indirect TPMS relies on wheel speed sensors used by the anti-lock brake system to determine tire pressure, measuring each wheels revolution rate. The onboard computers use this information to compare the performance of all tires along with other crucial data, like speed.

    If a wheel spins faster than its average speed, the computer will detect that its underinflated and warn the driver. Because of this, an indirect system doesnt measure the actual tire pressure instead, it gives an indirect measurement.

    These systems are relatively cheaper than direct systems and require less programming and maintenance, but the accuracy of their measurements is not guaranteed.

    Direct tire pressure monitoring system

    The direct TPMS does not use wheel revolution rate to measure tire pressure it uses specialized pressure monitoring sensors found in each tire. Instead of indirect assessments, these sensors help measure specific pressure levels and deliver accurate tire pressure readings.

    Such systems are usually expensive and may require specialized tools for resynchronization. Their batteries typically last for more than a decade, but youll need to replace the entire sensor once they drain.

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    How Does A Tire Pressure Monitoring System Work

    A tire pressure monitoring system works by connecting to the tire valve. They are powered by batteries. Most tire pressure monitoring systems can be easily attached to the valve-stem assembly of each tire. They are powered by batteries. Tire pressure gauges are easy to install. Most tire pressure monitors include an LCD or LED display that can be placed near the steering wheel.

    Tire Pressure Monitoring System Faqs

    Q: When do I need to replace the battery of my tire pressure monitoring system?

    Many tire pressure monitoring systems use batteries that may last for five to twelve years. If your monitor stops receiving signals from the sensor, it means it needs a battery replacement. Some sensors let you change the battery and come with tools and instructions, but a lot of sensors need to be replaced once their battery dies.

    Q: Can I add a tire pressure monitoring system to my car?

    You can usually install a cap-based tire pressure monitoring system on any car without specialized tools. Anyone who knows how to fill tires with air using a gas station air pump has the know-how to install tire sensors.

    Q: How accurate are tire pressure monitoring systems?

    Most tire pressure monitoring systems are accurate to within one pound per square inch . The precision of these systems may vary depending on the make and model of your car.

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    The Guta Rv Tire Pressure Monitoring System Is Great For Vehicles That Lack Real Time Monitoring

    We had a 2,200 mile trip planned expensive things are with a 2016 Ford Transit 150 that had six year-old tires on it yeah, they need to be replaced but money is tight with inflation thanks to the politicians. The tread was definitely above the wear bars but the outer layer of rubber was starting to crack. So, I really wanted something to let me know how the tires were doing during the trip.

    One thing I really like with my 2021 Ram 2500 is that I can see the tire pressure in real time. Our 2016 Transit has a basic tire pressure monitoring system but doesnt report to you what the pressure is it has has an indicator light if something goes wrong. I really wanted something real time for the van and had seen aftermarket TPMS units that had a receiver and sensors that went on the tire valve stems in place of the caps before.

    I started doing some research and while there were a lot of different cheaper models out there, I went with the M20-4 model from GUTA on Amazon based on reviews. Im actually writing this 1,100 miles into our trip and am quite happy with the unit so let me tell you more about it.

    Benefits Of Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems

    Guta Tire Pressure Monitoring System Review (TPMS For RV, Truck, Trailer & Caravans)

    Installing a tire pressure monitoring system offers vehicle owners many benefits, such as:

    • A TPMS allows you to monitor your tires air pressure on the go. If you install this system, you wont need any pressure or reference gauge to measure your tires air pressure. You dont even need to stop your car, as the display will show all the required information as you drive
    • You dont need to check up on the gauge with a pressure monitoring system constantly. These systems come with one-gauge-fits-all models that will stay inside the tires
    • When everything is pre-installed and functional, you save a lot of time. With a TPMS you wont need tools to check tire pressure, and you can see the readings on the systems monitor whenever you want
    • You dont have to carry specialized tools or acquire technical skills to measure tire pressure

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    What Is The Best Tire Pressure Monitoring System

    A tire pressure monitor system can prevent blowouts and increase safety. Not only can low tire pressure increase the chances of an accident, but it can also cause greater wear and tear to tires.

    For these reasons, newer vehicles often have built-in tire pressure monitoring systems. Regardless of the vehicle youre driving, you can get ahead of safety compliance. Improve fuel efficiency and more with some of the best TPMS systems on the market today.

    Shop the Efficiency Solution Company


    Blueskysea Tire Pressure Monitoring System

    The Blueskysea Pressure Monitoring System works on up to six tires. This low-cost solution is suitable for larger trucks or RVs, but it only comes with a maximum of six sensors. The Blueseasky system is solar-powered and it contains a built-in lithium ion battery for continuous power.

    Best For: Solar charging

    Real-Time Read Outs: Yes

    Number of Sensors: Six sensors

    Programmable Modes: Manufacturer does not state programmable options. However, there are six issues that raise alarms.

    Compatible Vehicles:

    • Vehicles up to 10 meters
    • Can be up to 32.8 feet long

    Special Features:

    • Temperature monitoring in celsius or Fahrenheit.
    • Pressure monitored in PSI or BAR units.
    • Stable, accurate sensor connection
    • Issues with sensor reliability and compatibility

    Pricing: $119.99

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    Where Can I Buy Guta Tire Pressure Monitoring System For Rv Trailer 6 External Sensor 0 188 Psi Tpms 6 Alarm Modes Backlight Lcd Display Auto Sleep Mode Monitor Up To 10 Tires Real Time Monitoring Online At The Best Price In The Belize

    desertcart is the best online shopping platform where you can buy GUTA Tire Pressure Monitoring System For RV Trailer 6 External Sensor 0 188 PSI Tpms 6 Alarm Modes Backlight LCD Display Auto Sleep Mode Monitor Up To 10 Tires Real Time Monitoring from renowned brand. desertcart delivers the most unique and largest selection of products from across the world especially from the US, UK and India at best prices and the fastest delivery time.

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