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Signs & Symptoms Of Alcoholic Gastritis

Why does stomach hurt after drinking alcohol & its homeopathic management? – Dr. Surekha Tiwari

Although some people may not experience any signs of gastritis, others may experience symptoms.4 These can vary from person to person, and can easily be mistaken for other issues, so it is a good idea to consult your doctor.2 Common symptoms include:2,3,4,5

  • A burning or gnawing sensation in the stomach.
  • Bleeding in the stomach, which may appear in vomit or stool. The vomit may be red or look like coffee grinds, while stool may be black, tarry, or have red blood in it.
  • Stomach pain in the upper part of the stomach .
  • Sour stomach, or indigestion that doesnt go away.

Why Does Drinking Alcohol Cause Abdominal Bloating

A lot of people wonder, Why does my stomach bloat after drinking alcohol? The truth is, not all people who drink alcohol get abdominal bloating.

But those who often have health complications that are the result of impaired stomach functions have issues with digestive processes like the gastrointestinal tract, stomach lining, acid secretion, and relaxed sphincter muscles.

Alcohol is a trigger for inflammatory bowel disease, research shows. Out of 129 patients evaluated, 39 had irritable bowel syndrome . In fact, 43% of patients with IBS claimed to have worsened the symptoms of the condition after drinking alcohol. The more they drank, the worse the symptoms became.

The stomach must work properly for the body to digest the drinks normally. In other words, the autonomic nervous system should control the stomach muscles and digestive fluids. When something impairs the normal movement of food and drinks in the stomach , thats when people experience stomach bloating.

Based on studies, alcoholic beverages are nervous system depressants. They slow down the entire system, which could have serious repercussions on the overall health, not just the stomach lining. Therefore, people can experience cramps, pains, and diarrhea.

For those dealing with alcoholism in the DFW area, its best that you enroll in a medical alcohol detox in North Texas to manage your withdrawal symptoms. The sooner you get treatment, the higher the chances of overcoming your alcohol-induced bloating problem.

Where Is The Stomach Pain Felt In Alcoholic Gastritis

People usually feel the pain of gastritis in their upper abdomen. Many people describe it as a stomach ache. Some people may also feel pain in their back.

People sometimes say the pain feels like its burning or gnawing through the stomach. Others may experience a dull burning ache.

Is alcoholic gastritis dangerous?

Many cases of alcohol-related gastritis are mild and will resolve on their own. But, if the stomach lining is not allowed to heal, acute gastritis can cause severe consequences.

Stomach Ulcers

Drinking alcohol heavily destroys the stomach lining. Excessive damage to the stomach lining can cause painful open sores called ulcers. Stomach ulcers are dangerous because they can cause severe gastrointestinal bleeding. People with bleeding gastric ulcers may need invasive procedures to stop the bleeding. Sometimes, the medical team may need to give a blood transfusion to replace all the blood lost.


In gastritis, the blood vessels in the stomach can bleed. This blood loss may be slow, so people do not always notice that there is blood in their stool. But this slow blood loss can lead to anaemia.

Anaemia is a condition where our bodies dont have enough red blood cells to transport the oxygen we need. Anaemia can cause you to experience the following:

  • Dizziness or lightheadedness
  • Shortness of breath

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Why Does My Right Side Of The Abdomen Hurt After Drinking Alcohol

If you have a routine of drinking alcohol daily in excess and then you are experiencing pain on the right side of your abdomen or the right flank, then you need immediate medical attention. Pain in the right side of the abdomen which often radiates around to the back indicates that the discomfort is being caused due to excessive consumption of alcohol. The discomfort is caused in the abdominal areas of liver or pancreas. Flank pain as it is called often occurs in the right abdominal side and it can be the symptom of many illnesses or diseases. Even though it is difficult to understand initially often the flank pain is caused due to daily alcohol consumption.

If your liver is totally damaged then a liver transplant is the only option to treat yourself. In order to ahead of the line, early diagnosis is required. Often the doctors find that the reason behind the right side abdominal pain is not due to liver cirrhosis, but due to scarring within the walls of the liver. This situation can be treated without having to undergo any complicated surgery. If alcohol is consumed in a large amount daily then several complications may arise. In order to treat any kind of liver damage, if you have to choose to give up alcohol. The procedure for preventing yourself from consuming alcohol is to decrease its amount as you consume it and slowly fading the habit away.

Why Does My Stomach Hurt After Drinking

Alcoholic Gastritis

In some cases, alcohol-induced bloating can cause a certain level of pain and discomfort. While it isnt as debilitating as other stomach complications, its still a troublesome thing to deal with.

Its crucial to note that the pains can sometimes be associated with something other than alcohol. You might be experiencing health issues that affect the stomach lining. So, its best that you consult a doctor to rule out any serious complications.

The medical experts at the our inpatient alcohol rehab center for men or women in Dallas-Fort Worth can provide you with all the information you need. Their team of specialized experts will make sure that all alcohol-dependent individuals get the treatment they deserve.

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How Long Does Alcohol Bloating Last

Alcohol bloating may last a few days or even a few weeks, depending on what is causing the irritation and inflammation. The length of time it takes for the effects of alcohol on a bloated stomach to improve depends on how regularly you consume alcohol and the extent of your bloating. Acute gastritis only causes bloating to persist for a short amount of time. In most cases, acute gastritis improves in just a few days.

On the other hand, chronic gastritis may cause bloating and related symptoms to persist for weeks or even months. Symptoms of chronic gastritis may be less noticeable and take a longer time to develop. Reducing alcohol consumption can be an effective way to manage alcohol-related gastritis and stomach bloating.

Acute Alcohol Gastritis Symptoms

These symptoms are more consistent with a hangover after excessively drinking the night before or drinking consistently for several nights in a row.

However, acute alcohol gastritis symptoms may also indicate developing alcoholism and the start of chronic gastritis issues.

  • pain at meals or during sleep

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Signs And Symptoms Of Liver Pain After Drinking Alcohol

Abdominal pain

Pain in the liver can sometimes be confused with stomach pain. Normally, if your liver is painful, you should feel it on the right side of your abdomen. The pain can also occur in the front center of your belly, or just under the lower right ribs. The pain can be throbbing or stabbing, and it may come and go.

Pain in the right shoulder

A problem in your liver can also cause pain in your right shoulder. A doctor will have to rule out polycystic liver disease, or the presence of cysts in the organ.

Enlarged liver

Drinking a lot of alcohol may cause the liver to swell. An enlargement that is accompanied by pain or other symptoms like nausea and vomiting needs to be checked by a doctor.


Sometimes, pain in the liver is accompanied by a fever. Although this could be a sign of more than one condition, it could mean that your liver has an abscess or a pocket of pus. Cysts or pockets of fluid in your liver can also give you a fever, discomfort, and pain in the upper right side of your belly or shoulder.

Nausea and vomiting

When you feel like vomiting or actually vomit after drinking alcohol, it could mean that your stomach is irritated or your liver is in danger. Vomiting is your bodys way of getting rid of harmful substances. Instead of overworking the liver with too much alcohol, your body decides to get rid of some through vomiting.

Unexplained vomiting could mean that there is something wrong with your liver, and it should get checked by a doctor.

Stomach Pain Alcohol Withdrawal

What causes mild stomach ache after alcohol? – Dr. Sanjay Panicker

Stomach pain alcohol withdrawal

Sometimes when going through alcohol detox, you may experience withdrawal symptoms, one of which is stomach pain. This happens because the alcohol stimulates your stomach to produce a high level of enzymes that are supposed to help with digestion.

These extra enzymes become an irritant to the stomach lining and leads to stomach upset and problems such as heartburn, ulcers, gastritis, nausea, and an upset stomach.

Alcohol use disorder erodes the stomach’s mucous membrane and bloating may become a side effect of alcohol withdrawal as well. This is caused by what is known as “alcohol-induced hepatitis,” making your stomach lining susceptible to intestinal issues.

Abdominal swelling is another sign of severe alcohol withdrawal syndrome, and it could be a sign of acute gastritis as well.

Acute gastritis, however, could also be because of taking too many nonsteroidal or anti-inflammatory addiction medicine such as ibuprofen and aspirin.

Additionally, this type of swelling could also be a residual result of heavy drinking it is a built-up of gas.

The good news is that as the bloating disappears, while going through the alcohol and drug addiction treatment, you will most likely drop a few pounds. Definitely a silver lining!

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Common Myths About Hangovers

Myth: Certain actions, such as drinking coffee or taking a shower, can prevent or cure a hangover.

Fact: The only way to completely avoid a hangover is to not drink alcohol at all or to keep alcohol intake to a minimum. There is no cure for a hangover other than time.

Myth: The order of drinks will affect a hangoveras captured in the expression, beer before liquor, never sicker.

Fact: In general, the more alcohol a person drinks, the worse the hangover will be. This is true regardless of whether a person drinks beer, wine, distilled spirits, or a combination of these.

Myth: Having an alcoholic drink in the morning after a night of drinking will help avoid a hangovera practice known colloquially as a hair of the dog that bit you.

Fact: While this might temporarily minimize some symptoms, it could contribute to and prolong the malaise and other symptoms of the hangover.

Pooping Blood After Drinking

If youve been drinking alcohol and noticed some blood in your stool, you may be suffering from gastrointestinal hemorrhage.

Gastrointestinal hemorrhage is bleeding found anywhere in the digestive system, including bleeding from the mouth to the rectum. This bleeding is caused by disorders within an individuals digestive tract.

Gastrointestinal hemorrhage, also known as gastrointestinal bleeding, can be severe or mild. Some cases become fatal if the bleeding causes a significant amount of blood loss. The most common symptoms are black stool, pooping blood, or vomiting black or red blood.

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What Is The Treatment For Alcohol

If your stomach ache is caused by gastritis then your doctor may suggest the following steps:

Treating the cause of the gastritis

The most important treatment step is to protect the stomach lining from further harm.

This means:

  • Treating other causes such as H Pylori infection or autoimmune disease

In people suffering from addiction issues, these steps may be hard. Fortunately, help is available.

Is It Safe To Drink Alcohol During Pregnancy

Gastritis: How to Recognize Common Symptoms

How harmful is drinking alcohol while pregnant? It is good to understand that abdominal pain during pregnancy can be a normal part of a pregnant woman`s body as her body adapts to changes due to the growing baby. Again there are many causes of these harmless pains but alcohol will cause severe problems especially stomach pain.

It is sometimes very difficult to estimate the extent of the effect the alcohol may have on some women because, during pregnancy, some women usually have a high level of enzymes that break down alcohol. But those women who have a small amount of these enzymes during pregnancy will be more vulnerable to the effects of alcohol. So an expectant mother should educate herself on all the potential effects alcohol may have on her during pregnancy.

Generally like any other person, alcohol may cause various conditions that lead to stomach ache, but the situation may be even worse in pregnant women. Imagine a pregnant woman who is exposed to severe stomach pain. The expected outcome may shock you. When a pregnant lady is exposed to severe pain, she may even miscarriage.

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Review Medications Antibiotics And Probiotics

If the problem persists, doctors may recommend antibiotics. The antibiotic treatment will depend on the individuals health state and drinking habits.

For example, if the person experiences bloating due to gastritis, they will receive antibiotics that target the H. pylori infection.

Capsules with anti-foaming agents are often a popular choice for relieving gas pressure, discomfort, and bloating. If hydration and antibiotics dont help, the medical specialist will most likely suggest medications that are designed to shield the stomach lining from future damage.

These medications could include:

  • H2 blockers to reduce abnormal stomach acid production.
  • Proton pump inhibitors to stabilize stomach acid production, just like the H2 blockers are.
  • Antacids to decrease the harm done to the stomach as a result of the increased stomach acid. Their primary purpose is to reverse any of the damage done and properly restore the organ.

Medications such as these usually target the stomach acid and help restore normal abdominal functions.

Why Do Drinkers Have Big Stomachs

Among the reasons for beer bloat:

  • Calorie consumption: Research indicates a link between obesity and alcohol consumption. Thats because alcohol adds extra calories to a daily diet. But alcohol also inhibits fat burning, so calories are stored as extra fat.
  • Inflammation: Alcohol irritates the stomach so it becomes inflamed and produces more stomach acid. This increases bloating.
  • Carbonation: Bubbly drinks like Champagne can make you look more bloated.
  • Underlying health conditions: Alcohol may cause bloating in people with digestive conditions such as celiac disease or irritable bowel syndrome.

Want to get rid of alcohol belly by getting rid of an alcohol addiction? Contact us for help.

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Use Painkillers When Needed

Many of us have turned to ibuprofen or aspirin during a hangover, especially when you have a pounding alcohol-induced headache. However these medicines can actually irate your stomach further. If you find that alcohol upsets your stomach, try painkillers such as small doses of acetaminophen instead of common choices like Advil.

Support For People Living With Chronic Pancreatitis

Nightwatch: EMTs Help Homeless, Alcoholic Vet with Severe Stomach Pain | A& E

Any long-term health condition, particularly one that causes recurring episodes of pain or constant pain, can affect your emotional and psychological health.

See a GP if you’re experiencing psychological and emotional difficulties. There are medicines available that can help with stress, anxiety and depression.

Talking to other people with the same condition can often reduce feelings of isolation and stress.

The charity Guts UK, may be able to put you in touch with a local support group.

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How One Clinic Is Addressing Skyrocketing Alcohol

Alcohol related liver disease is the result of drinking more alcohol than the liver can process, which damages the organ. The liver, responsible for performing many functions in the body, processes what the body needs, discarding what it doesnt. As the liver breaks down the alcohol, the chemical reaction releases a toxin, which damages liver cells. If too much alcohol is ingested repeatedly over time, even without getting drunk, liver damage begins. When too much liver damage occurs, it impacts the whole body. ALD is both preventable and can be fatal.

More than 21,000 people die annually in the United States from ALD. Nearly 70 percent of those deaths are men, yet women develop the disease after less exposure to alcohol than men.

Do Some Alcohols Make Gastritis Worse

You might find some people get sick after only a few glasses of the simplest drinks. Other people can consume a lot of alcohol with seemingly no symptoms. Why is this? Generally, its all about the ethanol content in your preferred drink.

Drinks such as beer and wine have a low ethanol content and therefore cause additional acid secretion and gastrin release. Drinks like gin or whiskey have a higher ethanol content and dont stimulate gastric acid secretion.

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Relieving Stomach Pain After Drinking

After a night out of heavy alcohol consumption, it is common for people to suffer from hangover symptoms. One of the symptoms that come about due to heavy alcohol consumption is stomach pain. Alcohol messes up your digestive system, making the stomach produce more acid than average, and this can cause gastritis. With inflammation on the stomach lining, people suffer from symptoms such as stomach pain, diarrhea, and vomiting. The condition can worsen if you are a heavy drinker, and it can even lead to bleeding. At Hangover Hospital,Florida hangover experts will help you recover from stomach pain from drinking by using approved treatment alternatives and medication.

Which Factors Affect A Hangover

Alcoholism and Stomach Issues

Despite the prevalence of hangovers, there has been little research into developing effective treatments. Of the studies that are available, most are of low quality and remain inconclusive.

Many factors can affect the severity and length of a personâs hangover, which makes it difficult for scientists to study potential hangover cures. Elements include:

  • the type and amount of alcohol a person drinks
  • how often they drink alcohol

may even have a genetic disposition for worse hangovers than others.

Scientists have to rely on peopleâs self-reported hangover symptoms, which may vary between people and depend on day-to-day factors, and these are very difficult to control scientifically.

The lack of research has left room for a wide range of myths to develop about the best ways to cure a hangover, most of which rely on anecdotal evidence.

Businesses may also make claims about specific cures to sell their products, despite little or no scientific basis.

While there are no scientifically proven hangover cures, people can effectively prevent a hangover from happening in the first place.

Several factors may help to reduce the severity of a hangover, such as:

The amount of alcohol that causes a hangover will vary from person to person. As a result, determining how much alcohol causes a hangover will involve some trial and error. It can help to be aware of alcohol

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