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Groups Tie Purple Ribbons On Trees For Pancreatic Cancer Awareness

I had already decided that I was going to hit the ejector button on bladder cancer. Determined to beat it, I would get myself some accessories while I did. While I awaited surgery, I decided I would do a social media campaign. For that, I was going to need the right awareness colors.

The image I first discovered, that tricolored ribbon, was blue, purple, and marigold yellow. I immediately gravitated to the image and began my tricolored campaign against bladder cancer. The more that I learned as I dove into my shopping and research, the more shocked I became. The tricolor ribbon is not universally accepted.

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Teal And White: Cervical Cancer

Cancer of the cervix, the opening to the uterusalong with a few other gynecological cancersare represented by this pair of cancer ribbon colors.

National awareness month: January

How many: About 0.6 percent of women will get this disease in their lifetime, the NCI reports.

Whos most at risk: Most cases occur in people aged 35 to 44, with Hispanic and black women having a slightly higher risk than other races. Risk factors include smoking, having multiple sexual partners, using hormonal birth control for five years or longer, and having more than three children. A major risk factor is HPV, which is why its so important for young adults to be vaccinated. And, yes, you can get the vaccine as an adult.

Common symptoms: Most often patients report no symptoms at all, especially in the early, most treatable stages of the disease. Its usually discovered through a routine exam. In later stages, women report bleeding and unusual vaginal discharge. For more, check out these 8 subtle signs of cervical cancer.

Mortality: About 66 percent of patients survive five years or longer.

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Color For A Cause: Raise Awareness And Show Support With A Custom

Innovative design technology allows Blackinton to take cause designs to new levels

Its no surprise that fire and EMS professionals are often supporting causes close to their hearts. Whether it be to raise public awareness for cancer or to support a family whos lost a brother or sister firefighter, they look for a tangible way to show compassion and empathy.

Many of those awareness-raising efforts have adopted a supporting color as an unspoken means for supporters to publicly display their support for a particular cause and raise awareness for programs that assist those in need and provide information for prevention and treatment. One of the most visible examples is the use of pink, a color thats become universally associated with breast cancer awareness around the world.

Unfortunately, too many people know someone who is fighting, or has fought, a battle with breast cancer. For many years, many fire departments have taken to wearing specially designed pink duty t-shirts to show their support for breast cancer victims, survivors and their caregivers during October, Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

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What Is Cancers Spirit Animal

Cancerians are careful and cautious, so the Moose is fit to be their spirit animal. You can never predict their mood, whether they are angry, irritated or are simply-warm hearted at the moment. These people are also very loyal and dependable.

What is a cancers favorite food?

Cancer: Loves mild, soothing foods like ice cream, rice or chamomile. Also, watery or water-based foods like melon, watercress and seaweed.

Angel Wings Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Ribbon Suncatcher

Pancreatic Cancer Ribbon
Made to order, usually ships within three to five business days


Angel Wings Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Ribbon Suncatcher

Show your support for the cause with an awareness ribbon from KOG!

Light Blue Ribbon- Purple Ribbon- This color is associated with pancreatic cancer. Features hand-painted details.

Our suncatchers are handmade to order. Please allow three to five days for us to get it ready for you.

Each suncatcher comes with a suction cup mount for your window or mirror.

All of the items at Kokomo Opalescent Glass are handmade with pride in Indiana because they are handmade there may be some variations from the photos.

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Red And White Or Burgundy And Ivory: Head And Neck Cancers

These are the cancer ribbon colors for tumors of the head, neck, mouth, throat, and face.

National awareness month: April

How many: About 1.2 percent of men and women will get this disease in their lifetime, the NCI reports,

Whos most at risk: Most cases occur in people 50 years old or older men are three times more likely to get it than women. A major risk factor is HPV which is why its so important to get vaccinated. The other major risk factor is smoking or using tobacco products.

Common symptoms: Sores in your mouth that dont heal, swelling in the jaw, trouble breathing or eating, and pain. Make sure youre not ignoring these 6 early signs of throat cancer.

Mortality: Slightly more than 65 percent of patients survive five years or longer.

This bright green shade represents cancers of the liver and bile ducts.

National awareness month: October

How many: About 1 percent of men and women will get this disease in their lifetime, the NCI reports,

Whos most at risk: Most cases occur in people 55 years old or older and men are three times more likely to get it than women, the ACS reports. Lifestyle factors like obesity, alcohol use, and diabetes are the biggest risk factors. The most common risk factor for liver cancer is long-term infection with hepatitis B virus or hepatitis C virus .

Common symptoms: A lump or swelling in the abdomen, jaundice, easy bruising, fatigue, nausea, and unintentional weight loss. These are the 8 signs of liver cancer you should never ignore.

What Do Different Colors Of Ribbon Symbolize

One of the most popular ribbons is the red one. It is mainly used to show support for HIV/AIDS patients, but it also symbolizes awareness to various other diseases, including heart disease, aplastic anemia and more.

Another common ribbon is the yellow one, with people wearing it to show their support to soldiers or raise awareness to suicide prevention, missing children, obesity and more.

As for the blue ribbons, they raise awareness to numerous diseases such as alopecia, dystonia and juvenile arthritis, as well as child abuse, drunk driving and school violence.

People wear orange ribbon to raise awareness to leukemia, multiple sclerosis, spinal cancer or kidney cancers, while green ribbons symbolize the fight against cerebral palsy, bipolar disorder and childhood depression.

The purple ribbon is a symbol for pancreatic cancer, epilepsy, Alzheimer’s disease, lupus, animal abuse, Crohn’s disease, cystic fibrosis, fibromyalgia, sarcoidosis awareness and thyroid cancer among others.

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I Have Done My Own Research

The puzzle piece ribbon products for autism are offered at the same price as solid color products. This is the same for the zebra-striped ribbon products for rare diseases and neuroendocrine cancer. A tricolor ribbon would be easier to make than either of those, so they can either make the products in our colors or lose our business. Product companies want our business, so they will do what we want.

All in all, the tricolor ribbon could easily be a unifier. It could bring all of us together for our cause. Our cause is bladder cancer. We are a unique disease that faces numerous unique issues. Why shouldnt we have a unique color combination to represent our cause?

Honestly, I cannot think of a single reason. That is just my opinion, though.

Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Ribbon

Pancreatic Cancer Ribbon – Purple Cancer Ribbon

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The Color Purple: Raising Awareness Of Pancreatic Cancer

  • Posted On: Nov 1, 2018
  • Jennifer Gnerlich, MD, UMC Surgical Oncologist and Assistant Professor of Clinical Surgery at LSU Health New Orleans

While pink may be the rage in October, we find ourselves turning to purple in November to support pancreatic cancer awareness. While not common cancer, the amount of people affected is increasing every year with an expected 55,500 to be diagnosed with pancreatic cancer this year.

The hardest part about pancreatic cancer is that there is no screening test, no blood work, or X-ray to detect this cancer at an early stage. Instead, every person needs to be aware of warning signs that can suggest they might be at risk for having pancreatic cancer.

These warning signs include:

  • Skin or the whites of eyes turning yellow
  • Upper belly/stomach pain or back pain that does not get better with medication like ibuprofen or acetaminophen
  • Indigestion or a bad stomach ache that does not get better with antacids
  • Unexplained weight loss when there has been no change in diet or exercise
  • New diagnosis of diabetes late in life

While a person at any age can be diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, most people diagnosed with pancreatic cancer are between the ages of 55 and 85 years old. If you are diagnosed with diabetes late in life and have no other risks factors for it , you may want to ask your doctor if you are at risk for pancreatic cancer.

About Dr. Gnerlich

To make an appointment with Dr. Gnerlich or one of our cancer specialists, please contact or .

How Peach Became Pink

The most famous tone, pink, has more than a splash of controversy in its colorful history. In a California dining room in 1991, Charlotte Haley, then 68, started making peach ribbons to bring attention to breast cancer. On every pack of five, she tacked a postcard asking people to lobby the National Cancer Institute to boost its cancer-prevention budget. Haley distributed thousands of peach ribbons.

In 1992, the editor of Self Magazine and the vice president of Estee Lauder asked Haley to partner. She refused, saying their planned use was too commercial. The executives instead decided to use pink for their own awareness campaign, according to the Breast Cancer Consortium.

The real surge of cancer shades began about 10 years later. In 1999, when Linda Nielsen and two partners launched ChooseHope.com, a for-profit, merchandise site for cancer patients and supporters, there were âmaybe sixâ colors, including teal for ovarian cancer and white for lung cancer, Nielsen recalled.

âWe went to each organization and said: âDo you have a cancer awareness color?ââ said Nielsen, a breast cancer survivor whose company has since donated more than $900,000 to cancer charities.

Today, ChooseHope sells bracelets and other awareness products covering 29 cancer types or cancer groups. Their online stock includes $6 black tumblers for melanoma and $1 amber rings for appendix cancer.

What’s your view of the array of awareness colors? Tell us about it on .

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Does Bcan Send Out Brochures To Urologists

I have voiced this in previous posts and Yes , I am aware that BCAN, at this time, sends out the Brochures to only Urologists. I Wish that PCPs and OB-GYNs were included as they are the starting point, doctors. These doctors miss cancers and I can attest to this. These are the doctors that need to be educated AND refer a suspicious bladder cancer patient on to a GOOD Urologist. Not one in the back woods but a recognizable doctor if at all possible. This is the Greatest start in getting BC under control. Early detection does save lives. But, BCAN needs funds to include all the doctors. If anyone has an extra few dollars they can spare.log onto the BCAN site and donate. Your contribution is Tax deductible and MUCH APPRECIATED! Thank You. Mary

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Purple For Pancreatic Cancer

Royalty Free Pancreatic Cancer Clip Art, Vector Images &  Illustrations ...

World Pancreatic Cancer Day is every year on the third Thursday of November. On this day, people wear purple to show their support. Pancreatic cancer is difficult to diagnose in the early stages, as there are no preventative screening tests, making it a tricky type of cancer.

Why purple? After a long battle with pancreatic cancer, a woman named Rose Schneider passed away. Her daughter founded the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network to support others with pancreatic cancer. Because purple was her moms favorite color, she chose this color in her honor.

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What Does The Pancreas Do

The function of the pancreas is a mystery to many people. In fact, the majority of people who receive a pancreatic cancer diagnosis have no idea what the pancreas does. The pancreas is an organ which serves two important purposes. First, the exocrine cells of the pancreas secrete digestive enzymes which help to break down food. Secondly, the endocrine cells release insulin and glucagon, hormones which regulate blood sugar.

What Do Colors Represent Cancer

A light purple or lavender ribbon is generally used to represent all cancers as a whole. Sometimes, instead, many different ribbons are combined together to represent all cancers. Uncommon or rare cancers may be represented in a few ways-either with a light purple ribbon or a black and white zebra print ribbon.

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Wear A Purple Ribbon To Raise Pancreatic Cancer Awareness In November

During the month of November, a spotlight shines on pancreatic cancer. You might notice some people wearing purple ribbons, the internationally recognized symbol of National Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month. Observed each year, this event is designed to increase the general publics understanding of the condition, including its prevalence, prevention and treatment, and identify informative and educational resources that can be referenced all year long.

One of the deadliest forms of cancer, pancreatic cancer develops in the pancreas, a glandular organ located deep within the abdomen that produces digestive enzymes to aid digestion and regulate blood sugar levels. When cells in the pancreas undergo changes that cause them to grow and divide very rapidly, they can sometimes amass and form a tumor.

The causes of most pancreatic cancers are unknown, and the symptoms are usually very subtle. However, early detection is vital to achieving the best possible outcome and quality of life. Even so, the results of a recent worldwide study suggest that more than 60 percent of people know next to nothing about pancreatic cancer. The goal of National Pancreatic Awareness Month is to change that and, in doing so, to save lives.

What Ribbon Is Purple

Cancer Awareness Colour of Ribbons

Purple. Purple typically represents pancreatic cancer and epilepsy. It is also a symbol for Alzheimers disease, lupus, animal abuse, Crohns disease, cystic fibrosis, fibromyalgia, sarcoidosis awareness, thyroid cancer, ADD , and religious tolerance.

What cancer is purple the color for?

Variations of purple signify pancreatic cancer, testicular cancer, leiomyosarcoma, Hodgkin lymphoma, stomach cancer, and esophageal cancer. Some activists suggest this tie-dye-like tide of wristbands, keychains and coffee mugs may further muddy the attention for individual cancers.

What does a purple ribbon stand for?

The purple ribbon lapel pin is used to represent so many great causes! The purple ribbon is most commonly used to raise awareness for animal abuse, Alzheimers disease, domestic violence, epilepsy, lupus, sarcoidosis, Crohns disease and pancreatic cancer.

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Veterans Day Ribbon Meaning: What Do Different Colors Of Ribbon Symbolize

There are various different colors

The use of the blue and red Veterans Awareness Ribbon helps in creating public awareness to all veterans causes. While the blue represents the veterans that served the United States, the red in the ribbon symbolizes the blood that has been shed from those who defended the country.

To honor those who sacrificed themselves for the greater good, the United States of America deemed the November 11 of each year Veterans Day, a day that celebrates the contributions made by those who were discharged from service bar those that were dishonorable.

Although you may have seen an awareness ribbon, you might not realize how many there are or what the various colors and patterns mean, as there are awareness ribbons that represent different causes.

Although the origins of awareness ribbons are not clear, they can be traced back to medieval customs in which women gave knights tokens of their love and affection. Meanwhile, American women displayed their appreciation for their loved ones fighting overseas by donning yellow ribbons during the Civil War.

What You Need To Know About The Prostate Color For Prostate Cancer Awareness Ribbons

A enlarged prostate can also cause blockages in the urethra. A blocked urethra can also damage the kidneys. A patient suffering from an enlargement of the prostate may have pain in his lower abdomen and genitals. If pain is present, a digital rectal examination will reveal hard areas. A doctor may prescribe surgery or perform an endoscopic procedure. If the enlarged prostate is not completely removed, it will shrink.

While the size of an enlarged prostate will influence the extent of urinary symptoms, men may experience a range of urinary symptoms. Some men have minimal or no symptoms at all. Some men will have a very enlarged prostate, whereas others will have a mild enlargement. Generally, the symptoms can stabilize over time. Some men may have an enlarged prostate but not notice it. If they have an enlarged colon, their physician can perform a TURP procedure.

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