Pain In Left Side Of Stomach During Early Pregnancy


Pregnancy Right Upper Quadrant Pain

Lower left abdominal pain during early pregnancy cause and cure

Pregnancy right upper quadrant pain is a common complaint in pregnant women. The pain is typically described as a dull, aching sensation in the right upper abdomen. It may be accompanied by nausea, vomiting, and/or diarrhea.

The cause of pregnancy right upper quadrant pain is not entirely clear, but it is thought to be related to the enlarging uterus. As the uterus grows, it may put pressure on the surrounding organs, causing pain. Other possible causes include constipation, gas, and gallstones.

Treatment for pregnancy right upper quadrant pain depends on the underlying cause. If the pain is due to the enlarging uterus, then resting and taking over-the-counter pain medications may help. If the pain is due to constipation, then stool softeners may be prescribed. If the pain is due to gallstones, then surgery may be necessary.

If you are experiencing pregnancy right upper quadrant pain, be sure to speak with your doctor. He or she will be able to determine the cause and provide appropriate treatment.

When To See Doctor In Stomach Pain During Pregnancy

Most stomach pain and cramps are common and mild. They are nothing to worry about, but there are some stomach pains, which call for the immediate attention of a doctor. Following are the symptoms:

  • If you have severe pain at one side, along with
    • Pain in the shoulder

    This is the sign of Ectopic pregnancy.

  • If there is a cramp in the stomach and you experience pain for several hours. This pain may or may not be accompanied by bleeding. This is the sign of miscarriage.
  • If you are feeling a regular contraction pain before 37 weeks. This is the sign of premature labor.
  • If you are experiencing severe pain in the stomach, with back pain accompanied by bleeding. This can be a sign of placental abruption.
  • Signs Of Left Side Pain During Pregnancy

    In order to determine the cause of your left side pain, your doctor may take a medical history and perform a physical examination. If necessary, the doctor may order an ultrasound or MRI scan to uncover any hidden causes for the pain. The doctor might also request blood or urine tests in order to rule out other possible causes for your symptoms, such as a UTI.

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    Do You Cramp More With Twins

    With a twin pregnancy, your body makes high levels of pregnancy hormones. So morning sickness may come on earlier and stronger than if you were carrying a single baby. You may also have earlier and more intense symptoms from pregnancy, like swelling, heartburn, leg cramps, bladder discomfort, and sleep problems.

    My Stomach Feels Weirddoes Your Stomach Hurt In Early Pregnancy

    Why Pain In Left Side Of Stomach During Early Pregnancy

    It depends on what you mean by hurt.

    In general, the kinds of pain youll experience in your belly or lower abdomen in early pregnancy are related to:

    • Nausea usually happens between two and eight weeks after conception2
    • Cramping these can feel similar to pre-menstrual cramps and can be a sign of implantation2
    • Bloating and abdominal discomfort similar to PMS symptoms

    Below I talk a little more about nausea, which is common in early pregnancy .

    So in the sense of feeling nauseous, yes, your stomach can hurt. Some women also feel some light cramping at the very beginning of their pregnancy, which may or may not be accompanied by spotting . This usually occurs around the predicted time of the period or a couple of days before.

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    Is This Pain Normal

    Stomach or abdomen pain is more common during early pregnancy, when hormonal shifts can trigger the nausea and vomiting of morning sickness. In the middle of the second trimester, at around 20 weeks, stomach pain usually goes away.

    In the third trimester, abdominal pain can reappear as the uterus begins to crowd the organs. Some women experience heartburn or a sensation that the skin of the stomach is stretching.

    Having stomach pain in the third trimester may indicate a more serious problem if it:

    • occurs with other symptoms, such as itching
    • feels sudden or intense

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    Treatments For Left Side Pain During Pregnancy

    Treatment for your left side pain will depend on the cause. It may include a combination of home treatments, medication, or therapy.

    Normal changes of pregnancy

    For left side pain that is related to normal pregnancy changes, the following may be helpful:

    • Dont do any heavy lifting
    • Try sleeping with a pillow between your knees
    • Move more slowly but more often
    • Use a heating pad, but never for more than 10 minutes at a time
    • Rest more often
    • Use a maternity belt for extra support

    Round ligament pain

    If your left side pain is caused by round ligament pain, try some of these options:

    • Move and change positions slowly
    • If you know you need to cough or sneeze, bend and flex your hips
    • For persistent pain, your doctor may recommend stretching exercises

    Pelvic girdle pain

    Pelvic girdle pain can range from mild to severe. You can try the following options for relief:

    • Avoid strenuous activity or heavy lifting
    • Try a heating pad or ice pack on painful areas, but dont use a heating pad for more than 10 minutes at a time
    • Wear a pelvic support belt
    • Do kegel exercises
    • Sleep with a pillow between your legs
    • Talk to your doctor about pain relievers if the pain is severe
    • Talk to your doctor about physical therapy if home measures arent helping

    Urinary tract infection or kidney infection

    UTIs and kidney infections have similar symptoms, and an untreated UTI can lead to a kidney infection. If your doctor suspects one of these conditions, they may try the following treatments:

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    Diagnosing Left Side Pain During Pregnancy

    Your doctor will take a medical history, listen to your symptoms, and do a physical exam. If necessary, your doctor may order an ultrasound or magnetic resonance imaging to determine the exact cause of your left side pain. They may also order blood or urine tests to check for other issues, such as a urinary tract infection .

    Treatments For Back Pain In Pregnancy

    Lower Left Abdominal Pain During Pregnancy

    Most women will experience some back pain in pregnancy. Fortunately, there are effective methods that can help prevent and manage the pain. Some common treatments include:

    Maintain a good posture

    Since your center of gravity will change as your baby grows, youll need to pay more attention to your posture and how youre standing. While leaning backward is common, it can strain your back muscles. Instead, try standing and sitting up straight, using a comfortable wide stance when standing, and keeping your shoulders back and relaxed.

    Wear supportive gear

    To help manage low back pain, try to wear supportive, low-heeled shoes with arch support. You may want to avoid high-heeled shoes since these can cause additional changes to your center of gravity.

    Some women wear a maternity support belt, but theres limited research on its effectiveness. Talk to your doctor to see if a maternity support belt may be a good choice for you.

    Sleep on your side

    Try sleeping on your side, with one or both knees bent. You may also want to place a pillow behind your back for additional support.

    Incorporate gentle physical activity

    Talk with your medical provider about what kind of physical activity is right for you and your developing baby. If approved by your doctor, gentle regular physical activity can help you keep your back strong and prevent or minimize low back pain.

    Use heat or cold packs

    A hot or cold pack may help ease the pain and relax your muscles.

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    Symptoms Not To Worry About

    Pregnancy symptoms are not all about tension and worry. There are some symptoms which you can ignore, as they are very common and almost every pregnant women face it-

    • Fatigue- As now you are carrying the weight of two human beings inside your body, it is very common if you feel tired. When the baby grows, it takes up a lot of space in the tummy. The energy level decreases, which makes us, feel fatigued. So try to rest as much as you can, this will make you energetic.
    • Vivid Dreams- Many women have faced this, having weird dreams which are vivid, and even scary. The changes in hormones make it difficult for pregnant women to differentiate between reality and nightmares.
    • Confusion- If you feel, you have started forgetting things, dont worry it is completely normal. As soon as you reach in your third trimester, your pregnancy brain starts working. And this brain makes you forget many things. The stress of baby and of the future makes expecting mom go crazy.
    • Constipation- As your baby grows it puts pressure on the womans rectum and slows down the intestinal muscles. This leads to constipation, also the iron supplements which you take as the prenatal vitamins cause constipation.
    • Mood Swings- Your pregnancy is incomplete without you having mood swings. You can experience a change in your sleep schedule, eating patterns, and also your emotional state. A woman goes through a lot during these nine months, you will notice the change in the mood within the span of minutes.

    How Do You Tell If You’re Pregnant Without A Test

    The most common early signs and symptoms of pregnancy might include:

  • Missed period. If you’re in your childbearing years and a week or more has passed without the start of an expected menstrual cycle, you might be pregnant. …
  • Tender, swollen breasts. …
  • Nausea with or without vomiting. …
  • Increased urination. …
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    Are Itchy Boobs Or Nipples A Sign Of Pregnancy

    The short answer is no. By themselves, itchiness on the breasts is not a documented sign of pregnancy.

    That said, some women report breast itchiness in addition to other symptoms.

    There are many changes that happen in the breasts during pregnancy, and some of them happen quite quickly after conception. This includes the enlargement of the breasts, which may lead to the sensation of itchiness in some cases.

    What are the early signs and symptoms of pregnancy?

    When To See The Doctor

    Best 25+ Abdominal pain ideas on Pinterest

    The physical changes in the different trimesters of pregnancy can cause left side pain. However, here are some symptoms that may require medical attention-

    • You have trouble walking or moving around
    • Vaginal bleeding
    • Your baby is not moving much
    • Bowel movements have blood
    • Painful urination or difficulty urinating

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    Shoulder Pain During Pregnancy: Whats Normal And Whats Not

    Pregnancy can cause shoulder pain, in addition to changes in your muscles and joints, but it is usually not serious. One of the most common symptoms of preeclampsia is shoulder pain, a condition that can occur during pregnancy. A rise in blood pressure, weight gain, protein in the urine, and swelling in the stomach could all be contributing factors. When your shoulder hurts, it could be an ectopic pregnancy, which is a pregnancy that occurs outside of your uterus. If this pain occurs in one or both sides of the tummy, lower abdomen, pelvic region, or shoulder tip, it may be accompanied by nausea. When you have these symptoms and suspect you are pregnant, you should seek medical attention.

    How To Deal With It:

    Youll probably want to invest in some different kinds of bras, which could be larger, made out of cotton, and underwire-free. Wearing a bra to bed might help ease the pain as well. Though your larger twins might look enticing to your partner, make sure you let them know that they are welcome to look, but touching should be kept to a minimum.

    If you’re pregnant, your body is working hard to make another human, so you’re feeling tired for many reasons!

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    Tips To Ease Left Side Pain

    Speaking to BabyChakra, Paediatrician Dr Pooja Marathe says, Round ligament pain is common during pregnancy, and it may feel like sharp cramping on either side of the lower abdomen. At around 12 weeks of pregnancy, hormonal changes cause the round ligaments, which connect the front of the uterus to the groin, to loosen and become more elastic. Left side pain in the first trimester is usually caused by normal bodily changes from pregnancy. It may also be related to digestive issues that tend to be worse during pregnancy, such as GERD. Left side pain in early pregnancy may also be caused by miscarriage.You will be recommended tests such as an ultrasound or magnetic resonance imaging to diagnose the cause of left side pain. For easing the changes in your body heres what you should avoid doing-

    • Take enough rest

    What The Doctor Does

    Abdominal Pain During Early Pregnancy | Implantation Symptoms | Pain and Cramps in Pregnancy

    To determine whether emergency surgery is needed, doctors first check blood pressure and temperature and ask about key symptoms, such as vaginal bleeding. Doctors then ask about other symptoms and the medical history. They also do a physical examination. What they find during the history and physical examination often suggests a cause and the tests that may need to be done .

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    Breast Pain After Pregnancy

    Breast pain after pregnancy is a common occurrence for many women. The pain can vary from mild to severe, and it can last for several weeks or months. In most cases, the pain resolves on its own within a few months. However, in some cases, the pain may persist for a longer period of time.

    There are several factors that can contribute to breast pain after pregnancy. The most common cause is postpartum engorgement. This occurs when the breasts become overly full of milk and fluid. The pain may also be caused by the stretching and expansion of the breasts that occurs during pregnancy. Additionally, the hormonal changes that occur during and after pregnancy can also contribute to the pain.

    There are several treatments that can help reduce or eliminate breast pain after pregnancy. The most important step is to identify and address the underlying cause. If the pain is caused by postpartum engorgement, then the best treatment is to express milk and relieve the pressure from the breasts. If the pain is caused by the stretching and expansion of the breasts, then a supportive bra may help. The hormonal changes that occur during and after pregnancy can usually be managed with over-the-counter medications.

    Ectopic Pregnancy Causing Severe Abdominal Pain

    Having severe sharp uterus pains on one side during pregnancy could be a sign of an ectopic pregnancy and requires emergency treatment.

    Ectopic pregnancies happen when the fertilized egg implants itself outside of the uterus. According to Dr. Melissa Conrad Stöppler on MedicineNet, severe cramping during early pregnancy is a common sign that something is wrong. The ectopic pregnancy could cause intense left side pregnancy pain if the egg implants on the left fallopian tube. Other symptoms include not having a menstrual period and abnormal vaginal bleeding.10

    In some cases, a woman may not know that she is pregnant when symptoms of ectopic pregnancy occur. Intense abdominal cramping is a pain you should never ignore. Along with the stomach pain, ectopic pregnancies can cause breast discomfort, weakness, nausea, and other signs of early pregnancy.

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    How Do I Know If I’m Miscarrying

    Symptoms of a miscarriage The main sign of a miscarriage is vaginal bleeding, which may be followed by cramping and pain in your lower abdomen. If you have vaginal bleeding, contact a GP or your midwife. Most GPs can refer you to an early pregnancy unit at your local hospital straight away if necessary.

    Coping With Pregnancy Pains

    How to Treat Heartburn during Pregnancy

    If you are experiencing sharp or stabbing pain during pregnancy, there are some possible solutions that you can try to alleviate the pain:

    Again, if the pain becomes too intense or prevents you from doing day-to-day activities, contact your health care provider immediately. Consult with your doctor for more pregnancy-safe pain management ideas.

    Want to Know More?

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    What Are The Earliest Signs Of Pregnancy

    Some symptoms to watch for before you miss your period are sore breasts, fatigue, sensitivity to smell, food aversions, nausea, and more frequent urination. Keep in mind, however, that it’s very likely you will have no symptoms.

    One study found that 50% of women showed no symptoms at five weeks after conception, 30% had none six weeks after conception, and 10% still didn’t have any at two months after conception!3

    Below there are three tables.

    • One is the signs of pregnancy you might experience before you miss your period.
    • The next is the most commonly reported first signs of pregnancy, so you can get a sense of how common these symptoms are.
    • The third shows 14 signs of pregnancy you might experience within the first three weeks after conception to get a better look at some other symptom possibilities.

    Reasons For Left Side Pain During Pregnancy

    For left side pain, your treatment will depend on the cause. A combination of home treatments, medication, or therapy may be necessary.

    The common changes of pregnancy

    If you are experiencing left side pain during your pregnancy and the problem is related with normal changes, the following will help:

    • Quit your job and do no heavy lifting
    • Sleeping with a pillow between your knees
    • Move at a slower pace, but more often
    • 10 minutes on, then 10 minutes off with a heating pad
    • Reduce your worrying by taking a break
    • Get Ready for Maternity

    contact your doctor

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