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How to Treat & Prevent Stomach Cramps | Stomach Problems
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What To Take For Severe Stomach Cramps

Stomach cramps are a common ailment. They are characterized by a pain that feels like tightening or knotting in your abdomen and stomach. For many people, this can cause headaches or other discomforts that make it difficult to stand up straight or be as active as they would like. When the cramps turn severe, though, it might be time to look into more serious causes.

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When Should You Seek Medical Care

Diarrhea can usually be treated with home care. In some cases, it may become more severe. A person should go to a hospital emergency department in the following situations:

  • If the person has the condition along with high fever, moderate-to-severe abdominal pain, or dehydration that cannot be managed by drinking fluids
  • If the diarrhea appears to contain blood
  • If the person is sleepy and is not acting like their usual selves
  • Vomiting and inability to tolerate any food or to keep liquids down
  • Signs of dehydration
  • High fever, significant abdominal pain, frequent loose bowel movements, or bloody diarrhea
  • If he or she is elderly or has serious underlying medical problems, particularly diabetes, heart, kidney, or liver disease, or HIV/AIDS
  • A parent or caregiver needs advice about preventing dehydration in newborns and infants
  • Symptoms do not improve in two to three days or appear to become worse
  • If he or she develops diarrhea after travel within their home country, or foreign travel or if a woman is pregnant

For cases of chronic diarrhea, your primary care provider may consult with a gastroenterologist .


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Taking Medicine For Stomach Cramps

If you have stomach cramps, there are some things you can do to ease the pain and take care of yourself. In the meantime, you can take some medicine to help relieve the discomfort. Take a Tums to relieve the pain in your stomach. Tums are antacid tablets that can help neutralize stomach acids. Its best to take these with water to help relieve the symptoms of stomach cramps. You may also want to take pain relievers if the pain is severe. Over the counter pain relievers can help with these symptoms. If you feel like you are not getting relief, your doctor can give you a prescription for stronger medications, including prescription pain relievers.

How Do You Relieve Abdominal Pain

How to Get Rid of Upper Abdominal Pain

Stomach pain has a wide variety of causes and treatments. Some conditions, such as gallstones or appendicitis, may require surgery. Others, such as ulcers or infections, may be eased with medicine. And sometimes you may just have to get through a bout of stomach flu or a kidney stone until it passes.

If you dont know whats causing your abdominal pain, its important to find out, especially if it doesnt go away on its own. Remember that even mild cases can be serious. However, if you have a pretty good idea that your stomachache is related to digestion, you can begin by treating yourself with:

  • Bowel rest. Stop eating, or only eat easy-to-digest foods like crackers or bananas.
  • Hydration. Drink plenty of water or a hydration formula.
  • Heat therapy. Try a warm water bottle or a soak in the bath.
  • Home remedies. Try licorice for gas, ginger for indigestion, or peppermint to help relax your intestinal muscles.

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Causes And Risk Factors For Gallstones

Gallstones are more common in women than in men. They are also more common in overweight people and people with a family history of gallstones.There is no single cause of gallstones. In some people, the liver produces too much cholesterol. This can result in the formation of cholesterol crystals in bile that grow into stones. In other people, gallstones form because of changes in other components of bile or because the gallbladder does not empty normally.

What Is Stomach Pain

Stomach pain is a term used to describe discomfort that is felt anywhere between the ribs and the pelvis.

Abdominal pain felt in this region may include the stomach, intestines, gallbladder, pancreas, or liver.

Stomach pain can be dull or sharp, consistent or intermittent, and over the whole abdomen or isolated in just one place.

Where and how you feel stomach pain can help a medical provider identify the source of discomfort.

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What To Expect At Your Office Visit

Your provider will perform a physical exam and ask about your symptoms and medical history. Your specific symptoms, the location of pain and when it occurs will help your provider detect the cause.


  • Where do you feel the pain?
  • Is it all over or in one spot?
  • Does the pain move into your back, groin, or down your legs?


  • Is the pain severe, sharp, or cramping?
  • Do you have it all the time, or does it come and go?
  • Does the pain wake you up at night?


  • Have you had similar pain in the past? How long has each episode lasted?
  • When does the pain occur? For example, after meals or during menstruation?
  • What makes the pain worse? For example, eating, stress, or lying down?
  • What makes the pain better? For example, drinking milk, having a bowel movement, or taking an antacid?
  • What medicines are you taking?


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Why Does Your Stomach Hurt

How to Stop a Stomach Cramp Naturally in just 3 minutes!

Stomach cramps can range from mild achiness to severe, stabbing pain.

Common causes of stomach cramps include eating foods that can irritate your stomach, constipation, food poisoning, or a stomach infection. People who have anxiety may also develop stomach cramps.

Pregnant people may experience stomach cramps as the fetus grows. Menstrual cramps are also very common, though they actually take place in the uterus.

Sometimes stomach cramps are constant. In this case, a chronic digestive illness, such as irritable bowel disease, may be the cause.

Most stomach cramps go away on their own within a few hours or a couple of days. Changing what you eat and taking over-the-counter medication can help with symptoms while you recover.

Some stomach cramps may require medical attention. You should be concerned about stomach cramps if they last for a week or longer or are so severe that you cant function, or you also have symptoms like fever or blood in your vomit or stool.

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Medical Factors To Consider Before Cholecystectomy

Before the operation, you need to discuss some things with your doctor or surgeon, including:

  • your medical history, since some pre-existing conditions may influence decisions on surgery and anaesthetic
  • any medications you take on a regular basis, including over-the-counter preparations
  • any bad reactions or side effects from any medications.

How Do You Know If You Have Stomach Cramps

Stomach cramps are a common symptom that affects nearly everyone at one time or another. They can occur for a number of different reasons. The most common types of cramps are related to food poisoning, indigestion, and too much caffeine. Stomach cramps can be caused by many things, so its important to try and figure out whats causing them. You can do this by ruling out other possible causes and taking certain actions to alleviate the symptoms. Your doctor is able to diagnose the cause of your stomach cramps, as well as other symptoms that may occur, including diarrhea, constipation, and abdominal pain.

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How To Prevent Stomach Cramps

Not all stomach pain can be prevented. But you may be able to reduce your chances of getting stomach cramps by:

  • Washing your hands before you prepare and eat food
  • Avoiding overeating and, if possible, refraining from eating right before bed or a workout
  • Staying hydrated and eating foods high in fiber
  • Checking expiration dates and tossing food that’s not fresh
  • Avoiding foods you know you have a sensitivity to

When To Contact A Medical Professional

Top 15 Home Remedies for Stomach Pain

Get medical help right away or call your local emergency number if you:

  • Are currently being treated for cancer
  • Are unable to pass stool, especially if you are also vomiting
  • Are vomiting blood or have blood in your stool
  • Have chest, neck, or shoulder pain
  • Have sudden, sharp abdominal pain
  • Have pain in, or between, your shoulder blades with nausea
  • Have tenderness in your belly, or your belly is rigid and hard to the touch
  • Are pregnant or could be pregnant
  • Had a recent injury to your abdomen
  • Have difficulty breathing

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Where Is The Pain

Doctors and other health professionals will first ask you where you feel the pain. Pain above the umbilicus but below the ribcage on the right may be gallstone pain. Gallstone pain may spread to the right shoulder or the back.

Pain from kidney stones is felt in the right side or left side, more in the back than the front of the abdomen, and tends to radiate downwards into the groin on the same side.

Pain in the very centre of the abdomen is more likely to be coming from the intestines, however in males, testicular pain is also felt in the centre of the abdomen.

What Causes Abdominal Pain And Stomach Cramps

Abdominal pain has many potential causes and is not entirely understood in some cases. More sudden symptom onset could suggest an organ condition that should be addressed by a medical professional. They know what is best for this case.

In general, abdominal pain is brought about by a few specific conditions:

  • Digestive issues that cause bloating or burning sensations in your intestines such as irritable bowel syndrome can make your abdominal section ache.
  • Distended organs can lead to painful complications in your abdominal area as well.
  • Low or impeded blood flow to an organ in the area can cause abdominal pain, as can general inflammation of an organ in your stomach region.

While the causes of left / right side, upper or lower abdominal cramps are multiple, most forms of common treatment point to one or two sources of medication bought from a drugstore. For seriously painful cases of abdominal muscle cramps or lower back pain you should always consult your doctor , but most of the time you can opt for natural medicine to get rid of abdominal cramping symptoms.

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Here’s The Best Way To Relieve Stomach Cramps

Stomach cramps can happen for a multitude of reasons, but they can be debilitating no matter the cause. According to Healthline, the pain often revolves around a muscle strain, indigestion, gas retention, or dehydration. While they can be incredibly uncomfortable, most cramps aren’t cause for alarm. It helps to diagnose the source of your discomfort before you aim to treat it.

If you’ve been hitting it really hard at the gym lately, your crunches could be to blame for your cramping muscles. The outlet cites too much core work as one of the main reasons people experience these cramps and spasms. Take it slow, make sure to breathe and, if you’re feeling stomach pains, take a few days off and consider updating your routine to a more manageable one. Plus, if you’re low on water, muscles cramp more frequently. Feeling light-headed or noticing dark urine are other signs of this issue.

Furthermore, other sources of inflammation can make way for tightening muscles in the stomach region. Digestive issues such as inflammatory bowel disease, irritable bowel syndrome, colitis or gastritis also count cramping as one of their symptoms. If you notice these sensations happening more and more frequently, or after you eat certain foods, it may be time to see your doctor to get a closer look at what’s going on.

Common Causes Of Stomach Ache

Quickly Stop Stomach Aches/Pain Self Massage

Talk to your GP if you’re worried about your stomach ache.

Common causes of stomach ache include:

  • farting – feeling bloated or farting a lot
  • indigestion – feeling full and bloated after eating, heartburn or feeling sick
  • constipation – cannot poo
  • diarrhoea or food poisoning – watery poo, feeling sick or vomiting

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Causes Of Stomach Ulcers

A stomach ulcer can be caused by a variety of factors, including:

  • Helicobacter pylori bacteria is thought to be responsible for around 60 per cent of stomach ulcers and at least 90 per cent of duodenal ulcers.
  • Certain medications which include aspirin or clopidogrel, taken regularly to help prevent heart attack or stroke, and drugs for arthritis. Anti-inflammatory medications are thought to cause around two fifths of stomach ulcers.
  • Cancer stomach cancer can present as an ulcer, particularly in older people.

How To Make Stomach Cramps To Go Away At Home

There are numerous ingredients that you can find in your own home or that you can purchase from a local store to alleviate even the most severe abdominal cramps. Just by eating certain foods, you can say goodbye to gas, running muscle cramps, nausea, bloating, ovulation pain, hurtful bowel movement, abdominal cramps during pregnancy, and more.

How?- you ask. We are more than happy to share the amazing tips and tricks with you, through these 12 home remedies for abdominal cramps. Before you run out to the pharmacy, stop and check out our recommendations below and, after you read this article, you can also take a look at our list of superfoods for improving digestion for extra support.

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What To Take For A Crampy Stomach

Stomach cramps are extremely uncomfortable and, in severe cases, they can actually cause the person to lose consciousness. Stomach cramps are caused by a variety of factors, ranging from dehydration to poor digestion. Although there are certain things that you can do to help alleviate these symptoms, the best thing you can do for yourself is to make sure that you are properly hydrated. When you are dehydrated, the muscles of your digestive system are under stress, which can cause you to feel cramps. To prevent this, try to drink a full eight to ten glasses of water each day.

Why Does Belly Pain Happen

how to release gas from stomach

Pain is the bodys way of telling us that somethings going on. Belly pain alerts us to something thats happening inside us that we might not know about otherwise.

Some reasons for belly pain are easy to spot, like when someone gets hit in the gut or eats spoiled macaroni salad. Oher times, it might be hard to figure out.

When you get a pain in your stomach, it might be an actual problem right in your stomach, but not necessarily. Your abdomen is more than your stomach. Its more than your intestines. Its the whole area between your chest and your pelvic bones. With so many organs in the abdomen, different problems can have similar symptoms.

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Stomach Cramps And Diarrhea

Diarrhea can give out several side effects such as abdominal cramps. Abdominal cramps and diarrhea, however, are only symptoms of several diseases that include food poisoning, indigestion, gastritis, difficulty in bowel release, parasitic infections, and travelers diarrhea among others. If a persons bowel movement occurs at least thrice in a day especially with stomach belching, it can be considered as diarrhea and diarrhea usually goes with stomach cramps.

Natural Remedies For Diarrhea #8 Brat Diet

Eating high-binding and hardening foods such as overripebananas, rice, apple sauce and toast are definitely the way to goif you currently have a dose of the runs. Other foods including pasta, oatmeal,yogurt and healthy wholemealcrackers are also very good for treating diarrhea and hardening stools. Andmake sure you avoid all spicy foods and saturated fatty foods, especially friedfoods and takeaway foods. Eating these unhealthy foods will only keep sendingyou back to that dreaded thunder box!

Along with following the BRAT diet, try making yourself anice peppermint or chamomile tea as well. Chamomile and peppermint are bothvery soothing to the gastrointestinal tract and help to alleviate the build-upof intestinal gas that can sometimes accompany diarrhoea. Youcan easily buy chamomile or peppermint tea from most supermarkets or online. Forextra benefit and taste, add a slice of fresh lemon to your cup and drink 3-4times per day. For children with diarrhea, try giving them some peppermintcandy . Just be aware thatpeppermint candy can be high in sugar so be sure to go with a sugar free brand.

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What Can I Take For Stomach Cramps

Stomach cramps are one of the most common problems that most people experience at some point in their life. They can come as a result of a number of factors, but the most common cause of stomach cramps is indigestion. One of the most common ways to treat stomach cramps is to take over-the-counter medications. However, there are a number of side effects associated with the use of OTC medications. The following is a list of some of the most common side effects associated with the use of OTC medications.

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