Liver Transplant Cost In Usa


Liver Transplant Cost In The United States Around $600000

How much do you think Liver Transplant Costs?

According to the American Liver Foundation, around 8,000 liver transplant surgeries are performed in the United States every year. According to a study published in 2018, people who have a liver transplant have an 89% chance of living after one year, 75 % chance of living after five years.

The average liver transplant cost is highly variable and dependent on the patients health, age, the hospital where the procedure is done and the region in which the hospital is located, with Southern US hospitals being more affordable than transplant centers located in the North. The average liver transplant is around $600,000 or more, including follow-up care and medications after the procedure.

Liver Transplant In United States And Canada

Currently over 15,000 patients are registered with the United Network for Organ Sharing for a liver transplant. As per Mayo Clinics, about one third of the patients have to wait for more than two years for a transplant. Cadaver donor organs are not adequately available, to manage the problem in the United States. As per a study conducted in Canada, several patients on the waiting list for liver transplant die, as they dont receive timely treatment. Thus liver transplant abroad is a better and affordable option for most of the patients.

The Cost Of Liver Transplant In South Korea

The leading clinics in the area of organ transplant in Korea are the network of Soon Chun Hyang University Hospital, the Samsung and Severance Hospitals. Korean clinics have specialized Transplant Centers and highly advanced diagnostic centers. In all leading hospitals, diagnosis is carried out in such a way that the patient does not have to stand in lines and seek the necessary manipulation. All examinations are conducted in one place and their results are obtained in the shortest possible time. Here, an accurate diagnosis is determined, along with the degree of compatibility of donor and recipient.

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What Is The Cost Of Liver Transplant In Hyderabad

Liver Transplant cost in Hyderabad ranges vary from Rs. 19,00,000 to Rs. 28,00,000 . However, cost of liver transplant in Hyderabad depends upon the multiple factors such as patient condition, age, associated conditions, hospital, room selection and insurance or corporate approvals for cashless facility.

What Are The Signs Of Liver Dysfunction And Subsequent Liver Transplant

Kidney Transplant Cost Usa

Different reasons show different symptoms, but there are some signs of liver dysfunction which require immediate attention:

  • Feeling of being weak, tired or exhausted all the time.
  • Rapid loss of appetite.
  • Bruising or bleeding easily. Nose bleeds require immediate attention.
  • Bloating due to fluid buildup in the abdomen.

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Advanced Liver Transplant In India With Highest Success Rates

Live donor liver transplant is a complex surgery both donor and recipient are operated and any mistake can be fatal. Hence, the selection of doctors and hospital becomes very critical for the success of the procedure.

but liver transplant in India gives best results.

Let me introduce you to one of our patients.

Dean is a 52-year-old businessman from Lagos, Nigeria. Dean is a father of two boys who help Dean in the business.

Three years back, Dean started observing Loss of appetite and weight loss along with yellowishness of the skin and eyes. Dean was also struggling with alcoholism for years.

Dean decided to meet a gastroenterologist at the nearby hospital. His Son John also accompanied him. The doctor physically examined Deans condition and suggested Dean do a few blood tests and imaging tests. Dean did the test as per the recommendation.

The reports came and he was diagnosed with alcoholic cirrhosis.

The doctor prescribed Dean medication advised him not to take alcohol and also suggested the right diet to him with more emphasis on what to avoid.

Dean went back home, He tried everything to overcome his addiction but could not control it fully. Dean did his level best to avoid alcohol and follow the instruction given by the doctor. Dean was determined to conquer his disease.

However, after a few months, when he started believing that his life had returned to normal, the disease relapsed and Dean had to be admitted to the hospital.

Who Is The Best Liver Transplant Surgeon

The success of the surgery depends not only on the country a patient chooses for a liver transplant but a doctor who performs this procedure.Best liver transplant surgeon in the world isProf. Mohammed Rela. The doctor works in Indian Global Hospitals Group. This liver transplant specialist has performed the biggest number of the procedures – over 4,000. The Professor is the Guinness Book of Records for conducting a liver transplant for a 5-day child who is now a 21 years adult person.

Among other top liver transplant surgeons are:

  • Prof. Johann Pratschke who manages the liver transplant at Charite Center . The doctor has performed over 2,500 organ transplants together with his team
  • Dr. Vivek Vij is one of the best liver transplant specialists with 17 years of experience and over 2,500 conducted procedures
  • Dr. Alper Demirba heads one of the largest units for liver transplantation in Turkey – Medical Park Transplantology Center. The doctor has achieved 95% success rate for this procedure.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Liver Transplant

A living donor liver transplant can be an alternative to deceased donor liver transplantation for some patients on the waiting list. The ideal candidates are patients who foresee a long wait on the deceased transplant list and experience complications of liver disease, such as ascites and encephalopathy and patients diagnosed with hepatocellular carcinoma.

  • Who is considered a candidate for the liver transplant list?

    Patients who have cirrhosis with complications of end-stage liver disease in which there is no reasonable medical alternative treatment are eligible for liver transplant evaluation and waiting list placement. Patients with other conditions may also meet the criteria for a liver transplant and be considered for the list. These conditions include:

  • Hepatopulmonary syndromesevere breathing problems caused by cirrhosis
  • Hepatic pulmonary hypertensionhigh pressure in the lungs caused by cirrhosis
  • Itching that cannot be treated
  • Tumors that cannot be surgically removed
  • Inborn errors of metabolism such as amyloidosis and oxalosis
  • Primary liver cancer without evidence of spread outside the liver
  • Recurrent episodes of bacterial cholangitis
  • Recurrent infection of the liver bile ducts
  • Will insurance cover the cost of a liver transplant?

    We have a financial coordinator who will help you and your family with financial related questions or concerns regarding your transplant coverage.

  • Liver Transplant Cost In South Africa Around $300000

    Liver Transplant | Cincinnati Children’s

    South Africa is another popular destination for liver transplants, especially due to the high supply of donors and the short waiting lists. In order to further increase the number of organ donors in South Africa, continuous efforts are made to mainstream public education about the subjects of organ donation and brain death.

    Liver transplant regulations are sketchy at best in South Africa, so patients need to be very careful before making a choice regarding liver transplant surgery.

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    Liver Transplant Cost In Egypt Around $60000

    In Egypt, chronic liver diseases are a major health concern. Hepatitis C virus is seen among the 15 – 59 years age group is estimated to be 14.7%. This high prevalence has caused increasing numbers of Egyptian patients suffering from the end-stage liver disease and necessity of liver transplantation.

    The average liver transplant in Egypt costs around $60,000. Waiting time in Egypt is quite short, again due to a high supply of liver transplant donors but the healthcare sector is not as highly regulated as it should be.

    Liver Transplant Surgery Procedure In India

    • It is essential to provide all the critical medical records of the recipient to the medical team based in India. The medical team would evaluate these records to verify the patients fitness for the procedure.
    • Once the patient is qualified as medically fit for the procedure, the records of the donor are verified and reviewed to ensure that the donor is suitable to make the transfer to the recipient. Legal requirement in India mandates that the donor should be a family member in the age group of 18 to 65 years. India doesnt allow cadaver transplants for foreign patients
    • Once the primary modalities are confirmed, both the recipient and the donor will travel to India for the surgery. Prior to leaving United States, a series of pathological and imaging studies are conducted, which are required as per the legal laws of both the countries.
    • After the initial phase of intense monitoring the donor is allowed to return back to the United States within 3 weeks, while the recipient is required to stay back for at least six weeks.

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    Liver Transplant Financial Help

    If you are struggling to manage the cost of a liver transplant, you are not alone. Most liver transplant candidates are not able to cover the cost of care without assistance.

    At Help Hope Live, our nonprofit assists liver transplant candidates and other patients with community-based fundraising. Fundraising can be a powerful way to provide a financial safety net to a transplant candidate or recipient.

    Why Might I Need A Liver Transplant

    Medical Tourism Magazine

    You cant live without a working liver. If your liver stops workingproperly, you may need a transplant.

    A liver transplant may be recommended if you have end-stage liver disease. This is a serious, life-threatening liver disease.It can be caused by several liver conditions.

    Cirrhosisis a common cause of end-stage liver disease. It is a chronic liverdisease. It happens when healthy liver tissue is replaced with scar tissue.This stops the liver from working properly.

    Other diseases that may lead to end-stage liver disease include:

    • Acute hepatic necrosis. This is when tissue in the liver dies. Possible reasons include acute infections and reactions to medicine, drugs, or toxins.

    • Biliary atresia . A rare disease of the liver and bile ducts that occurs in newborns.

    • Viral hepatitis . Hepatitis B or C are common causes.

    • Metabolic diseases. Disorders that change the chemical activity in cells affected by the liver.

    • Primary liver cancers. These are cancerous tumors that start in the liver.

    • Autoimmune hepatitis . A redness or swelling of the liver. It happens when your bodys disease-fighting system attacks your liver.

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    Best Liver Transplant Treatment In India

    Let us first know what is Liver Transplant Surgery?

    In a Liver transplant surgical procedure the diseased liver is removed and it is replaced with a healthy one from a donor. Most liver transplant operation use livers from deceased donors, However a liver may also come from a living donor from family member. Liver is the organ that grows in size so the small portion of the liver which is received by the patient grows in size with time to perform normal liver functions.

    Incase you wish to enquire more about best liver transplant hospitals and doctors in India or liver transplant cost in India, Connect with us through Our 24*7 Liver Transplant Helpline : +91 9818857545 for immediate assistance.

    Cost of liver transplant in India

    India has become one of the preferred destination for patients seeking Liver Transplant Surgery, and the reason is presence of world-class hospitals ,quality medical care with excellent outcomes and cost effectiveness, India offers low Cost Liver Transplant Treatment package in comparison to other medical travel destinations like Thailand, Singapore, Turkey, Canada, USA and UK etc.

    Liver Transplant treatment cost in India for adults& pediatric patients ranges from USD 26000 to USD 38000 which is inclusive of all medical charges for recipient and donor. The cost may vary from one patient to another depending on the health of the patient.

    Why choose GHN Healthcare for Liver Transplant in India ?

    Looking for best liver transplant hospitals in India

    Factors Affecting Cost Of Liver Transplant

    Due to several factors, the liver transplant price varies. Some of the things you need to consider when looking for more affordable surgery are the following:

    • Hospital of choice the pricing of each hospital for their surgery procedures differs depending on the costs they need to recover plus their markup. Also, reputation has its price.
    • Surgeon when your life is on the line, especially when undergoing this very complicated procedure, you need to ensure that only the best touches your body. Of course, the more skilled and experienced the surgeon is, the more expensive the procedure becomes.
    • Location you also have to consider the location where the surgery is to take place. If you live in progressive cities where everything is expensive, you might need to consider searching for other states with more affordable medical services.
    • Severity understandably, the more severe your condition is, the more complicated the surgery could become because of the additional procedures that need to be done.
    • Insurance having insurance coverage or not, and the extent of coverage will have a very significant impact on the cost you need to pay for the operation.

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    Who Might Not Get A Liver Transplant

    These conditions disqualify a patient for liver transplant, and a patient may not be able to have a liver transplant if having –

    • Advanced liver cancer
    • Severe malnutrition and muscle wasting
    • A serious mental health or behavioural condition
    • Severe heart problems or lung condition such as heart failure orchronic obstructive pulmonary disease
    • A serious condition besides liver disease that would not get better after a transplant.
    • An infection that require treatment first

    Living Donor Transplant Vs Cadaveric Liver Transplant

    Cost Of Liver Transplant Surgery In India| Liver Transplant Surgeon In Bangalore| Dr Goutham Kumar

    Living donor liver transplant has emerged in recent decades as a critical surgical option for patients with end stage liver diseases requiring immediate liver transplants. Unlike in cadaveric transplants, wherein the donor is not alive, a living donor transplant requires a donor from the patients immediate family. Due to the growing number of patients requiring liver transplants, and limited number of cadaveric donors, living donor transplants are always more practical. Living donor liver transplantation comes as a relief to patients who require immediate transplants and cannot afford to wait for long and the widespread shortage of cadaveric livers for patients awaiting transplants is not a secret.

    LDLT is made possible due to the human livers remarkable regenerative capacities. The donor donates a portion of their healthy liver to the patient, and this portion might just be enough to sustain the livers normal functions.

    Patients opting for a liver transplant abroad are always required to be accompanied by a healthy donor for a living donor liver transplant as cadaveric transplants are not practical for foreign nationals. The waiting list can be really long, in which case having a ready donor is always the best option.

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    What Happens During A Liver Transplant

    Liver transplant surgery requires a hospital stay. Procedures may varydepending on your condition and your providers practices.

    Generally, a liver transplant follows this process:

  • You will be asked to remove your clothing and given a gown to wear.

  • An IV line will be started in your arm or hand. Other tubes will be put in your neck and wrist. Or they may be put under your collarbone or in the area between your belly and your thigh .These are used to check your heart and blood pressure, and to get blood samples.

  • You will be placed on your back on the operating table.

  • If there is too much hair at the surgical site, it may be clipped off.

  • A catheter will be put into your bladder to drain urine.

  • After you are sedated, the anesthesiologist will insert a tube into your lungs. This is so that your breathing can be helped with a machine . The anesthesiologist will keep checking your heart rate, blood pressure, breathing, and blood oxygen level during the surgery.

  • The skin over the surgical site will be cleaned with a sterile solution.

  • The doctor will make a cut just under the ribs on both sides of your belly. The incision will extend straight up for a short distance over the breast bone.

  • The doctor will carefully separate the diseased liver from the nearby organs and structures.

  • The attached arteries and veins will be clamped to stop blood flow into the diseased liver.

  • The diseased liver will be removed after it has been cut off from the blood vessels.

  • How Many People Are Waiting

    On average, roughly Americans are estimated to be on the waiting list for a liver donor each year.

    While the number of people needing a liver transplant is increasing, the number of new donor livers available is decreasing.

    The number of people who have died while waiting for a donor liver or have been taken off the waiting list because they have become too sick to undergo the treatment has also increased by

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    Most Common Liver Transplant Expenses

    Did you know that the transplant center may require you to show proof of your ability to financially support a transplant before you can join the waiting list for a liver? You may be required to fundraise a certain amount just to be listed for transplant.

    Some of the most common liver transplant costs:

    • Health insurance premiums, deductibles, and co-pays

    • Pre-transplant medications

    • Medical travel and temporary lodging while you are being listed for transplant

    • Medical travel and temporary lodging when you receive the transplant

    • Relocation or moving expenses due to the transplant

    • Mileage, tolls, and parking fees for transplant-related medical travel

    • Caregiver costs, including lost wages

    • Living donor costs, including lost wages, transplant testing, and post-transplant medical care

    • Post-transplant immunosuppressants, which a transplant recipient must take for the life of their new organ

    Liver Transplant Cost In Europe

    How Much Money Does A Kidney Transplant Cost
    • United Kingdom: the UK offers a good quality of medical service and most of the liver transplant surgeries in the UK are successful. Liver transplant cost in the UK is $150.000 on average.
    • Turkey: Turkey is one of the best countries to have liver transplant surgery with decent hospitals and clinics offering patients high-quality of medical service along with affordable prices in comparison to other European countries. Liver transplant cost in Turkey is around $100.000.
    • Germany: Germany also offers high-quality patient services through advanced medical technology and experienced medical staff. Liver transplant cost in Germany is not quite reasonable as an avarage liver transplant surgery cost in Germany ranges between $250.000 and $300.000.

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