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Dr Ganesh at G & L Surgical Clinic strives to prioritise his patients recovery and comfort. Having had adequate experience in performing gallbladder surgeries for numerous patients for many years in Singapore.

Furthermore, the staff at G & L Surgical Clinic have been thoroughly and adequately trained to make your experience a comfortable and hassle-free one. Whether you intend to undergo our gallbladder procedures or other medical services in Singapore, you can rest assured that you will be properly and sufficiently cared for by trained professionals.

Organise a consultation with our surgeons for further assistance on gallbladder treatments in Singapore.

How Can I Save Money

Talk with a doctor to explore other options. There can be alternatives that may not require surgery itself. Be sure to always talk with your family doctor before deciding on the surgery itself.

Highly consider going to another country. Countries, such as India and Mexico, can save you at least 80%. If you do decide to go this route, be sure to do so at your own risk.

Check with local hospitals to see if they offer some sort of financial program. For those that meet certain income requirements, the hospital may be able to knock a percentage off the total bill. Cash discount options may also be available to those that pay up front with cash.

Check with your local state to see if you qualify for Medicaid. If your family meets certain requirements, the state may be able to pick up the bill for you.

Cash paying patients without insurance can often save 30 to 40 percent off their bill.

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So What Is Gallbladder Surgery

During a laparoscopic cholecystectomy , the surgeon makes four small incisions in your abdomen. He or she will then insert a tube with a tiny video camera into your abdomen through one incision. He or she watches a video monitor in the operating room while using surgical tools inserted through the other incisions in your abdomen to remove your gallbladder.

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Preparing For Gallbladder Removal

Your surgeon will discuss with you what will happen before, during and after your surgery. If youre unsure about anything, dont be afraid to ask. No question is too small. Its important that you feel fully informed and happy to give your consent for the operation to go ahead. Your nurse or surgeon will ask you to sign a consent form.

Your surgeon will explain how you can prepare for your operation.

  • If you smoke, try your best to stop. Smoking increases your chances of getting an infection after surgery, which can slow down your recovery.
  • If you need to, your surgeon may advise you to lose any excess weight before your operation, and to eat a low-fat diet to help prevent pain from gallstones.
  • You may need to wear compression stockings to help prevent blood clots forming in the veins in your legs, which can lead to deep vein thrombosis. You may also need to have an injection of an anti-clotting medicine as well as or instead of wearing compression stockings if youre staying in hospital overnight.
  • Youll have gallbladder surgery under general anaesthesia. This means youll be asleep during the operation. Anaesthetics can make you sick, so its important that you dont eat or drink anything for six hours before your operation. You can usually drink water up to two hours before but check with your anaesthetist or surgeon and always follow their advice.

Ways To Optimize Your Gut Bacteria For Optimal Weight Loss

Gallbladder Disease  Treatment and Surgical Options with daVinci ...

When it comes to losing weight, most diets focus on calorie reduction and exercise. While eating less and exercising more will usually result in weight-loss, Dr. Kellman says that if you get your microbiome healthy, you will lose weight. Its all about correcting the overgrowth of unhealthy bacteria, which is making you crave the wrong foods and triggering inflammation. This makes sense because when you change your gut bacteria, you change how your body produces and metabolizes energy.

This also explains why so many people lose weight only to gain it right back because the bad bacteria are still present in your gut. The bad bacteria remember when you were fat, and they want to continue to live, so they trigger cravings for the foods that feed them.

In addition to the steps I outline above, here are 15 more ways to set up your gut for weight loss:

  • Sweat every day. Your gut bacteria operate best when you exercise regularly. Thats because regular exercise promotes biodiversity of your gut flora. Research shows that exercise actually increases the good bacteria in your gut!
  • Get dirty. While being clean is fine, overly sterile environments dont promote biodiversity of your gut bacteria. Go ahead and get dirty. And, skip the hand sanitizer.
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    What Happens If You Cant Afford Pet Surgery

    Check for state-specific financial assistance programs for pet healthcare. If theres no fund designed for your specific situation, RedRovers Urgent Care Grants might help. RedRover provides almost 700 grants every year for pets whose owners cant afford treatment, with an average grant amount of $200.

    Gall Bladder Surgery Cost

    There are many different considerations to be taken into account when thinking about the gall bladder surgery cost. Most of the time, when a patient has insurance they will not have to worry about the cost except for the deductible.

    With that in mind, the normal cost of gall bladder surgery can range from $500 to $2,000 depending on where the surgery is done, and which surgery is performed. This does not include any of the doctor fees, and any costs accrued in the event of a lengthy hospital stay. Once the entire process is completed, the bill for a gall bladder surgery can be several thousand dollars. However, this is the same as any necessary surgery.

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    Include Prebiotics And Probiotics In Your Diet

    These good-for-you types of bacteria are a sure way to replenish good bacteria after antibiotics. Prebiotics work alongside probiotics to help restore the good bacteria in your gut in order to keep your health in tip-top shape. Prebiotics and probiotics can be incorporated into your diet through supplements or by eating certain probiotic- and prebiotic-rich foods:

    • Probiotic-rich Foods greek yogurt, tempeh, kimchi, kefir, kombucha, raw cheese, and miso
    • Prebiotic-rich Foods rye, asparagus, bananas, oats, Jerusalem artichoke, chicory root, yacon root

    While common sense would tell you to down these foods at the same time as antibiotics to cancel them out, thats not how our body works. In order for your body to actually benefit from the prebiotics and repopulate good bacteria, prebiotics should be eaten a few hours either before or after you take your antibiotics. If antibiotics are taken along with prebiotics, the medication will kill the good bacteria immediately instead of allowing your gut to absorb it properly.

    Ways To Improve Your Gut Bacteria Based On Science

    How to remove Gallbladder Stone without surgery?

    There are around 40 trillion bacteria in your body, most of which are found in your gut.

    Collectively, they are known as your gut microbiome, and theyre incredibly important for overall health. However, certain types of bacteria in your intestines can also contribute to many diseases.

    Many factors, including the foods you eat, can impact the type of bacteria found in your digestive tract.

    Here are 9 science-based ways to improve your gut bacteria.

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    How To Help Gut Recover After Antibiotics

    Every dose of antibiotics wipes out a large portion of bacteria throughout your entire body, including the good guys. After that, the good microbes and the unfriendly ones slowly rebuild, and if all goes well, they come back into balance. But, it takes time, and they dont always colonize in harmony.

    To keep one strain of gut flora from taking over, take a probiotic supplement while youre taking antibiotics. The friendly probiotic bacteria may not colonize in the gut, but they can still help you through a course of antibiotics.

    If you time your probiotic dosage right, the good bacteria that are just passing through will be able to do their job and keep the bad guys in check. A few will even survive and be able to continue to keep the balance until the next dose of antibiotics wipes them out.

    What Is A Cholecystectomy

    A cholecystectomy is surgery to remove your gallbladder.

    The gallbladder is a small organ under your liver. It is on the upper right side of your belly or abdomen. The gallbladder stores a digestive juice called bile which is made in the liver.

    There are 2 types of surgery to remove the gallbladder:

    • Open method. In this method, 1 cut about 4 to 6 inches long is made in the upper right-hand side of your belly. The surgeon finds the gallbladder and takes it out through the incision.

    • Laparoscopic method. This method uses 3 to 4 very small incisions. It uses a long, thin tube called a laparoscope. The tube has a tiny video camera and surgical tools. The tube, camera and tools are put in through the incisions. The surgeon does the surgery while looking at a TV monitor. The gallbladder is removed through 1 of the incisions.

    A laparoscopic cholecystectomy is less invasive. That means it uses very small incisions in your belly. There is less bleeding. The recovery time is usually shorter than an open surgery.

    In some cases the laparoscope may show that your gallbladder is very diseased. Or it may show other problems. Then the surgeon may have to use an open surgery method to remove your gallbladder safely.

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    Recovery From Gallbladder Removal

    Recovery from gallbladder removal surgery is individual to you.

    • If youve had keyhole surgery, you should feel back to normal within a week or so, but it may take longer to make a full recovery.
    • If you had open surgery, it may take longer to recover. It may take around six weeks for you to make a full recovery.

    Talk to your surgeon about when youre likely to get back to your normal routine, and the long-term effects of gallbladder removal. Dont do too much at once. Its important to build up gradually and stick to a routine if you can.

    Eat healthily, rest when you need to, and dont smoke as this will help you recover well.

    If you need pain relief, you can take over-the-counter painkillers such as paracetamol or ibuprofen. Always read the patient information leaflet that comes with your medicine and if you have any questions, ask your pharmacist for advice.

    If you take painkillers after your surgery, some of these may make you constipated. Eat plenty of fibre-rich foods, such as fresh fruit and vegetables, to help.

    What Are The Common Tests Required To Diagnose Gallstones

    Hernia From Gallbladder Surgery

    Several tests are performed to diagnose gallstones accurately-

    • Abdominal ultrasound- Rs. 350 to Rs. 500
    • Endoscopic ultrasound- Rs. 1,000 to Rs. 3,000
    • Oral cholecystography- Rs. 500 to Rs. 2,000
    • Hepatobiliary iminodiacetic acid scan – Rs. 4,000 to Rs. 4,500
    • Magnetic resonance cholangiopancreatography – Rs. 2,500 to Rs. 4,000

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    I Have Private Health Insurance How Can I Ensure That I Do Not Have To Pay With Cash For My Gallbladder Surgery

    The Integrated Shield Plan allows Singaporeans to obtain additional coverage on top of what is offered by Medishield Life for private healthcare. Suppose you have purchased a hospital plan rider from your insurer, which covers the cost of the deductible along with co-insurance.

    In that case, you may be eligible for a cashless procedure during your hospitalisation. If you are unsure of your eligibility for a cashless procedure, contact us or speak to your insurer to find out more.

    Why Might I Need A Cholecystectomy

    A cholecystectomy may be done if your gallbladder:

    • Has lumps of solid material

    • Is red or swollen , or infected

    Gallbladder problems may cause pain which:

    • Is usually on the right side or middle of your upper belly

    • May be constant or may get worse after a heavy meal

    • May sometimes feel more like fullness than pain

    • May be felt in your back and in the tip of your right shoulder blade

    Other symptoms may include nausea, vomiting, fever, and chills.

    The symptoms of gallbladder problems may look like other health problems. Always see your healthcare provider to be sure.

    Your healthcare provider may have other reasons to recommend a cholecystectomy.

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    Stop Murdering Your Microbes

    Chemicals and pesticides that flood our environment disrupt our inner flora and can even kill it. A common ingredient in antibacterial soaps called Triclosan has been linked to food allergens and thyroid issues. The FDA issued a final rule establishing that over-the-counter consumer antiseptic wash products containing the active ingredient Triclosan can no longer be marketed.

    Overuse of antibiotics Im not against antibiotics. I think theyre necessary in some cases, but they are way overprescribed and wind up causing more damage than they do helping if theyre not used properly. If you do need to take an antibiotic, then you need to also rebuild your ecosystem when the antibiotics wipe out the good and bad bacteria indiscriminately. There are many ways to do this and ingesting cultured foods is a great place to start. You can check out this article for more help. What to do if you have to take an antibiotic.

    Eating processed and junk foods devoid of nutrients starves your microbiome and can even cause them to die. When you start feeding your body real whole foods, your body and microbe population will start to crave them and eating healthy will be easy and fun. You are what you eat!

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    How To Build Good Bacteria

    Gallbladder Surgery (Removal): WATCH THIS!

    Good news: itâs easier than you think. To increase and diversify the good bacteria in the gut microbiome, start eating more plants. One month of eating more plants can result in an increase of commensal microbes and a decrease in the pathobiont population , resulting in reduced intestinal inflammation.

    Your genes adapt overtime when you change what you eat. For example, when you cut out meat and diary, you reverse your ability to convert choline into TMAO.

    So stock up on fruits, veggies, and whole grains to boost your bacterial richness.

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    Questions To Ask Before Surgery

    Millions of Americans will undergo surgery each year. It is important to be informed about the surgery being recommended, particularly if it is elective surgery , rather than an emergency surgery. All surgeries have risks and benefits. Itâs important to understand them before deciding whether the procedure is appropriate for you.

    The following are important questions to review with your healthcare provider before surgery. Ask your healthcare provider to explain the answers clearly and ask for further explanation if you are having trouble understanding an explanation and/or any medical terms. Some people find it helpful to write their questions down ahead of time.

    It is important to remember that a well-informed patient tends to be more satisfied with the outcome or results of a procedure:

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    How Else Can I Replenish My Gut Bacteria

    What you eat has a big impact on your gut microbiota. But to give healthy gut bacteria their best chance, there are some other things you can do as well.

    To restore gut flora after antibiotics, make efforts to keep mental stress under control. Research has shown that emotions like sadness and elation can trigger changes in the gut . Scientists call it the gut-brain axis, a connection that can potentially affect gut flora.

    Last but not least, sleep quality has an impact on gut health. Poor sleep quality or sleep deprivation can negatively impact the gut microbiota. This effect is also believed to be mediated via the gut-brain axis. Lack of sleep can trigger sugar cravings, and sugar feeds bad bacteria in the gut.

    The bottom line is that taking antibiotics is not entirely avoidable and the negative impact of antibiotics on the gut microbiota is well known. But by eating a healthy diet including whole foods, fruits and vegetables, and fermented foods taking probiotics and prebiotics keeping stress under control and getting enough good-quality sleep, you can restore a healthy gut flora after antibiotics, boost your immune system, and enhance your overall health.


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    Benefits Of Buying A Health Insurance Plan For Gallbladder Stone Removal Treatment

    Buying a health insurance plan for gallbladder stone removal treatment can ease the cost burden for the patient. Getting insurance coverage is the easiest way to afford quality medical treatment during any health emergency. Here are the top benefits of paying the cost of gallbladder surgery using insurance.

    Quality medical treatment at an affordable cost An insurance helps an individual to afford the best quality surgical treatment for gallstones from reputed healthcare institutions.

    Fight medical inflation Getting health insurance can help you pay your medical bills without any burden. The policy not only will cover your surgery cost but also the pre and post-hospitalization expenses.

    G& l Surgical Provides Medical Services In These Hospitals:

    What To Know If You Need Gallbladder Surgery

    Your medical fees may differ depending on the selection of hospitals and bedding arrangements at different medical institutions.

    Dr Ganesh Ramalingam is able to perform the procedure at the following hospitals:

    • Mount Elizabeth Hospital
    • Mount Alvernia Hospital
    • Parkway East Hospital
    • Gleneagles Hospital

    You can find more information on gallbladder surgery at G & L Surgical Clinic on our laparoscopic gallbladder surgery page.

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